Should Anita Hill apologize to Justice Clarence Thomas?

jt 2010/10/20 16:48:35
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  • Disko Pickle 2010/10/20 16:50:12 (edited)
    No she shouldn't...
    Disko Pickle
    While we're at it, why don't we ask the Jews who were killed in the holocaust to apologize to the Nazis?

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  • frankfjm88 2011/08/14 22:12:31
    Yes she should...
    A woman who is a nympho is a liberated woman, a man who loves sex is a pervert. I don't care if she apologizes or not any woman who falsely accuses should have to suffer the same penalty the man would have gotten if he were guilty!!!
  • One Man 2010/11/02 15:28:34
    No she shouldn't...
    One Man
    He is a pig and F**k no..
  • leth 2010/10/27 07:12:00
    No she shouldn't...
    no!she shouldn't 2....Thomas should be apologize to Anita Hill..?
  • Giantsfan 2010/10/22 23:14:28
    No she shouldn't...
    Thomas should apoligize to the American public for being a perve.
  • davidh BN-0 2010/10/21 18:39:53 (edited)
    No she shouldn't...
    davidh BN-0

    What is the reasoning for bringing this back? What possible reason would anyone have to address an issue so feverishly 19 years after something that did not result in harm to them? To me it sounds like she is distrustful of her husband and needs to affirm his innocence for her own personal well being. I say get over it or leave him.

    Besides WHY would anyone need to apologize for a testimony they made? Do we require mob snitches to apologize for putting bosses away? To we make molested children apologize for testifying to being touched?

    I think she really wants an apology for tempting Thomas to want to stray. That is how many unbalanced women act. Their husbands cheat or lust for another woman, they blame the woman not the husband.
  • williamshaman 2010/10/21 08:19:15
    No she shouldn't...
    Absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt
    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thomas is the one that should apologize but she is too stupid to do so. Anita Hill is a classy lady and deserved to be treated better than she was by the good ole boys in Washington. As for Judge Thomas, let's just leave it at slime ball.
  • onebad 2010/10/21 07:37:08
  • Queen B 2010/10/21 03:24:32
    No she shouldn't...
    Queen B
    Apologize? Hell no! She should tell Mrs. Thomas to kiss her ass.
  • DiViews2015 2010/10/21 03:19:29
    No she shouldn't...
    The victim need never apologize to their abusers. Virginia Thomas added her name as one of Ms. Hill's abusers.
  • BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust" 2010/10/21 02:52:11
    No she shouldn't...
    BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust"
    For what? Causing that sexist bully some distress? Hell, no!
  • No she shouldn't...
    JB from T.C.~ Ijm ~∞ijm♥G☮F♀U∞
    NO ! Mrs. Thomas needs to apologize to Anita Hill!

    In Mrs Thomas next life she is going to come back as a spoon, because she loves to stir up

    sh- - !
  • JB from... JB from... 2010/10/21 16:33:10
    JB from T.C.~ Ijm ~∞ijm♥G☮F♀U∞
    Anita Hill volunteered to take a lie detector test and passed !

    Clarence Thomas refused !...wonder why Hmmmmmm

    if he was innocent what did he have to be afraid of ? Hmmmmm?
  • Jasmine 2010/10/21 01:38:13
    No she shouldn't...
    Uh.... let's see - how can I say this. NO F'ING WAY! Mrs. Clarence Thomas needs to take a pill and get over it. Disturbing how the wife of a Supreme Court Justice is so political.

    fing clarence thomas pill disturbing wife supreme court justice political

    Thanks for the poll, Disko!!
  • SeniorSkeptik 2010/10/20 23:45:48 (edited)
    No she shouldn't...
    I will change my vote to YES providing "Long Dong" Thomas resigns now!
  • Max7 2010/10/20 22:36:39
    No she shouldn't...
    What Mrs. Thomas is asking, is like unto someone digging up someone who has been dead for centuries.
  • Naui 2010/10/20 22:32:36 (edited)
  • Bess 2010/10/20 22:04:15 (edited)
    No she shouldn't...
    The image she holds of her husband must be one of a god.,that he can do no wrong. I thought that I would feel sorry for the wife of a man that did something like that. NOT KNOW! The wife is just as guilty as he, Just for suggesting an apology. My apology would be ultimatley knowing/being apart of or having anything to do with a man like that.
  • DanaR 2010/10/20 21:47:02
  • davidh ... DanaR 2010/10/21 18:52:44
    davidh BN-0
    And the PROOF would be What?

