Science Czar: We Must Protect U.S. From Asteroids

Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer... 2010/10/26 17:59:23
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If an asteroid were on a collision course with Earth, would we be ready to defend against its destructive impact or would we be helpless and defenseless?

NASA, America's space agency, is being charged with leading the way to protect not only the U.S. but the entire world in the event of such a horrifying scenario. And a top White House science adviser says we have to be prepared.

In separate 10-page letters to the House Committee on Science and Technology and the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, or OSTP, outlines plans for "(A) protecting the United States from a near-Earth object that is expected to collide with Earth; and (B) implementing a deflection campaign, in consultation with international bodies, should one be necessary."

While Holdren indicates that no large asteroid or comet presents an immediate hazard to our planet, the fact that devastating impacts have occurred on Earth in the distant past is enough to warrant safety precautions for the future.

"Indeed, a steady stream of these objects enters the Earth's atmosphere on a daily basis, consisting mostly of dust-sized particles and estimated to total some 50 to 150 tons each day," Holdren wrote.

As remote as it may seem that Earth could be the target of a giant rock from space, nevertheless, Holdren insists that "the possibility of a future collision involving a more hazardous object should not be ignored."

Let's instead focus our efforts on a MORE IMMEDIATE PROBLEM. A large, devastating asteroid may or may not impact the Earth some time in the next 10,000 years. Let's say... a .01% chance every year.

There is a 100% chance that CHINA is dominating the world's supply of rare earth minerals and they control that part of the technology market. Why, Mr. Science Czar, isn't the U.S. working to develop our own rare earth mineral resources?

There is a 90% chance that relatively cheap oil for fuel will run out within 50-years. All of the largest major producing oil fields in the world are in decline. Oil will still be available... but much more costly to get to. Why, Mr. Science Czar, isn't the U.S. working to develop nuclear FUSION using Helium-3 available in large quantities in moon dust, or improving technology for clean nuclear FISSION energy?

What about more drought resistant crops? How about developing better desalinization technology to provide fresh drinking water to coastal cities? How about developing hybrid solar panel / heat recovery panels to improve their energy efficiency?

Really, for a Science Czar... you're talking about a really remote threat. You can't even tell WHICH rock, what it's made of, how fast its traveling, when it might cross our path... basically, you know NOTHING of the threat. The only asteroid that is certain to cross Earth's path for impact isn't for another 700-years. Why not do something useful with your time instead. Besides, I thought NASA was too busy on Mus-l!m outreach programs anyway.

Read More: http://www.aolnews.com/weird-news/article/white-ho...

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  • IndyLinda 2010/10/26 22:27:29
    Somebody is paying this idiot? Whaddaya mean WE are?!?!?
  • Sherry ... IndyLinda 2010/10/26 23:03:26
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Yep, we sure are such a waste of money, in my view!
  • God bless American freedom 2010/10/26 21:43:14
    God bless American freedom
    He must be incorrect. Apparently Obama believes it is far more important for the USA to spend money placing a muslim on the moon...rather than protecting us from collision with black rocks from outer space.

    ( sarcastic reference to the meteorite wearing a silver collar the muslims kiss and fondle and circle seven times.)
  • Sherry ... God ble... 2010/10/26 22:18:12
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Point taken!
  • Invader_Xion 2010/10/26 19:20:26
    Actually Sherry, scientists have already spotted an asteroid headed towards Earth already. Speculation puts time of impact between 2013 and 2035. They aren't really sure. I could find a link if you want but I was reading about it not too long ago.

    I definitely agree that we need to concentrate on more immediate problems, as we may not be around to see an impact from any asteroid if we don't :D
  • Sherry ... Invader... 2010/10/26 22:19:04
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    I have heard that too. But do think we have more pressing this ahead to tend too.
  • possiblymaybe 2010/10/26 19:10:00
    Low probability, still probable, still possible

    According to Matthew 24:29: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light (eclipse), and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.
  • Sherry ... possibl... 2010/10/26 22:20:35
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Sure looks more and more that we are in the end times, I sure hope all have their hearts right with the Lord and are joining me at the right hand of God.
  • possibl... Sherry ... 2010/10/26 22:22:18
    We'll be there. You bring the macaroni salad.
  • Sherry ... possibl... 2010/10/26 23:04:17
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    You bring the fried chicken!!!
  • possibl... Sherry ... 2010/10/26 23:29:19
    I got you!
  • Sherry ... possibl... 2010/10/26 23:33:50
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
  • Icedragon1969 2010/10/26 18:35:41
    Glad to see that someone's worried about it, but making it a top priority? That's a bit much. I mean I have a couple of teams of undergraduate students at my university doing some searching. It doesn't take big, fancy equipment to do an asteroid search, so I don't need millions to go about it. The telescope we're using cost $1200 and the camera another $1200.

    I will disagree with the author of this posting though. There are asteroids crossing Earth's orbit every month. We had a 7m rock come within one-tenth of the distance to the moon on the 12th of this month. 7m may not seem like a big deal, but such a strike would level a city, so it's not exactly insignificant either, and those truly do happen on a monthly basis.
  • Sherry ... Icedrag... 2010/10/26 22:22:26
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Well, thank you for pointing that out, but htere are bigger fish to fry before we should worry about this.
  • maggiemay 2010/10/26 18:06:42
  • Sherry ... maggiemay 2010/10/26 22:23:43
  • Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy su... 2010/10/26 18:00:35
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Holdren is an ignoramus in addition to being a eugenics psychopath. The odds of a significant or lethal asteroid strike on Earth is astronomically infinitesimal and shifting critical and limited resources to address such a foolish non-contingency is either a massive waste of time, money, and resources or a deliberate sham in order to shunt taxpayer money into a phony crisis.
  • possibl... Sherry ... 2010/10/26 19:10:54
    He is a eugenics supporter and writes too much about it.. ick... that's so true.
  • Sherry ... possibl... 2010/10/26 22:24:53
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    I know thanks.

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