Scott Brown, Tax Cheat?

Scott Brown, Tax Cheat?

By Dana Houle Sunday Jan 17, 2010 2:00pm

We already know Scott Brown’s vision of taxes and public service. Brown’s on the side of the powerful and the wealthy and the big banks,
but he doesn’t mind sticking it to the little guy, to the family
struggling to cover their mortgage and save a little for their kids’
college education, the patriot who rushes to people in need.

We already knew Scott Brown was looking out for his fact cat backers. Now, as we learn how he treats his own employees, we see that he’s really just out for himself.

Scott Brown’s campaign wants you to believe they don’t have employees.
According to his campaign finance reports, Brown pays his staff as if
they were independent contractors. He doesn’t just pay his media and
other consultants that way, he pays his lowest-level staff as if they
weren’t really his employees.

Campaigns often use the services of people who are accurately
classified as independent contractors. But it’s impossible for any
major campaign to reach the final weekend of the race and, as the Brown
campaign wants people to believe, not have employees. It may be true
that the Federal Elections Commission doesn’t designate how campaigns
designate their staffers. But the Internal Revenue Service
does have specific rules on who can and cannot be classified an
independent contractor. If a worker takes direct instructions on tasks,
has hours mandated by the employer, uses facilities and tools supplied
by the employer, or is working exclusively for that employer, they’re
not an independent contractor, they’re an employee. [Look here;(pdf)
for the kinds of questions the IRS asks to determine employee status.]
By any reasonable standard, at this late point in the campaign, when
workers are working exclusively for the campaign, are taking direct
orders from the candidate or other staff, and where they are working in
campaign headquarters, spending campaign money, using campaign
equipment, and representing themselves as Brown’s campaign staff,
they’re undoubtedly employees.

By paying his staff as contractors instead of employees, Scott Brown
avoids any responsibility to be a good employer and provide them health
insurance. That alone should be enough to disqualify him in the minds
of many voters. But by paying his staff as contractors, Brown has also
managed to avoid his responsibility to pay their payroll taxes. Brown
has pushed his tax obligation off on to his employees, which is not
only selfish, it’s also probably a violation of federal law.

It’s no surprise that Brown evaded questions about paying his staff as contractors, directing people to speak to his attorneys. And it’s no surprise his attorneys wouldn’t comment on the issue, because Scott Brown is almost certainly in violation of federal tax laws.

Scott Brown: champion of bankers and special interests, and tax cheat who pushes his obligations off on to his employees.

Read more: http://crooksandliars.com/john-amato/scott-brown-t...

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  • Dan D 2010/01/18 15:52:34 (edited)
    Dan D
    If he's a tax cheat he's qualified for Obama's cabinet. He'd probably take over treasury when Giether is forced to step down over AIG favors if he wasn't busy being senator of Ma.

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  • NaughtyByNature 2010/01/20 19:03:16
    Today's headline should be "Scott Brown's Balls Elected Senator", thanks to his well publicized appearance in Cosmo magazine. The same sexually deprived, overweight middle class white bovines who love Sarah Palin no doubt tittered and gushed their way to the polls to vote for this brainless Dudley Dooright too. He's got hot daughters, though!
  • kmay 2010/01/20 17:46:44
    50 known tax cheats in the Obama administration. Are you going after them!
  • Lurch 2010/01/20 05:12:02 (edited)
    Excellent, another lying, anti-transparency-for-me-full disclosure for you, tax dodging hypocrite and puppet for the crony special interests.

    He is the same kind of clown who got us into this mess in the first place.
  • Molly 2010/01/20 03:38:48 (edited)
    still throwing out that democratic liberal machinations, you are delustional. YOU LOST, WE WON get over it. Let's ask Charlie Rangle about his tax problems, and of course the Secretary of the Treasury Tax Cheat Tim Geithner, Oliars long time friend at the Ford Foundation of Asia. Get real Starr gazer are you paid to blog on this site. We are sick of you pathetic whinning liberals. WE proved it tonight, now the rest of the democratic cheats and liars and tyrannical policies, will be voted out come November of 2010, its all about healthscare and the economy, get a clue.SCOTT BROWN for President, all he needs is 143 days in the senate. Our Republic still stands.
  • Lurch Molly 2010/01/20 05:15:15
    Let's ask John McCain about his, or Sarah Palin about hers.

