Should a Charter School Be Able to Require Students to Take a Pregnancy Test?

Fox Report with Shepard Smith 2012/08/08 15:00:00
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  • Michelle 2012/08/08 23:53:32 (edited)
    That's ridiculous and demeaning to women. Are they also going to test if the boys have fathered babies?

    That's between the girl, her family, the father, and her doctors. Furthermore, this accomplishes nothing but informing the school that the girl is pregnant-- which is irrelevant. Government funded schools that kick girls out if they fail the test are refusing to provide a girl the education she has a right to get?

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  • DJ.Alieus 2012/08/14 15:37:48
    Not sure
    I'ma need to understand the reasoning behind it before I make a legit answer
  • Edwin 2012/08/14 01:30:49
    Unbelievable that it should even be a question.
  • Michaelene 2012/08/14 00:56:45
    Not sure
    If there was some substance to this question I would have a more substantial answer.
  • Groundskeeper Willy 2012/08/13 21:03:13
    Groundskeeper Willy
    that is the parents responsbility, unless the school decide that they will not provide daycare any longer and make poor decisions on the part of their students again part of learning to live in the real world.
  • findthelight2000 2012/08/13 17:34:32
    It amazes me that considering the percentage of conservatives here at SH, this poll shows a definite agreement with those horrible "liberals" on the kinds of bad things that can happen when you choose conservative charter schools over public, non-political ones.
  • Ramón 2012/08/13 13:58:58 (edited)
    What? Oh, I get it... the pregnancy test would be the only one the kid passes. Does it count as extra credit if they have twins? What about the guy? What if he is not in the same school, or if he is out of HS already? I guess we could retroactively change his Family Life grade to passing when his HS sweetie has a bun in the oven?
  • toni 2012/08/13 13:23:35
    The initial idea of charter schools was to try different educational theories to see which worked best.. You can't make a comparison if charter schools can pick and choose which students they want. A study of standardized test scores show charter schools had better scores, but when you compared charter school scores to those of students who requested charter schools and didn't get selected there was no difference.
  • Aingean 2012/08/13 13:11:28
    Invasion of privacy big time. Plus pregnancy tests can be wrong. If one came up positive when it should have been negative that poor girl would be gone through all that crap for nothing. And the reverse is possible also. Its no ones business but the girls, the guys and their families if there is a pregnancy.
  • Jo 2012/08/13 05:01:54
    theres no point to this at all--its completely stupid.
  • TikkiPurdy 2012/08/13 03:09:09
    That's stupid.
  • Shelly Sue 2012/08/12 23:53:09 (edited)
    Shelly Sue
    If they choose to. They are not public schools. The money they receive is not government's money it is tax payer's money. Those funds are for a private education.
  • Jo Shelly Sue 2012/08/13 05:02:21
    but what would be the point?
  • Eddie_DOMA_is_dead 2012/08/12 23:50:32
  • Odinsown 2012/08/12 22:29:17
    If they receive public money, no. If they are completely privately funded than they have the right to be silly.
  • Pat 2012/08/12 21:55:05
    I would say that was an infringement on my right to privacy. I would oppose it.
  • Herb 2012/08/12 21:54:07 (edited)
    charter schools are private schools so yes they have the power especially if they were given scholarships.
  • Sister Jean 2012/08/12 21:51:18
  • w2xad 2012/08/12 21:44:01
    So we don't waste MORE taxpayer dollars on these useless children!
  • Jo w2xad 2012/08/13 05:03:28
    theres no such thing.
  • w2xad Jo 2012/08/13 20:37:41
    We are wasting our tax dollars on charter schools!
  • Jo w2xad 2012/08/13 21:40:18
    what does that have to do with you calling children "useless"? exactly. nothing.
  • w2xad Jo 2012/08/13 23:45:03
    children having children= useless.
  • Jo w2xad 2012/08/13 23:49:24
    morons who think the birth of children is a bad thing=useless.
  • w2xad Jo 2012/08/14 00:07:13
    stupidity like yours and your questions=useless
  • Jo w2xad 2012/08/14 05:05:26
    I sincerely hope your ability to reproduce is no longer with you; consider it your contribution to society:))
  • addie 2012/08/12 20:54:18 (edited)
    Get the little skanks prenatal care asap.
    Not really, the kid is screwed with parents that are HS students, who cares if there is prenatal care, however, the schools requiring testing, is just a lot of sexist garbage, It is not the school"s business.
  • AlexTheDrummer 2012/08/12 20:53:08 (edited)
    Not sure
    It seems like a good idea, though. But, if pregnancy meant that the girl would not be able to attend the school, or meant that she was punished, or otherwise, then no.
  • Jo AlexThe... 2012/08/13 05:04:04
    why is it a good idea? what does it accomplish?
  • KB 2012/08/12 20:34:47
    Technically it isn't a public school, but still, requiring students to take a pregnancy test is pretty bs if you ask me.
  • addie KB 2012/08/12 21:03:43
    They are not public school? What are they?
  • KB addie 2012/08/12 21:40:41
    They're like a public school, but are managed by a charter or whatever and the parents can view it, and they still have some rules like a private school.
  • Herb KB 2012/08/12 21:55:19
    they are private schools not public.
  • KB Herb 2012/08/12 23:30:12
    I never said they weren't. I said they have some similarities with public schools.
  • Herb KB 2012/08/12 23:48:07
    so they have a right to do it what if some of these girls got scholarships from the school. we don't know their rules if they get preganant. plus do the parents know?
  • KB Herb 2012/08/13 05:04:17
    Most likely
  • Ozymandias 2012/08/12 20:26:01
  • fer_reals 2012/08/12 16:12:01
    Not sure
    Gut reaction is no.
    But, if prior to enrollment parents agreed...

    Was a news story what inspired the question?
  • Nameless 2012/08/12 15:52:29
    Not sure
    I am really on the fence about this. I am leaning towards no because why should a young woman who gets pregnant be punished yet the father of the future baby gets off scot free.... again. If a student gets pregnant and can maintain her course load in a reasonable fashion, then it's a non issue. So, the student should be treated just like any other student. Do well in our school or go to another school. The pregnancy really is a side issue and none of their business. So, after typing this out - my ultimate answer is NO! LOL! Geez, I get stuck on stupid sometimes and it just takes me a while to think things out.
  • Random 2012/08/12 14:07:09
    Are they also going to check if she's a virgin, had an abortion, a miscarriage ect too? Are these schools doctors now? They should encourage students to discuss the matter and find a suitable education arrangement if they are pregnant, but you don't barge into someone else's ovaries or womb.
  • addie Random 2012/08/12 23:39:03
    Right on!
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