Scumbag Romney at it again.

DDogbreath 2012/09/04 17:40:47
Johnson says he faces ballot challenges in several states, including
Michigan, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, led by Romney campaign operatives.

What's wrong Mittens can't play fair?

The "liberal media" is already on Romney's side because they know Obama can easily defeat him.

I won't vote for Romney after the crap he pulled on Paul. Now he's trying the same on Gary Johnson?

I wonder why? Could it be because comparing both their gubernatorial records will make Romney look like the horses ass he really is?

Or could it be Satan?

paul gary johnson comparing gubernatorial records romney horses ass satan

Check out the full story, what a creep.

Read More: http://www.omaha.com/article/20120901/NEWS13/70901...

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  • safari 2012/09/05 08:40:55 (edited)
    Seriously I have to say - I can't think of one avid - and I do mean intensely avid, so, not all Paul supporters, who would have voted for Romney even if Paul had asked them to.

    I hope people actually read your link and research this on their own as well.

    For myself, this isn't the year to even think about voting third party - Romney looks like a saint compared to obama. He is the only person with a snowballs chance in hell to oust him. My hopes are to get rid of obama and then work on improving the odds for third parties when the man who intends to destroy American asap is gone. We won't survive another four of obama.

    obama economy

    obama jobs

    obama exec orders

    obama admin

    obama healthcare

    bye obama
  • DDogbreath safari 2012/09/06 02:36:43
    Romney is a worse candidate than McCain, Too bad you support that shill I will never vote for him. After the crap they pulled in the primary's and at the convention I am proud to be an ex-Republican. Good luck with the "gaffe master".

    I'm Voting for a guy with a better NO tax record and Job creation record then Romney ever dreamed of having. One that has never been pro gun control (like Romney) and understands the constitution and liberty.

    GARY JOHNSON 2012!

    Liberty  Truth  Gary Johnson
  • safari DDogbreath 2012/09/06 16:42:30
    I like Gary - I didn't think he came off that well in the one debate they allowed him in - too bad for that. And it sucks that he never got a real chance to be considered. The debate stations wouldn't invite him or give him a chance. But I stick with my feelings on this year. Too much is at stake to allow o to continue imho. So on this we disagree.
  • DDogbreath safari 2012/09/07 05:24:11 (edited)
    No what really happened was the GOP didn't want him in the debates so they "railroaded" his ass early. Haven't you noticed a trend of this type of behavior lately?

    Perhaps you missed this...

    Nobody has been able to explain how a candidate worse than McCain is supposed to defeat Obama. The smart votes will go to Gary Johnson, we need to take our country back from Wall st, the ones they bought and the military-industrial complex that owns the ministry of propaganda.

    I'll bet you don't hear a peep about the Libertarian party. They and Gary Johnson (former Republican governor of NM) on the ballots in all 50 states, ever wonder why?

    Ever wonder why the Main stream "news" isn't comparing the gubernatorial records of Johnson & Romney? The game is rigged quit playing into it.
  • Red DDogbreath 2012/09/08 14:54:42
  • DDogbreath safari 2012/09/07 08:10:06
    I thought he came off EXTREMELY WELL.

  • Windy safari 2012/09/06 05:40:10
    I heard today the max annual income to qualify for HUD housing in my State is 56 thousand & something $. Which means every single average middle income family would qualify. WTF?!?
  • safari Windy 2012/09/06 16:42:40
  • Red safari 2012/09/08 14:58:07
  • DavE 2012/09/05 07:26:47
  • Windy DavE 2012/09/06 05:40:51
  • trentinafur 2012/09/05 06:15:07 (edited)
    This is how the GOP rolls. Their state operatives have been busy trying to curtail voting in ways that statistically have a much greater impact on non-GOP voters. And now, with the rule changes at the RNC to block Paul delegates, and various state battles to deny Gary Johnson a place on the ballot....they're not just cowards. They are trying to rig the vote. THIS is where your voter fraud is - right here, with these GOP dirtbags.

    As for the lib media taking Romney's side....I'm not so sure about that. Here's an article from a local SF paper/website - slamming the GOP:

    "The Republican Party's war against democracy"


    I think the WaPo has also run a story on this.
  • jimmy d trentin... 2012/09/06 02:25:00
    jimmy d
    You're mentally bankrupt.
  • DDogbreath jimmy d 2012/09/06 02:39:33
    He's correct anyone voting for crime syndicate Romney is mentally bankrupt.
  • jimmy d DDogbreath 2012/09/06 19:45:46
    jimmy d
    Gypsies, tramps and thieves. I love that song. It should be the official song of the obama campaign......
  • DDogbreath jimmy d 2012/09/07 05:40:47
    War Pigs the official song of the Romney campaign.

