Shooting Over Wrong Number

A misdialed number led two Georgia strangers to exchange hostile phone calls and text messages before arranging a meeting where one shot the other.

Savannah-Chatham police says 22-year-old Scott Allen Elder shot 24-year-old Brian Matison in a CVS parking lot. Elder is now facing charges of aggravated assault. Matison has been taken to Memorial University Medical Center and is in serious condition.
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  • k1oik 2010/06/07 22:37:17
    That's why blacks should not be allowed to have guns.
  • Amy 2009/11/26 03:33:37
  • Dreamygirl16 2009/11/06 12:28:27
    actually calling & arranging a meeting is soooooooo stupid.
  • red hulk 2009/10/31 08:05:11
    red hulk
    Why would anyone agree to a meeting with someone the individual does not know.Also getting into a hostile fight with someone you do not know and why didn,t they just stop calling each other.Why shoot somebody over words that do not mean anything to the person because who cares what the other person thinks.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2009/10/30 00:47:08
    I had an experience similar to this but I didn't arrange a meeting. This guy with a thick Mexican accent called and said, "Hey Dude, how're you?" I ignored it. He calls again and said "hey, it's me dude, Jose." I sent him a text to quit calling and bothering me, I wasn't who he thought I was. He sends me a text, this time calling me a f**king bitch." He did this several times, and I answered in kind. I finally turned off my phone for days.

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