Shirley Sherrod's $13mil win in lawsuit against USDA

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It seems Shirley Sherrod was a co-founder of a minority group that filed a $1 BILLION law suit against the USDA. The largest lawsuit ever filed against the US government by a minority group. Her group settled for $13mil plus $300K for Mrs. Sherrod personally to be split with her husband. Tom Vilsak was Governor of IA at the time as well as the loser in the suit. Did he have a hidden agenda for firing Sherrod yesterday?

(YBH) – Shirley
Sherrod, the now former Georgia Director of Rural Development for
the Obama administration, was part of an historic settlement with the U.S.
Government recently. Ms. Sherrod is co-founder of a group, New
Communities, that took part in a lawsuit that successfully sued the government
over the rights of minority farmers. An article at the website www.ruraldevelopment.org discussed the case and the $13 million
dollar settlement and Ms. Sherrod’s own $150,000 settlement from Uncle

From the article:

In 1969, New Communities received a planning grant from OEO and was
encouraged to expect substantial funding for implementation, but Governor Maddox
would not permit further funds for the group to come into the state.

Nevertheless, New Communities built up farming operations to help
retain the land. They had highway frontage where they had a farmer’s market to
sell their crops. They raised hogs and sold the processed meat in a smokehouse
they built on the highway. Their sugar cane mill on the highway also attracted
customers. New Communities was ahead of the times in raising eight acres of
Muscatine grapes, which are now widely grown in the area. They
also farmed 1,500 acres of row crops, including corn, peanuts and

Over the years, USDA refused to provide loans for farming or irrigation and
would not allow New Communities to restructure its loans. Gradually, the group
had to fight just to hold on to the land and finally had to wind down

The cash award acknowledges racial discrimination on the part of the
U.S. Department of Agriculture for the years 1981-85. (President Reagan
abolished the USDA Office of Civil Rights when he became President in 1981.)
New Communities is due to receive approximately $13 million ($8,247,560 for loss
of land and $4,241,602 for loss of income; plus $150,000 each to Shirley and
Charles for pain and suffering). There may also be an unspecified amount in
forgiveness of debt. This is the largest award so far in the minority farmers’
law suit (Pigford vs Vilsack).

Ms. Sherrod came under fire yesterday when it was revealed
that she made remarks to the NAACP where she talked about withholding help from
“white” farmers who she thought acted “superior” to her. Ms.
Sherrod sent the farmer to “one of his own,” as she put it. The
remarks were caught on videotape and discovered by Andrew
Breitbart’s Big Government

Ms. Sherrod told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that in
the end she wound up working for the “white” farmers for two years. She states
that she learned that race is less important than wealth from the episode which
occurred over 23 years ago. Full video of Ms. Sherrod’s remarks at the NAACP
dinner are unavailable at this time.

EDITED: To correct Vilsak's governship to IA where Sherrod's lawsuit was filed, not GA.

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  • Winghunter 2010/07/22 09:00:34 (edited)
    Brietbart was correct. The focus of apparent racism in the video clip is not about Sherrod herself but in the clear reactions of the audience to her story. No matter whether her story is a tale of her lesson in bigotry, she still speaks as though we were different species.
    What's also revealing in Sherrod's story is the "haves and have nots" which drops her right into Socialism as Glenn Beck said today.

    We should watch as many full length video clips of the NAACP meetings that exist to see what we'll see.

    This background story talks about landowners who couldn't pay their loan. It talks about their free enterprise efforts but, they obviously didn't make enough to even pay on the loans...How exactly was it the USDA's problem to do anything for them when the problem was the repayment of the loan the purchasers took out?

    We can be sure more of this story will be out shortly.

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  • Frank 2010/07/23 16:33:33
    Just give every black person a million dollars. Al and Jesse can't scam them all.....
  • Allbiz ... Frank 2010/07/24 00:05:11
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    Wanna bet? They went to the Rangel School of Scamming The All.
  • S.Dee 2010/07/23 11:17:10
    Did any white farmers get some money? Everyone is apologizing to her because they don't want to be sued. She is a no good racist and should have been fired a long time ago. She knows it is hard to get fired or lose you job if you work for the Federal Government, as she states in her speeches. sued racist fired fired lose job work federal government speeches
  • Mike S.Dee 2010/08/20 07:37:17
    You people are incredible! Yes, the "White Farmers" did receive their money, thanks to Blanche Lincoln and Rahm Emmanuel. Didn't you learn anything from that doctored video? Running your mouth before all of the facts are available. That's what got you people in trouble the first time. Or, or, maybe you think that Blacks complain too much? Now, "That's Racist"! Ahahahahahahaha
  • Allbiz ... Mike 2010/08/21 03:36:20
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    Uh, just wondering. Since the NAACP had possession of the tape, who doctored it?
  • akgold Allbiz ... 2010/08/21 05:56:05
  • Allbiz ... akgold 2010/08/21 20:27:38
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    Now why didn't I think of that?
  • ★Calliope★ Mike 2010/08/21 03:46:31
    "you people"

    That is a racist beginning.

    You are a racist.
  • akgold Mike 2010/08/21 05:55:12
    You are so full of crap the whites of your eyes are brown. The incident with the farmers happened many years ago, Lincoln and Rahm were no way involved. Well Rahm was behind her firing! She also said other racist comments on the same video.
  • Mike akgold 2010/09/18 04:51:50
    I have no idea about what you are talking about. I said that, "Rahm approved Blanche Lincoln's request to pay the WHITE farmers their pending lawsuit in Arkansas." So, again, what are you talking about? I never accused them of participating in her firing. Get your facts together the next time before you make a fool of yourself again!

