Should All States Adopt a Saggy Pants Ban?

SodaHead News 2011/09/29 18:47:06
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Don't knock it 'til you try it. Because, apparently, the saggy pants ban that became a law in Albany, Georgia on November 23 of last year, is actually making the city some money. The ordinance makes it illegal to have your pants or skirt fall lower than three inches below the top of your hip, exposing your skin or underwear. And so far, the ban has generated about $4,000 in fines in less than a year. Way to go, Albany.

It may sound kind of excessive, but a first-time offense doesn't actually set citizens back that much. If you're caught with saggy pants in public for the first time, you have to pay a $25 fine. But if you get caught again after that, fines could hike all the way up to $200. Now that's an expensive sag.

Officials also say that people can choose to complete 40 hours of community service in lieu of fines, so at least there's the option of giving back to the community for your sloppy dress.

The ban, though controversial, is also being implemented in other places as well. According to the International Business Times, two counties in Florida began a similar ban in July, despite protests from the American Civil Liberties Union in the state. And there's been similar legislation in California and Louisiana, as well as attempted legislation in Texas and Virginia.

Florida's ACLU Executive Director Howard Simon is against the ban, writing "many decisions -- such how a child dresses -- are best left to families and parents and do not cry out for government rules and regulations and enforcements."

What do you think about the controversial new law? Should all states adopt a saggy pants ban?

saggy pants ban

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  • RobertTimsah 2011/09/29 18:49:00 (edited)
    Absolutely NOT. If freedom does not apply to what you can wear, eat or drink then what the hell kind of freedom DO WE HAVE? And if you have a litany of excuses to justify a police state, then move to North Korea and see if you like it.

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  • Ha 2012/04/12 01:17:23
    No because if guys can't wear low pants so their asses hang out then girls shouldn't be able to wear skinny jeans with their ass not hanging out but u can see it and them wearing their tank tops that r so tight you can see straight through them it's as sickening to me as asses hanging out of guy"s pants
  • lissaFIRE 2011/12/22 06:34:27
    I just wanna walk up to these pricks and pull there pants up.. Makes me SICK to see there underwear......
  • lissaFIRE lissaFIRE 2011/12/22 06:35:29
    and some women are JUST AS BAD !
  • Tin Man 2011/11/20 20:55:44
    Tin Man
    A progressive fine like Albany adopted seems fair. Of all the fads I've ever seen in my life(58+years) this one has amazed me most. I never expected it to last. But it's been around about 15 years. Being an ass in public by actions or words use to be a source of embarrassment at least, if not shame as well. Freedom of self expression is important. BUT NOT when the price is the invasion of another persons right to privacy. Simply put: I should have the right to not see your ass even if you want me to see it. Even Strip Bars have doors and walls. Also, it hasn't escaped my attention that in a fight some of these supposed tough hood rats that wear their shorts half way down their buttocks would be at a distinct disadvantage. All anyone would have to do is pull them down around the knees or ankles to whip their public ass.
  • KaraLin 2011/11/12 14:21:20
    it's not in the government's power to dictate how an individual dresses.
  • D S KaraLin 2011/12/22 17:29:29
    D S
    The thing is, it's well within the Governments power. They have a "Pant Load" (staying on topic) of power. After all, they are doing it aren't they?! Now if they could tattoo "Moron" on the offenders forehead... (a sharpie would be good enough)
  • goodbye lullaby ღ 2011/10/27 23:46:13
    goodbye lullaby ღ
    fining a person for wearing baggy pants is kinda stupid in my opinion.
  • redneck 2011/10/24 14:52:52
    It's a safety problem,what if they trip and fall down.Then get hit by a bus,the ACLU will sue the bus driver for being racists,then the EPA will impose more regulations on the use of busses and bus drivers.People yall look like fools with your big asses hanging out all over the place,get pride and pull your britches up,you will be able to run faster when the cops chase you down !!!
  • knowerseeker 2011/10/12 17:15:56
    There should be a ban specifically on letting your undies show.
  • johnpaul knowers... 2011/10/28 20:46:58
  • knowers... johnpaul 2011/11/23 17:55:36
    Same reason we have bans on wearing only your undies in public.
  • johnpaul knowers... 2012/02/24 00:37:47
    Only our fight for everyone's freedoms can keep us free.
  • redhorse29 2011/10/11 05:23:24
    With all the problems we are facing this is very low priority. Let the baggy low riders flash their asses as they make asses our of themselves. They wear the closes like a uniform in order to conform to the look and attitudes of their friends. A few months or a years from now it will be something different.
  • SmithBandit 2011/10/10 20:43:41
    although it is completely horrible, people should still have the right to do it.
  • DavidK 2011/10/10 19:16:05 (edited)
    Although it does give the US census bureau a better demographic view of where the liberals are! Here's another group of libtards to follow.......