  • luvguins 2012/09/05 05:19:37
    Well, it says that the Romney campaign had no comment on this, but you can bet the RNC and their operatives are behind it after what they did to Ron Paul in Tampa.
  • DDogbreath luvguins 2012/09/05 05:27:26
    Yea they didn't play nice so we went with plan "B" and whipped out our Johnson on them...

    Liberty  Truth  Gary Johnson
  • luvguins DDogbreath 2012/09/05 18:03:08
  • DDogbreath luvguins 2012/09/05 18:09:37
  • Boblawbla 2012/09/05 03:53:51
    I don't know.... there is a major difference between the two... but I can't put my finger on it at the moment.

  • DDogbreath Boblawbla 2012/09/05 04:02:14
    OMG I would keep my finger off that!
  • kobidobidog 2012/09/05 03:43:19
    Whoever is not like Jesus is has Satan in their soul. Satan is permanently in all things that die, and in all of the stars that expire.
  • DDogbreath kobidob... 2012/09/05 03:48:12
    Then again that all is in what you choose to believe or not.
  • kobidob... DDogbreath 2012/09/05 05:16:34 (edited)
    Choose the path that will have you writing in the sand rather than follow a stone throwing crowd, and whoever will be choosing the right path.
  • Boblawbla kobidob... 2012/09/05 03:55:50
    Hallelujah brother! Can I get an amen from the front pews?
  • DDogbreath Boblawbla 2012/09/05 04:03:12
  • Boblawbla DDogbreath 2012/09/05 05:48:35
    And now brothers, if you would please help us with the collection plate. Bow your heads.
    We remember the words of the minor prophet in the Old Testament:

    Malachi 3:10

    "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.”

    Say Amen!
  • DDogbreath Boblawbla 2012/09/05 05:51:11
  • kobidob... Boblawbla 2012/09/05 05:12:27 (edited)
    Thank you for your praise. It is better for another to praise thee than for it to come from thine own lips.
  • Boblawbla kobidob... 2012/09/05 05:50:19
    That was beautiful...... did you write that? You should have... I'm a little teary-eyed.
  • kobidob... Boblawbla 2012/09/05 18:15:51
    Gently spoken, It is a biblical principle far to often not applied.
  • Boblawbla kobidob... 2012/09/05 22:11:02
    I do appreciate a soft touch. I wonder what happened in the Old Testament that made Joshua and the gang kill every living thing in Canaan when they invaded?

    Oh.. I almost forgot.... G-d says there is a time for every purpose under heaven? How'd I do?
  • kobidob... Boblawbla 2012/09/05 22:56:06
    Pure soul; 1- 9 is describing life as we know it on this planet. It seems that there has been a time for war, but I would like people to see loving truth that has never been spoken of to end war as we know it. To do so will shrink the lake of fire. If there were no lost angels or people there would be no lake of fire. No lost people would also = no old testament incidence like Joshua at Jericho blowing rams horns vibrating massive walls to cause them to crumble, and fall.
  • Boblawbla kobidob... 2012/09/05 23:05:59
    I'm not totally ignorant of the Biblical texts, but not a Christian (I'm told). To be a Christian in my sister's church you must believe that our maker is the kinda guy who lets his children make just the right sort of mistakes to get themselves into a thing Christians call hell. I don't at all believe in a lake of fire, unless that is if it's an analogy or metaphor of some type.

    I'm glad to see that there are Christians such as yourself who encourage love and forgiveness as Jesus did and not so much into war. I wish more believed that way. Some of the most terrible warmongers are straight out of the pews.

    My God is loving and does as He encourages me to do, to love His other children. And as a fact, He would not have me create such a thing as hell and allow the remotest possibility that my children might disobey me and burn forever, their flesh never being consumed. That entire notion is pure evil....
  • kobidob... Boblawbla 2012/09/06 03:54:40 (edited)
    In your heart you are a Christian. Christians calling hell a place are being willingly deceived by the devil. Hell is Gods glory to darkness looking like fire. I have many verses to back me up. The light of God kindles the fire burning up the wicked. Rev 20 - 9.KJV. They get what they wanted to give. They will become no more. No one will be singing tip toe through the hot coals back, and forth from the city of God. Based on the song, tip toe through the tulips.
  • Brian 2012/09/05 02:09:51
    I agree 100% that he is a New world order scumbag just like all the rest of them! nwo scumbag nwo scumbag nwo scumbag
    nwo scumbag nwo scumbag nwo scumbag nwo scumbag
  • DDogbreath Brian 2012/09/05 02:19:53
    Right on Brian thanks for the reply! Are you whipping out your "Johnson" at them too?

    Liberty  Truth  Gary Johnson
  • Brian DDogbreath 2012/09/05 02:29:05
    Not at all, those scumbags are not worth the sweat on my balls!
  • DDogbreath Brian 2012/09/05 03:49:07
    So your not voting?

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