Sharia execution urged for Mubarak

Chaya2010 2011/08/08 15:06:45

"If a man has stolen millions of the state's money, the penalty is that I must cut off his hand," said Mahmoud Ghuzlan, a professor of biochemistry at Zagazig University. "There is no argument. These are God's words."

The group, banned for half a century, was legalised only after the fall of former president Hosni Mubarak.

Professor Ghuzlan said the penalty of amputation, mandated under sharia law, should apply to his sons Gamal -- the younger, who was being groomed as heir -- and Alaa, a businessman.

In a scene that transfixed the nation last week, the two brothers, both charged with profiteering, stood in court as their father lay on a trolley next to them.

The senior Mubarak, charged with responsibility for the deaths of about 850 protesters killed by his security forces, periodically craned his neck forward to peer from the defendants' cage out at the court.

Professor Ghuzlan had no sympathy. Mr Mubarak should be hanged if convicted, although "beheading by the sword" would be more traditional, he said.

He sought to paint sharia as a merciful alternative to Egypt's current legal system, saying a thief who stole only to feed his family would not suffer amputation.

Despite his words, Muslim Brotherhood rule would evidently be harsh. Adulterers would be whipped, alcohol banned, men and women separated in university classes and pre-marital sex and same-sex relationships would be forbidden.

Scant comfort will be taken from the spokesman's assurances that the Brotherhood, which is aware of worries about Islamic extremism, would seek only one-third of parliament's 504 seats. He admitted they planned to challenge for power in future elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood's vision of Egypt will be anathema to the secular-minded Facebook generation and liberals who fought valiantly to unseat Mr Mubarak without its help.

The Sunday Times

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  • ELLIE 2011/08/09 08:34:13
    Muslim Brotherhood will be the same as the pervious regime.No change in the system just a change of name.Maybe even harsher,but of the peoples own choice.They cry for freedom and yet aren't willing to undergo a proper change.Letting one extreme government be taken over by another is just ludicrous.In the meantime I would like to see the faces of Mubarak and sons when judgement is passed.Giving them some of their own justice would be just great.
  • Horace 2011/08/08 16:02:35
    He killed 850 people beheading doesn't sound like the worst idea to me. This is the will of the people in another country, we can't advocate for international democracy and then turn around and complain when we don't like what that democracy does, if the Egyptians want to vote in sharia law in their country let them.
  • Chaya2010 Horace 2011/08/08 16:40:56
    Good point. My concern really is what sort of regime Egypt will replace Mubarak with.
  • abubincrazy 2011/08/08 15:22:08
    They will PEACEFULLY kill him, no doubt.
    Maybe they'll saw his head off with a hunting knife, like they did to Daniel Pearl.
    Of just stone him to death. Sharia's big on stoning.
  • Chaya2010 abubinc... 2011/08/08 16:41:53
    Stoning for adulterous women along with killing apostates limb amputations for thieves.
  • abubinc... Chaya2010 2011/08/08 16:48:57
    A prostate what? :)
  • Chaya2010 abubinc... 2011/08/08 16:50:12
  • BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET) 2011/08/08 15:08:00
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    From what I have heard, he was close to death anyway
  • Chaya2010 BattleB... 2011/08/08 16:42:10
    He doesn't look like he's in a good way.

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