    You mean the lie detector test she took that came back as her telling the truth? Or the one Clarence refused?
  • DanaR davidh ... 2010/10/21 20:29:57
  • davidh ... DanaR 2010/10/21 20:48:34
    davidh BN-0
    What lie?

    She submitted to a lie detector test performed by Paul Minor. Who BTW was the same person that trains the FBI in the use of lie detector test.

    YOU are the lying because you have NO idea what you are talking about. AGAIN.
  • DanaR davidh ... 2010/10/21 22:18:07
  • davidh ... DanaR 2010/10/22 17:49:46
    davidh BN-0
    It came out in a book that the author later admitted was nothing more than a character assassination and later apologized to her.
  • DanaR davidh ... 2010/10/23 14:30:10
  • davidh ... DanaR 2010/10/27 16:25:15
    davidh BN-0
    Known? How do you know? Oh that's right, you are going simply by what you were told.

    I care not about what transpired. I only go by what has been PROVEN. And there has been NO proof that Anita Hill lied. The proof is to the CONTRARY, since she agreed to a lie detector test. Which NOONE else was willing to do. And the book that conservatives like to tout as being "Proof" was discredited by the Author himself.
  • DanaR davidh ... 2010/10/27 21:30:12
  • davidh ... DanaR 2010/11/01 17:38:22
    davidh BN-0
    After 20 years the ONLY evidence that we have is that she offered to take a lie detector test and passed it. And on the other side we ONLY had statements with NO offer to go through what she did.

    I never said whether or not she was telling the truth, only that the evidence points to that fact.
  • DanaR davidh ... 2010/11/01 21:20:21
  • davidh ... DanaR 2010/11/03 17:17:17
    davidh BN-0
    "It is evident she lied"

    Evidence? What is the PROOF?

    Thos on the left can't be trusted? Why because they back their position with FACTS and EVIDENCE? While you accept EVERYTHING from the right without even an inkling of data.
  • davidh ... DanaR 2010/10/27 16:26:08
    davidh BN-0
    Of course you could say "Used" if you are talking about how ANY court uses witnesses to ANY event.
  • NarcolepticGoat 2010/10/20 21:13:58
    No she shouldn't...
    odd timing, this
  • turtledove123 2010/10/20 20:42:56
    No she shouldn't...
    He should be the one who is doing the apologizing.
  • Mallah's Brain 2010/10/20 20:11:20
    No she shouldn't...
    Mallah's Brain
    she should slice his dick off
  • Thor American EXPAT n New G... 2010/10/20 19:52:21
    Thor American EXPAT n New Guinea
    THAT W(b)itch should be in jail for the lies spewing from her pie-hole.
  • Max7 Thor Am... 2010/10/20 22:40:42
    What proof do you have that she was lieing? Judge Thomas no doubt is as guilty as sin, however, we won't know that to be the truth no more than you know that Anita Hill was lieing. However, God knows. One thing I do know is that Judge Thomas's political savy stinks!
  • Jasmine Thor Am... 2010/10/21 01:40:03
    You're referring to Mrs. Thomas, right??
  • teaputts 2010/10/20 19:46:39
    Yes she should...
    She probably should, since it looks like she was playing politics. And I was on her side at the beginning. But then again, if you are always waiting for others to do the right thing, you will never move ahead.

    On the other hand, while I think the message left by Mrs Thomas was unnecessary and not well thought out. I certainly wouldn't say it was horribly inappropriate or harrassing. If it were a daily occurence, then yes, it would be harrassment. People are just so nit picky anymore! Stop picking at splinters in your neighbors thumbs when there are whole logs in your own.
  • davidh ... teaputts 2010/10/21 19:01:46
    davidh BN-0
    Hill took a lie detector test and is showed her to be telling the truth.
    Clarence REFUSED.

    How is it politics if the proof shows she was telling the truth?

    Either way there is no true way of knowing. It has been almost 20 years.

    It has been nearly 20 Years. WHY would Mrs. Thomas bring it up if not for the sake of harrassment?

    If she was really concerned and not attempting to make this political, WHY would Mrs. Thomas focus on something that has been quiet for nearly 20 years, instead of when it was fresh and easier to prove one way or the other?

    Did I mention it has been nearly 20 years? Oh and Thomas has suffered NOTHING due to Hill's testimony. So what is the reasoning?
  • teaputts davidh ... 2010/10/21 22:44:40
    Difference of opinion? I assume this is still America and we are still allowed to have them. For the time being, at least. Have a nice day, dear.
  • davidh ... teaputts 2010/10/22 17:50:33
    davidh BN-0
    Only if by opinion you mean I am offering facts and you are going by emotion. Then yes.

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