    As usual, it's ok if a Republican does it, but anybody else and its a 'horror'!

    What the Republicans proved tonight was that Big Insurance, Big Pharma, and other special interests still own the elections and this government despite having a populist in the WH.

    If all the cheats are voted out in 2010, Brown would be better off not changing addresses.
  • Molly Lurch 2010/01/21 00:21:39
    WHO CARES Oliar is president you people spend all you time replaying history, instead of noticing reality. Oliar made deals with pharma, insurance and unions. Save it and get off the koolaid. Tim Geithner was a childhood freind of his.
  • Lurch Molly 2010/01/22 03:42:53
    LOL! Reality Check Time for Molly!

    The Republicans gave the keys to the Treasury to their masters in Big Pharma and Big Insurance, the Dems/Obama are fighting against the corporate socialism created by Bush, Boehner, Grassley, Gramm, etc.

    Who made it illegal for the taxpayers to negotiate for volume discounts on pharmas, despite being the largest pharma buyer in America? (Hint: it was 2003)

    Who created Medicare Advantage which was another unfunded Republican crony entitlement giveaway costing the taxpayers more in the first six years than the current Dem healthcare bill will cost us forever?

    Osama bin Ladin was family friends of the bushes. Your point?
  • Molly Lurch 2010/01/22 03:50:25
    I care no longer what your opinion is, Lurch. Have a great rest of the year.
  • Lurch Molly 2010/01/22 04:52:47
    Thanks. You too.
  • sue 2010/01/18 16:07:12
    That's a common thing, unfortunately. But he's definitely a schmuck.
  • Dan D 2010/01/18 15:52:34 (edited)
    Dan D
    If he's a tax cheat he's qualified for Obama's cabinet. He'd probably take over treasury when Giether is forced to step down over AIG favors if he wasn't busy being senator of Ma.
  • rd Dan D 2010/01/18 18:36:55
    Gee, why don't you say that again, as we didn't get it the first 2 times.
  • Dan D rd 2010/01/18 23:04:58
    Dan D
    You post it once. If it gets the most raves then it's the top comment and shows up at the top of the comments.
  • Lurch Dan D 2010/01/20 05:16:19
    Actually, since he's a tax cheat he's qualified for Republican candidate for President and/or VP.

    Oh wait, I forgot, Republican tax cheats are good people.
  • Callista 2010/01/18 14:02:24
    Noit in the least bit surprised. That's a famous GOP tactic. Remember when papa bush was running for office and he was asked about Iran-Contra. He just refused to answer any questions. Then the liberal MSM(republicon myth) backed down. The media needs to start doing their job and asking tough questions. That will allow the people to know about and better understqnd the candidates. It worked when sarah was shown how uninformed she was and still is.
  • Sandy Callista 2010/01/18 16:14:41
    The only time you want tough questions asked is of Republicans....they certainly didn't ask Obama any tough questions and they still don't. That's how a man of such little knowledge and experience, and so many questionable "friends" got elected.
  • Callista Sandy 2010/01/18 16:20:16
    Please. sarah couldn't fight her way out of a question if her life depended on it. I personally don't know any woman Republican or Democrat that has any respect for her. One of my best friends an avid Republican is not going to listen to fox any more because they hired sarah.
  • Sandy Callista 2010/01/18 16:50:44
    You obviously have few women friends.
  • Callista Sandy 2010/01/18 16:57:58
    No. actually I have many. They are all very well educated.
  • rd Sandy 2010/01/18 18:41:58
    OK: Questions about what, exactly? His birth certificate? Please. Or his big ACORN connections? You got something concrete that you want answered, or just the same blah blah blah??

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