Senate Dems Kill Obama Tax Plan.....

snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques 2012/07/12 21:11:24
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In a shocking repudiation of President Obama’s “soak the rich”
economic plans, Senate Democrats today blocked a vote on President
Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per
year. Senate Republicans had proposed an immediate vote on the measure.
In fact, they proposed two votes: one to extend the Bush tax cuts in
their totality, the other to raise taxes as per Obama’s plan. “My
recommendation is we give the president what he asked for,” said Senate
Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The strategy for McConnell and Republicans is simple: they want to
show Americans that even Democrats recognize that the Bush tax cuts
ought to be extended for all Americans. And Democrats want to avoid that
vote, so they can continue posturing and conducting class warfare.

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  • Dwight 2012/07/17 04:07:19
    WTH? The smartest man in American politics couldn't get his Own party to even vote on his bill? wake up   smell the coffee
  • Marcus Clark 2012/07/15 05:49:05
    Marcus Clark
    There is one, and only one, tax plan currently in Congress that is worth considering **and passing.** That is H.R. 25 and S. 13. Click the link for more information. Also, contact your Representative & Senators and urge them to co-sponsor these bills and push them to passage.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/07/14 23:34:28
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Trying to buy votes now, sorry we know how you really feel. If it wasn't an election year they would have voted differently.
  • pumpkin1960 2012/07/14 01:26:13
    Ha ha ha ha ha! Even democrate politicians don't want to lose there jobs because of Obama's economy.
  • Space Invader 2012/07/13 02:50:39
    Space Invader
    old dirty Harry got his noodles wet
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/07/13 02:34:24
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Senate Dimwits, if you think this strategy, at this late date, will save your jobs in November, you're dumber than Americans already know you are. LMFAO!
  • MarinerFH 2012/07/13 00:12:43
  • HOMBRE 2012/07/12 22:24:49
    Funny Obama not on the news calling Dem Senate evil. How quiet the dummy Obama is. LOL
  • Dolly 2012/07/12 22:16:36
    That sucks!
  • RayG 2012/07/12 21:47:19
    Not sure who looks more stupid....Harry Reed of Alfred E. Newman
  • Kim 2012/07/12 21:46:34
    That Damn Bush, youknow he made the Senate Idiots, I mean Dems ax that tax plan...
  • none 2012/07/12 21:45:02
  • Herb 2012/07/12 21:44:39
    many dems are agaist raising taxes they lose in 2012 lol.
  • belle 2012/07/12 21:42:08
    Well Obama needs to reliaze that there are many many rich demorats that don't want their taxes raised and many of them are in congress. That includes Pelosi and Reed.
  • Andrew 2012/07/12 21:22:28 (edited)
    Seems this political ploy by the Democrats fails every time they try it because Repubicans just say "Bring It ON"! This group is proving that they can't govern and that can't even agree amonst themselves. Funny how the Dems keep killing the President's own proposals!

    If anyone is the party of "NO" it is the Dems!
  • Aurora 2012/07/12 21:16:07
    I think harry came out and said those nasty obstructionist republicans, it's all they have. More Kubuki theater in the democratically owned senate.
  • Don Leuty 2012/07/12 21:15:00
    Don Leuty
    Some Democrats are not so dim...while others are merely running scared. They are about to loose their meal ticket.

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