    Btw, what racist comments did she make on the "same video"? The family she was speaking of has already cleared her of those absurd charges.
  • akgold Mike 2010/09/18 06:09:40
    Evidently you are quite stupid. You have no idea what I am talking about? I addressed your points from Aug. 19.

    "Rahm approved Blanche Lincoln's request to pay the WHITE farmers their pending lawsuit in Arkansas."
    The suit she is talking about took place over a decade ago. SHE said a Black lawyer got the White farmer justice way back when. WTF case are you talking about now?

    I said Rahm had her fired. The Secretary of Agriculture did not handle this by himself, he took it higher. Rahm is the chief of staff, there is good reason to believe he was involved in the decision.

    The comments she made on the video were to the affect that, it was not JUST Black vs White, it was also Haves vs Have Nots.
    Not "JUST" means that it WAS Black vs White, but that was not the WHOLE thing. That was a racist statement.
    The family said she helped way back when, they were not commenting on the speech that caused her problem.
  • Mike akgold 2010/09/27 02:24:39
    At one point you said, "Rahm had her fired." Then you said, "there is good reason to believe he was involved in the decision." Ok, do you even know why you got out of bed today? I mean, make up your mind, junebug!

    As for the lawsuit, I know when the Black Farmers were awarded the money. My point is, why would Rahm approve Blanche's request (Btw, he campaigned his A#$ for her) when he knew that the other plantiffs were still waiting on their money?

    You can refer to me as "stupid"- because I keep responding to an idiot, that would be you, but in meantime, can you answer the question w/o all the ranting?
  • Cognito22 Mike 2010/08/21 13:21:28
    Would you please supply the link or video or source of info for the assertion that
    Rahm Emmanuel was responsible for the white farmer getting money?
    The money received by the farmer was from the USDA.
    Rahm Emmanuel has no connection to the USDA.
    Blanche Lincoln however is chairman of a committee on Agriculture but is not part of the USDA.
  • Mike Cognito22 2010/09/18 04:57:25
    Rahm supposedly has no connection to a lot of things! When the H/C bill was watered down, he was responsible (according to the progressives). Does anyone have proof that Rahm played a role in getting Blanche re-elected? Or, or, what about his role in persuading the POTUS to govern from the center? We're talking politics! Besides, it takes us back to my original point. Why in the hell haven't the BLACK farmers received their money?
  • Mike Mike 2010/09/27 02:38:15
    You're speaking (preaching) to the choir! I said the same thing about Rahm and the Black Farmers! I've been arguing this point for about two weeks. As far as the President governing from the center, I think that's a combo of things. Axelrod, Jarrett and Rahm. Also, this is a typical tactic by most Presidents. St. Ronnie and Slick Willie did it during their first 2 years, and they both had dismal approval ratings like President Obama. Clinton lost the Congress to Newt and Arrianna Huffington (Contract on America). After the mid-terms (94) Slick Willie went back to his base (progressives) and with the exception of DODT and punishing Crack users more severely than Powder users, he pretty much governed from the FAR LEFT!

    Btw, it worked out pretty well for the Nation!
  • Mike Cognito22 2010/09/27 02:30:56
    Ok, the guy/girl (cletus) above you just said that, "Rahm is the Chief of Staff. It's good reason that he's involved in higher decisions."

    Besides, you would be surprised what votes Rahm could get down the line for this small gesture. Although, Blanche has been a pain in the behind for the Democrats, THAT'S WHY I KEEP ASKING CLETUS (The person above) TO EXPLAIN. I don't have the link, but the spokesman for the NBFA spoke about this in great detail on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" He went on to say that the Black Farmers (Plantiffs) took a lower settlement so that they could expidite the process quicker. The only Senator who has been in their corner is Chuck Grassley (R). Go figure!
  • debadow Mike 2010/08/22 18:02:53
    I Consider The Term You People very racist.
  • Mike debadow 2010/09/18 05:05:11
    You said, "I consider the term YOU PEOPLE very racist."

    Nice try! But, I consider posting a the FLOTUS and the POTUS dressed as a belly dancer/hooker and a pimp to be "very racist"! I consider lynching a teenager for "supposedly" whistling @ some WHITE woman to be "very racist"! I consider attacking a group of people with German Shepherds and fire-hoses to be "very racist"! I guess my standards are a little higher than yours and the wild hair woman (Calliope) who made this ridiculous comment. I'm serious about this and YOU PEOPLE think it's a joke. Well, bwaahahahahahahahahaha

    Btw, I won't apologize if I offended either one of you. I don't do any "buck-dancing"!
  • akgold Mike 2010/09/18 06:12:25
    " I consider lynching a teenager for "supposedly" whistling @ some WHITE woman to be "very racist"! I consider attacking a group of people with German Shepherds and fire-hoses to be "very racist"!

    Acts that were carried out by Democrats, the real party of racism in this country.
  • Mike akgold 2010/09/27 02:42:43
    The democrats are the "Real Racists" of this country?

    Lessee......Those "racists Democrats" elected a Bi-Racial man to be POTUS.

    Those "Non-Racists Republicans"? Herman Cain, Ken Blackwell, Alan Keyes, Michael Steele and Angela McGlowan all tried that republican ticket and they all hand their fannies handed to them! Most didn't make it out of the primaries.. LOL

    ...start elected a few Blacks to represent the republican party on the federal level and maybe we can talk.

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