Senate Suspends Earmark Spending for Two Years Dang, I wonder what they will do for two years, without it. Not that it will make a dent in what they have done already.

Patriot Unit 2011/02/02 01:08:57
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The man in charge of doling out federal dollars in the Senate, Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, announced Tuesday that his committee will implement a moratorium on earmarks for the next two fiscal years.
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  • KY REDNECK 2011/02/02 13:15:05
    So they aren't going to have earmarks for two years; what are they going to call them now?
  • RageFury 2011/02/02 07:10:00
    It won't make any dents, but it will help to gain Obama approval.
    It is a ploy to help get him re-elected, nothing more.
  • babaji5150~solo 2011/02/02 05:51:23
  • Linnster 2011/02/02 05:43:03
    Hallelujah! It's about time.
  • Lynn 2011/02/02 05:19:17
    Smoke and mirrors. Nothing more.
  • ~ The Rebel ~ 2011/02/02 05:14:02
    ~ The Rebel ~
    You realize they'll just give it a new name and go on with business as usual... don't you?
  • Rore73 2011/02/02 03:51:15 (edited)
    The debt isn't going to be reduced until Washington gets serious, and in the meantime the country is getting dangerously close to default. Obama and his buddies in the Senate are really getting bold cutting earmarks when the GOP gets control of the House, although this action was actually needed a couple of years ago, but Obama didn't want to cut off perks to his friends.
    This is really about as ridiculous as Obama ordering operating budgets reduced, and the actual impact on the debt is well illustrated in the following: http://wimp.com/budgetcuts/
  • michele... Rore73 2011/02/02 14:31:26
    micheleT BN-O
    Great comment. Obama is truely horrible

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