Scientists stumped by mysterious methane-packed foam making hog farms explode?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/03/16 03:30:59

Scientists are baffled by an expanding foam
that is growing on manure pits and causing entire hog farms to

Six farms have blown up since 2009 - killing
thousands of animals - after methane trapped inside the unidentified foam caught
a spark.

And there's no stopping it: the foam has now
started growing on one in four farms across the Midwest.

Read More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2114572/Sc...

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  • Viet Era medic 2012/03/16 06:46:22
  • A Founding Father 2012/03/16 05:44:53
    A Founding Father
    Its M-E-T-H-A-N-E, a gas formed by the decay of pig poop. As it forms it encapulates into the water remaining in the manure, like soap bubbles in your bathtub, making a "'foam". Scientists need to visit the pig farm before it explodes and look around. Smart pig farmers do not "compost" manure from their stock, knowing it makes a stink not worthy of the efforts, and the methane can be ignited. Spread it on the ground and let the sun dry it, which is the manner of dealing with manure since livestock was domesticated. Where did you get this silly story?
  • ~ The R... A Found... 2012/03/16 05:51:14
  • A Found... ~ The R... 2012/03/16 06:08:24 (edited)
    A Founding Father
    Sorry, I haven't time to be more concerned about a problem with pig manure - lots of things to be concerned about.

    I'll tell you a story about pig manure. Fellow I once knew owned a large farm bordering a nice Midwestern city that was landlocked owing to rivers that contained it's boundaries. He cleverly sold land to developers, keeping a large portion in the very center of the acerage. After all the houses were built and the community matured into the "desirable" place to live, he decided to raise pigs, thousands of them. He scattered the manure around the remainder of his farm as fertilizer, making the entire suburb a stinking methane menace, with corn about ten feet tall. Eventually the community formed a corporation and bought his farm for what was a lot of money then, a couple of $Million. He and wife bought the home adjacent to the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach, Florida, and retired to enjoy the beach and sunshine. I always wondered if Rose Kennedy invited her new neighbors over for tea or lunch.
  • ~ The R... A Found... 2012/03/16 06:21:34
    ~ The Rebel ~
    I've seen simlar things happen in areas I've lived in!
  • A Found... ~ The R... 2012/03/16 06:24:28
    A Founding Father
    Never underestimate the smarts of a pig farmer, especially one with a BSBA from the local reputable college. I have to admire how cleverly he made value for his
  • sglmom 2012/03/16 04:03:57
    One other theory not discussed in the article could be also the potential of Eco-Terrorism too .. (when you go past the rural roads during the daytime, it is quite self-evident where the Manure Piles are .. and where the farm is composting the waste from their livestock. It wouldn't be surprising to find that there's some nuts out there more than willing to place a reactive agent .. into the pile as it composts (since it does heat up .. ).
  • ~ The Rebel ~ 2012/03/16 03:32:20
    ~ The Rebel ~
    Couldn't possibly be because they're using gm feed... could it?

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