Should Barack Obama support Gay Marriage?

FanOreilly 2012/03/07 21:34:19
Yes, Barack Obama should officially support Gay Marriage
No, Barack Obama should NOT officially support Gay Marriage
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Democrats may be surprised to learn that Barack Obama officially DOES NOT officially support Gay Marriage and as of now DOES NOT OFFICIALLY support Gay Marriage.

In fact, president Obama vocally opposed it when he was running for president.

"President Barack Obama’s campaign manager on Wednesday backed away from calls for the Democratic Party to revise its platform to endorse the legalization of same-sex marriage.

“There is a process to go through this discussion,” said campaign manager Jim Messina. By the end of the September convention, he said, “we will have a platform,” but did not say whether it should include a marriage stance."

Should Barack Obama support Gay Marriage?

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  • FanOreilly 2012/03/07 21:36:01
    Yes, Barack Obama should officially support Gay Marriage
    The days of Barack Obama lying his way through an election cycle as a 'moderate' are over.

    Come out of the closet Barack. We know you lied in 2008. You are a left-wing radical and you support gay marriage.

    obama gay marriage

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  • Human4Dignity 2012/04/02 16:46:33 (edited)
    Yes, Barack Obama should officially support Gay Marriage
    People are ignorant.

    Everyone. Even the past, current and future president can't know everything and have their very own stupid moments, thus inevitably, they're ignorant too. No one has the best possible answer, but this guy has a good idea.

    The fact of the matter is that the country and all it's people have incurred a multi-TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. There's no immediate relief. It's going to suck for a long time. Sort your priorities out.

    Who do you think burdened the country with that debt? Do you think they want to pay it back? They are either dead, aka JFK's mission to the moon, or diverting funds to warcrimes, aka terrorism.

    The burden on the medical system for 1 JUNKY OVERDOSE is 10k a DAY, specifically meth lab accidents (source: Drug Inc).

    Oboma bashers, if your going to mock someone's drapes make sure it's not your own house burning to the ground. YOU are responsible for YOUR PROBLEMS while he's responsible for the ACCUMULATED PROBLEMS.

    Canada welcomes gay marriage, move if you disprove so much. The federal government should not interfere with consensual adult monogamy. Canadian politics have adjusted to meet the democratic action of it's people and as such have officially recognized gay marriage.
  • Human4D... Human4D... 2012/08/29 10:02:36
    I need to amend my opinion on this subject. ANY president, not specifically Barack Obama, should support gay marriage because it promotes the overall well-being of it's country's citizens.
  • rightside 2012/03/28 03:22:19
    No, Barack Obama should NOT officially support Gay Marriage
    No, he shouldn't. He said during his campaign that he thought the definition of marriage was between and man and a woman. He said he supported that.
    He needs to stick with what he campaigned on or stand up and admit he lied to get Christians to vote for him.
    His ethics are in the toilet.
  • Angela 2012/03/25 16:25:58
    No, Barack Obama should NOT officially support Gay Marriage
    No..a civil union? okay..a marrige? no! obama has also homosexualized the educational agenda..and he is a closet homosexual..ell known in many circles..lifetime member of Man's Country in Chicago with Rahm..3 formoer homosexual "associates dead..2 murdered within 6 mos of each other..lots of oddities with this subject and Mr. (Ms?) O.
  • Angela Angela 2012/03/25 16:27:17
    edit: Well not ell, former, ..
  • Harry 2012/03/23 20:12:06
    No, Barack Obama should NOT officially support Gay Marriage
    If should not because gay marriage is an oxymoron and an insult to God.

    However, if the president were to be true to (what I suspect to be) his actual moral beliefs, he would endorse gay marriage. Few believe his stated view reflects his true beliefs on that subject (or really - when you think about it - on a variety of subjects) anyway.
  • Benji 2012/03/15 23:42:40
    Yes, Barack Obama should officially support Gay Marriage
    Obama should fight for what is right.
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/19 13:20:40
    1. 'gay' marriage is not 'right'
    2. Obama betrays whoever he needs to betray for power. Sadly, the liberals like to be abused.
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/20 03:55:21
    who says it's not right?

    and who is Obama betraying?
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/20 16:03:45
    I say it's not right. Redefining marriage is perverse. Would you redefine marriage to include polygamists and practitioners of incest?

    Obama knows homo-activists will vote for him no matter what and this is why homo-marriage is not on his platform.

    Once again, the gays take it right up the mud-pipe from Obama.

    Some people consider this a negative thing.
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/21 03:56:56
    I think if two people love each other it should not matter what gender they are. I personally believe that if it does not effect my life that I don't have a problem with it.
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/22 20:40:00
    OK so a father can marry is daughter?

    Why just 2 people? Why not 3, 4, 5? Why is there a limit on the number?
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/23 00:24:13
    That is incest and wrong. The law should be if two consenting adults want to marry then allow them to. You are making this a slippery slope argument
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/23 20:01:00
    Why is incest wrong?