  • Illjwamh 2011/10/10 18:17:33
    There should be consistency. If there's a fine for walking around in your underwear, then sagging should fall under that. If not, then what's the problem? It may look stupid, but so do any number of other things that people do on a daily basis. Dogs in purses come to mind.
  • KATLYN 2011/10/10 13:25:14
    it looks so gross but the real reason is gangs hide their guns down those baggy pants
  • BlackSouth 2011/10/09 09:20:07
    because it looks ridiculous.
  • Illjwamh BlackSouth 2011/10/10 18:16:16
    So do fat chicks in hot pants and tank tops. Last I checked, we don't ban them.
  • BlackSouth Illjwamh 2011/10/11 07:24:19
    I would rather not see that either.
  • Illjwamh BlackSouth 2011/10/11 14:04:22
    Neither would I. But my point is our personal aesthetic preferences do not dictate the law.
  • BlackSouth Illjwamh 2011/10/12 00:38:55
    Yes you are right. and I am for limited government too
  • johnpaul BlackSouth 2012/02/24 00:39:31
    Yow, Only our fight for everyone's freedoms can keep us free.
  • brination 2011/10/06 16:02:09
    yes its nasty..ew
  • johnpaul brination 2011/10/07 22:56:43
    Are you suggesting that we make laws against doing what someone might think is nasty? Or in this case cover it up?
  • brination johnpaul 2011/10/11 14:49:26
    both :)
  • johnpaul 2011/10/06 14:42:43
    Why? What the purpose? Its none of the government, or anybody else"s business how you dress, or don"t dress. If you don"t like what you see look somewhere else! That what your Muscles in your eyes are for. This is why there is no jobs in this country to many laws! Government should only fight crime, instead of messing around with people freedom! When the government call something a crime that not a crime, it is only confusion!
  • Jose Sa... johnpaul 2011/10/10 10:17:53
  • brination Jose Sa... 2011/10/11 14:51:26
  • johnpaul Jose Sa... 2011/10/28 21:04:19
    If they can"t get a job showing their ass, and that don"t pull their pants up how do you think city hall going to pull their pants up? No if the government can start enforcing a dress code to the public at large, Where are they going to stop? We don"t need this door open!
  • Anonymous 2011/10/05 19:35:42 (edited)
    No one wants to see your ass hanging out. It doesn't make you cool.
  • johnpaul Anonymous 2011/10/06 15:18:10
    Well don"t look! You don"t have to you Know.
  • Rocker6240 2011/10/05 15:54:52
    I think it goes beyond freedom of expression.At a mall on one side of the city,people like this started hanging out. Then you heard about people getting mugged at this mall.
    Then real customers stopped going out of fear.More started making it their main hang out
    Businesses had numerous shoplifting issues.Businesses moved out.Eventually the mall was closed down and it is that way to this day.
    I'm not prejudice but, this behavior spurrs criminal activity. I am sure there are exceptions,but if I was running a business I would be concerned.
  • johnpaul Rocker6240 2011/10/06 15:24:20
    Should we make a law also that women can"t wear pants, and they have to wear their dresses down to their feet? Might be less crime. That used to be the law you know.
  • Rocker6240 johnpaul 2011/10/06 18:04:42
    Believe you me I know. But less crime compared to the example I gave? Really now...your reaching.......
  • johnpaul Rocker6240 2011/10/06 20:52:52
    Well the point is that how you dress, or don"t dress does not cause crime or make you a criminal in and of it self. If they can pass a law restricting one person dress, than they can pass a law restricting anybody dress. So everybody loses in the long run. I think everybody should wash their hands before they eat, but we don"t need a law to that effect.
  • Rocker6240 johnpaul 2011/10/07 06:05:40
    They have passed laws restricting who can drive a car and have not singled out anybody 's right to drive.But you do have to follow certain guidelines, nobody has lost.The point is ,you can make an association to criminal activity and behavior with this.Every private business or shopping mall has a right to ban this from their stores without gov. interference.Somebody is going to yell discrimination and sue a business for not letting them in ,and the only reason they want a law is because they don't want to get sued.If they get sued we all lose in the long run.
  • johnpaul Rocker6240 2011/10/07 23:26:27
    Well that a good point, but I never heard of a private business getting sue for having a sign saying "No shirt no shoes no service". This should be no different than that. I know we live in a sue happy country. I would agree that you should be able to ban any from of dress or undress that you consider offensive, or harmful to your business. Because you have a right not to be injured. But I don"t think we need more laws, If this kind of dress is associated with criminal behavior it should help the law catch them in there criminal acts. When you criminalize things that are not crime it only breeds confusion!
  • Rocker6240 johnpaul 2011/10/08 06:28:39
    No one gets challenged on the no shirt,no shoes because there are health issues that come in to play.
    I don't think our forefathers intended to have us creating numerous laws.
    It was there intention that good people can govern themselves and use common sense , discretion and restraint.But that isn't happening.
    This kind of dress actually did help authorities pick up lawbreakers(You heard about arrests on the news)at the mall I referred to earlier. But once again,who is going to go shopping at that mall when this type of activity is going on?
    I'm not saying that everyone who wears baggy pants is a gangster but,when you see the people who are getting arrested you tend to make that association. You don't want to shop there.
  • johnpaul Rocker6240 2011/10/09 01:23:48
    That still not a good reason to ban some form of dress from the whole state! But a private business should be able to ban any kind of dress that they consider bad for their business from their property. If they can"t that what needs to be work on!
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