Shocker!!! Is the U.S. Military Sick of War.?

atomikmom 2011/07/03 00:03:26
Yes they are sick of War
No!! They want American troops to fight more Wars
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WritShocker: Is the US Military Sick of War?
Segments of the military seem to have had a bellyful of war and may be open to a real debate over how to overhaul the nation’s basic approach to national security. |

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At periodic intervals, the American body politic has shown a marked susceptibility to messianic fevers. Whenever an especially acute attack occurs, a sort of delirium ensues, manifesting itself in delusions of grandeur and demented behavior.

By the time the condition passes and a semblance of health is restored, recollection of what occurred during the illness tends to be hazy. What happened? How’d we get here? Most Americans prefer not to know. No sense dwelling on what’s behind us. Feeling much better now! Thanks!

Gripped by such a fever in 1898, Americans evinced an irrepressible impulse to liberate oppressed Cubans. By the time they’d returned to their senses, having acquired various parcels of real estate between Puerto Rico and the Philippines, no one could quite explain what had happened or why. (The Cubans meanwhile had merely exchanged one set of overseers for another.)

In 1917, the fever suddenly returned. Amid wild ravings about waging a war to end war, Americans lurched off to France. This time the affliction passed quickly, although the course of treatment proved painful: confinement to the charnel house of the Western Front, followed by bitter medicine administered at Versailles.

The 1960s brought another bout (and so yet more disappointment). An overwhelming urge to pay any price, bear any burden landed Americans in Vietnam. The fall of Saigon in 1975 seemed, for a brief interval, to inoculate the body politic against any further recurrence. Yet the salutary effects of this “Vietnam syndrome” proved fleeting. By the time the Cold War ended, Americans were running another temperature, their self-regard reaching impressive new heights. Out of Washington came all sorts of embarrassing gibberish about permanent global supremacy and history’s purpose finding fulfillment in the American way of life.

Give Me Fever

Then came 9/11 and the fever simply soared off the charts. The messiah-nation was really pissed and was going to fix things once and for all.

Nearly 10 years have passed since Washington set out to redeem the Greater Middle East. The crusades have not gone especially well. In fact, in the pursuit of its saving mission, the American messiah has pretty much worn itself out.

Today, the post-9/11 fever finally shows signs of abating. The evidence is partial and preliminary. The sickness has by no means passed. Oddly, it lingers most strongly in the Obama White House, of all places, where a keenness to express American ideals by dropping bombs seems strangely undiminished.

Yet despite the urges of some in the Obama administration, after nearly a decade of self-destructive flailing about, American recovery has become a distinct possibility. Here’s some of the evidence:

In Washington, it’s no longer considered a sin to question American omnipotence. Take the case of Robert Gates. The outgoing secretary of defense may well be the one senior U.S. official of the past decade to leave office with his reputation not only intact, but actually enhanced. (Note to President Obama: think about naming an aircraft carrier after the guy). Yet along with restoring a modicum of competence and accountability to the Pentagon, the Gates legacy is likely to be found in his willingness -- however belated -- to acknowledge the limits of American power.

That the United States should avoid wars except when absolutely necessary no longer connotes incipient isolationism. It is once again a sign of common sense, with Gates a leading promoter. Modesty is becoming respectable.e your opinion here...

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  • holdenferall 2011/07/03 19:00:06 (edited)
    They're sick of the American people not caring.

    They feel forgotten.
  • atomikmom holdenf... 2011/07/03 23:17:10
    )-': Well !!! Mark my word, I care and i care deeply. My second eldest son is in that mess in Afghanistan, and i lost my youngest son in Iraq, in 2004
  • mwg0735 2011/07/03 08:26:15
  • atomikmom mwg0735 2011/07/03 23:57:56
    I was in the Vietnam War, as a Field Nurse in the Navy, from 1956 to 1971. I know all to good what war is, it SUCKS!!!
  • mwg0735 atomikmom 2011/07/04 11:29:03
  • atomikmom mwg0735 2011/07/05 00:43:04
    (-': I am so glad that you are alright HUN!! God Bless You!!!! My second eldest son is in Afghanistan right now and has been since June 12th of last year, and i lost my youngest son in Iraq in 2004. I am a Disabled Vet and retired US Navy Field Nurse from the Vietnam war. It was sheer bloody hell over there.
  • mwg0735 atomikmom 2011/07/05 02:29:12
  • atomikmom mwg0735 2011/07/05 02:32:42
    )-': Yeah!!! I hear Ya!!! I don't know what i would do if i were in your Boots
  • jgh57 2011/07/03 01:17:06
    Yes they are sick of War
    They have to be. They have been put in a terrible situation and instead of being allowed to do their job they are expected to be politically correct. If they had been sent in like they were in WW2 this crap would have been over in a matter of months. We have stupid politicians that expect them to play nice instead of truly going to war. That is why we have not won a war since WW2.
  • atomikmom jgh57 2011/07/03 04:53:55
    Exactly So!!!
  • jgh57 atomikmom 2011/07/03 05:46:53
    It is very sad but very true.
  • Beccy 2011/07/03 00:22:28
    Yes they are sick of War
    Seeing that most of our soldiers are the national guard that signed on to protect our country yes I can see why they are sick of war
  • Gooky 2011/07/03 00:22:14
    Yes they are sick of War
    I would think they are...humans cannot tolerate constant stress.
  • Denny 2011/07/03 00:21:12
    Yes they are sick of War
    well no duh!!! These guys and gals have been a little over used don't you think??? At least even with the unfairness of the Viet Nam Draft that we went through and you got picked, YOU ONLY WENT ONCE. These people have been used like the ever ready bunny going over again and again like they were just our trained watch dogs. Bring back the Draft NOW
  • atomikmom Denny 2011/07/03 00:23:08
    You are totally right!!!
  • Denny atomikmom 2011/07/03 00:58:33
    It's one of the only things I agree with Charlie Rangle.
  • EliteAmongOutcasts 2011/07/03 00:13:30 (edited)
  • Captain Kirk~POTL 2011/07/03 00:11:50
    Yes they are sick of War
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    Hell ya,I know several that have already done 4 or more tours of duty!!
  • krayzrick 2011/07/03 00:10:33
    Yes they are sick of War
    Because war is not healthy for living creatures.
    war healthy living creatures make love not war
  • atomikmom krayzrick 2011/07/03 00:20:15
    THANK YOU!!!!! I agree
  • atomikmom 2011/07/03 00:07:49
    Join the http://www.alternet.comdiscus... Share your opinion with millions!

    I can say that a large number of our troops are fed up and want to end this crap in the Middle East, but i don't know about the rest of them. I know i would if i were there, facing Death 24/7, 365 days out of the year.

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