    Why the hate?

    Who are you to tell two people in love they cannot marry?
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/24 16:58:24
    The Arguments are not the same. Incest causes medical problems if children are born. There is no slipery slope here. It's all made up. Like I said if two consenting adults want to marry allow them to. You can't marry anybody under 18.
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/24 20:24:42
    NOTHING causes more health problems than homosexual males.

    Are you not aware of the rates of death and disease among gay men?

    YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to tell others if they can marry. BY YOUR definition you are a bigot.

    Nobody said anything about under 18 and yes the homosexual activists lobbied to lower the homosexual age of consent in the UK under 18 so you are wrong there too.
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/25 00:53:11
    Because one activist wanted it lowered that does not represent the entire homosexual community.

    Your assertion that health problems from homosexual males is quite false. Any sources to back up that claim?

    And how am I a bigot for not getting in peoples sex lives?
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/25 05:56:36
    No it was a big march with thousands of homo-activists who wanted boy arse.

    Corpses from here to Africa sonny, open your eyes.

    You really are poorly informed aren't you?
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/25 07:49:10
    Now lets not resort to namecalling.

    There is no movement by any elected official to do this. This is no slipery slope.

    Are you speaking of aids? Most aids are spread by female prostitutes in Africa!
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/26 10:35:01
    >Now lets not resort to namecalling.

    Namecalling? What name did I call you?

    >Are you speaking of aids? Most aids are spread by female prostitutes in Africa!

    Sorry son but you are very poorly informed. Homosexual men have the highest rates of STD's in the USA. If you are going to argue against incest on health rules, you need to ban homosexuality among men.

    Be consistent instead of just blindly following liberal dogma.
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/27 00:39:42
    Following Liberal dogma? You have yet to show me your source showing that homosexuals have more STD's.

    Even if your argument is true how does legalizing gay marriage result in more STD's being spread?
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/27 10:51:51

    You first. It's an old liberal technique:

    1. Offer no evidence
    2. After rebuttal demand evidence
    3. After receiving evidence, dismiss as right-wing propaganda

    "Even if your argument is true how does legalizing gay marriage result in more STD's being spread?"

    You have to understand that it is tedious chatting with somebody simple.

    YOU said that you oppose incest on health grounds.
    I said that if you oppose on health grounds then homosexuality among men should be illegal.

    I am bored with this.

    Good day.
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/28 01:23:40
    You never gave evidence. You failed your own rules.

    Woulden't marriage create more stable relationships and allow for less STD's to be spread?
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/28 03:16:18 (edited)
    The original poll question.


    This is so boring.
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/28 03:44:02
    Well go back to your idol. That should be more entertaining for you

  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/28 03:53:45

    What a poor, foolish child.

    So sad how the government schools have damaged children.
  • Benji FanOreilly 2012/03/28 04:07:02
    Paranoia is a disorder you know
  • FanOreilly Benji 2012/03/28 04:20:14
    It's tedious to chat with you.

    Find another person to talk to.
  • Human4D... Benji 2012/04/02 17:11:45
    Aides infected gang rape is common in Africa.

    1) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/af...

    2) http://southafrica-pig.blogsp...

  • Human4D... FanOreilly 2012/04/02 17:00:08
    I debunk your uneducated claim that, "NOTHING causes more health problems than homosexual males."

    To name an example > www.drugwarfacts.org/causes.htm
    A second example > http://www.cdc.gov/Features/D...

    It's very interesting stuff when you take the time to verify facts.
  • FanOreilly Human4D... 2012/04/04 17:10:00
    Your link shows a category page.

    Do you even read your own links?
  • Human4D... FanOreilly 2012/04/21 23:18:56 (edited)
    I'm sorry. Your not paying me, do your own work.
  • FanOreilly Human4D... 2012/04/21 23:19:54
    Your attempt at frightening me, creme-puff would be ambitious.
  • Human4D... FanOreilly 2012/04/21 23:23:34
    I have been decreed ambitious.
    Certainly been called worse today.

  • FanOreilly Human4D... 2012/04/22 00:05:07
    Could you stop boring me?
  • Human4D... FanOreilly 2012/04/22 00:17:39
    Challenge accepted.
  • Joseph ... FanOreilly 2012/07/28 14:46:51
    Joseph Wilson
    Why do you feel its not right? what are your reasons?
  • Bocephus Benji 2012/03/23 20:07:49
  • MLor 2012/03/11 17:22:22
    No, Barack Obama should NOT officially support Gay Marriage
    government and ALL politicians need to get the hell OUT OF IT!
  • izzybean 2012/03/11 14:40:14
    No, Barack Obama should NOT officially support Gay Marriage
    During a primary debate in 07 I heard obama say he beleived the three things, intigration, abortion, and gay marraige. Why in the world would I vote for anyone who said that?

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