Senator Baucus Using Blackmail on Healthcare

This is an outrage!! Baucus should be hauled out and flogged for this. Once again if anyone tries to stand in the way of what this administration wants you will be punished. Let's light up Baucus's office and let him know how we feel. Respectfully of course (yeah right) 202-224-2651 is the number for his Washington office. This man is a disgrace. Yeah this was going to be "Change" from politics as usual. It's change alright we are now being run by a bunch of thugs. I can't believe we are stuck with this jacka-- till 2012. Voice your anger. This article appeared in more than this one place.

Baucus (D-MT) Resorts to Blackmail to Pass Obamacare [UPDATED]

Didn't Nixon Keep an 'Enemies List?'

Posted by Brian Faughnan (Profile)

Thursday, June 11th at 8:38AM EDT


Can you imagine the reaction if a Republican had tried this?

Top aides to Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) called a last-minute, pre-emptive strike on Wednesday with a group of prominent Democratic lobbyists, warning them to advise their clients not to attend a meeting with Senate Republicans set for Thursday.

Russell Sullivan, the top staffer on Finance, and Jon Selib, Baucus’ chief of staff, met with a bloc of more than 20 contract lobbyists, including several former Baucus aides. http://www.redstate.com/brianfaughnan/2009/06/11/baucus-d-mt-...

Here is another good article on Senator Baucus. It just keeps getting worse with him.

Left Busy e-Shrieking Over Baucus’s $3.9 Million in Campaign Coffers from Health Care Industry


According to the Baltimore Chronicle, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) received hefty campaign contributions from the health care industry, thereby rendering him incapable of pushing universal health care without submitting to corporate interests:

* The Insurance Industry: $1,170,313
* Health Professionals: $1,016,276
* Pharmaceuticals/Health Products Industry: $734,605
* Hospitals/Nursing Homes: $541,891
* Health Services/HMOs: $439,700

Total over political career: $3,902,785
Total received in campaign in 2008: $1,826,652

The piece, brought to us originally by the Baltimore Chronicle, was published May 31, 2009. Well, the Daily Kos caught on a few weeks later and posted today in an article entitled Breach of Promise: Sen. Baucus Just Ditched America at the Altar.

Max Baucus broke his promise. Max Baucus left America at the altar while he ran off with healthcare insurance companies, Big Pharma and other K Street whores. This makes me angry. This makes me fierce. I want that man out of the Senate. I want that man in jail. I want every uninsured man, woman and child in America to join me in an impeachment campaign against Baucus. And I want him to feel the sting of a class-action lawsuit generated by every single person in America who has ever suffered illness and harm because they were turned down for healthcare by Baucus’ friends. Given the $1,826,652 Baucus has already received from the so-called healthcare industry, the settlement amount would probably only come out to one dollar per person, and that’s not much compensation for the world of pain Americans have suffered and will suffer because of his “Breach of Promise” — but it would make ME feel a whole lot better.

I can imagine that the Daily Kos user jpstillwater would be shouting this in typical Howard Dean fashion… “wahhhh!” And as kids these days say, that just made me “LOL.”

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  • manjina 2009/09/18 01:59:40
  • Angel 2009/06/20 02:27:25
    Well if anybody has been paying attetion this has been going on that I am aware of, since Bush came out to save the financial inst. They were strong armed into takeing money that they didn't want, and O is in there doing the samething to everybody else. This is the name of the new game. Our government is getting everything they want by strongholding everybody they deal with and exspecially the ones they want control over their business. Where should I start.

    This is our future, our government is nothing more than the MOFIA!
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2009/06/19 22:39:11
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Just wait till 2010, We the People are coming to get you.
  • Ripped1X... 2009/06/19 20:39:15
    I've had about all I can take of these snakes in the grass.
  • lady bear Ripped1... 2009/06/22 05:59:17
    lady bear
    I agree. I can't stand Bacuas and the things he's done. I couldn't believe it when he got reelected in November. He is nothing more than Oblabla's yes man.
  • Dan™: Real Change, Not Fals... 2009/06/18 18:19:55
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    They think there is no accountability for their actions, that we are stupid, weak and complacent ...

    Folks, it's time to sharpen your pitchforks and get your torches ready ...
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2009/06/18 16:42:58
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    This is who and what the dems have been for a long time - I doubt Truman or JFK would associate with these people.
  • Floe 2009/06/18 14:48:58
    This is nothing compared to what they are hiding with regards to Health Care!!!
  • Max 2009/06/18 14:26:44
    Sigh, I wish this surprised me.
  • The Stench of Liberal Lies 2009/06/18 13:13:20
    The Stench of Liberal Lies
    A few weeks ago I was in a hot debate and the Liberal was wining about a republican taking money from Big Pharma I guess when liberals do it That makes it OK
  • lady bear The Ste... 2009/06/18 21:23:33
    lady bear
    It's always ok when the liberals do something. The double standard is outrageous.
  • Hammer 2009/06/18 12:44:32
    Here's the recipe:
    1 rope, 1 stout hardwood tree, several bus loads of politcians.

    Some assembly required.
  • lady bear Hammer 2009/06/18 21:24:13
    lady bear
    Now that is my kind of recipe. We need to make it for large batches though oh say around 500.
  • Hammer lady bear 2009/06/18 21:36:08
    436 + 100 senators + numerous cabnet officials. We couldn't hang lil Barry because we'de be called racists for a lynching so I'm thinkin some very intese Waterboarding.
  • lady bear Hammer 2009/06/18 21:49:15
    lady bear
    Yep sounds good to me. Heck if they haven't voted yet to change the law here in Montana you can still hang someone for the death penalty. They are talking about eliminating the death penalty here but I hope that doesn't happen.
  • Hammer lady bear 2009/06/19 11:22:55
    Check this out Georgia can execute with a Guillotine. Aint that sweet, they can use it if the 'Guest of Honor' is a organ doner.
  • lady bear Hammer 2009/06/19 20:12:15 (edited)
    lady bear
    Great. Let's see how many in DC are organ donors. LOL. send them all on vacation to GA.
  • Ripped1... Hammer 2009/06/19 20:45:40
    Personally I love the smell of burning napalm in the morning especially when it's sticking to a Senator or a Congressman.

    personally love smell burning napalm sticking senator congressman
  • lazarous1967 2009/06/18 07:38:54
    String him up by his balls and burn the witch.
  • Nozzghoull 2009/06/18 05:26:41
    Thanks for the info LadyBear!

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