Should America give Bunker-Buster Bombs to Israel?

Fef 2012/03/09 07:35:20
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America may have sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel according to unnamed, senior White House officials in a report from The Jewish Chronicle:Israel ordered a hundred 5,000lb GBU-28 bombs, which are capable of penetrating about 100ft of earth or 20ft feet of concrete. It is one of the most powerful bunker-busting missiles in the American arsenal and, according to various reports, 55 units have been delivered so far.
Israel stands ready to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran to prevent the radical Islamist government from building nuclear weapons. Iran has built its nuclear weapons development facilities in underground bunkers in an attempt to survive such an attack.

Israel launched a very successful attack against Iraq's nuclear weapons base in June 7, 1981. Israel flew 14 jets into Iraq and bombed the Osirak facility, which eliminated Iraq's nuclear program.

Iran has planned its defenses to withstand a similar attack. Iran distributed its facilities across its country and built them deep underground.

President Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton and the administration have shown great reluctance at helping Israel. In fact, Obama's administration has shown more contempt for Israel than Iran on issues ranging from Israel's borders, building apartments in Jerusalem, treatment of Palestinians, and other Israeli domestic policies.

Does this alleged agreement signal a change in Obama's policy toward Israel? "No," according to some Israeli security sources. "More bunker-busters and tankers will be helpful, but it doesn't change the picture as we already believe we can do the job with what we have now. I think this is mainly the US trying to make us and the pro-Israel lobby feel better while they continue with diplomacy. As it is, these bombs and tankers are not there on the shelf, it will take months for them to reach Israel so we may not even have them for an attack this year."

America may have promised these bombs back in 2007. The Daily Beast reported in September 2011 that Israel already has bunker-buster technology, but can purchase it from the United States for cheaper:In 2007, Bush informed Ehud Olmert, then prime minister, that he would order the bunker busters for delivery in 2009 or 2010. The Israelis wanted them in 2007. Obama finally released the weapons in 2009, according to officials familiar with the still-secret decision.
israelis 2007 obama released weapons 2009 officials familiar still-secret decision
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  • Andrew 2012/03/09 08:34:43
    Apparently, Israel is buying and willing to take the responsibility for the raid when it happens. Being that it is in our interest to have Iran taken out, I say yes and we should provide all the naval and air support necessary to get the job done!

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  • Wake Th... Defend ... 2012/03/14 10:58:59
    Wake The Sheeple
    God can, and the Old Testament shows that he has humbled them on more than one occasion.
  • Defend ... Wake Th... 2012/03/14 12:24:30
    Defend Western Civlization
    God is not gonna Humble them for defending themselves from terrorist and devil worshipers
  • Wake Th... Defend ... 2012/03/14 16:01:43
    Wake The Sheeple
    Since when was bombing other nations based upon paranoia rather than proof called defense?
  • Defend ... Wake Th... 2012/03/14 16:27:50
    Defend Western Civlization
    its not paranoia its about stopping Racist Sexist Nazi terrorist from wiping out all the Jews and non muslims
  • Wake Th... Defend ... 2012/03/14 20:36:48
    Wake The Sheeple
    It is still without proof. Defense comes after an agressor atacks a victim, in this case Israel is the agressor.
  • Defend ... Wake Th... 2012/03/15 01:12:43
    Defend Western Civlization
    i really do not care what you think but in the end Israel will not bow the Nazi Obama and his Jew Kill Muslim terrorist heroes
  • Wake Th... Defend ... 2012/03/15 02:43:19
    Wake The Sheeple
    So you've said many times, all of which looking the aggressor for lack of proof of wrong doing.

    "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." - Matthew 5:9
  • Defend ... Wake Th... 2012/03/15 10:38:49
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see trying to use bible verses to Israel should not defend themselves from people who want to Holocaust Jews and non muslims
  • Striker Wake Th... 2012/03/10 02:54:32
    Exactly why the USSA should stay out of it. However, SELLing bombs is not the same thing.
  • ~TheDre... Defend ... 2012/03/10 04:44:44
    I think we should stay out of it.
  • Defend ... ~TheDre... 2012/03/10 12:29:56
    Defend Western Civlization
    i see you have no clue no matter how much appeasement we offer the Racist/Sexist/fascist muslim terrorist they want all non muslims dead

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