School Instructs Kids on Oral Sex

More plugs for home schooling and private schools. If members of congress have their kids in private schools..why can't we....? I can guarantee you if this is taught in my local schools..many kids will be "pulled out"...where will they get their funds then? Why are liberals so enthusiastic about teaching our young about sex?

Teenagers at a Nashville public high school were given AIDS tests without their parents consent and reportedly shown how to perform oral sex – and now at least one parent is demanding answers.

The Hillsboro High School seniors were attending an eight-hour leadership class when representatives from an AIDS education organization demonstrating oral sex on anatomical models.

“It took me by surprise,” Rodrick Glover told The Tennessean. “My daughter thought it was pornography.”

“The sex-education policy says nothing about comprehensive sex,” he told the newspaper. “I am OK with the written policy with an emphasis on abstinence. How far can they go with this?”

The school system released a written statement acknowledging that mistakes were made in the classroom. “We agree some inappropriate information was shared with a small number of students,” said school spokesperson Olivia Brown.

classroom inappropriate information shared number students school spokesperson olivia brown

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  • Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy su... 2010/04/12 16:03:40
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Where is the state's attorney here? What in God's name is going on here? Where is law enforcement? This is contributing to the delinquency of minors at the least and if any of the kids were less than 16 years of age, this is pedophilia and child endangerment.
    Where are the parents? Why haven't any of these so-called "parents" filed criminal charges against the teacher who did this, the teacher's superior who approved the curriculum and the school system for failing to provide oversight? This is criminal negligence and you can't put this genie back in the bottle. There is no remedy when your morals have been corrupted by people seeking their own ends.

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  • coffee man dmac 2010/04/13 19:04:35
    coffee man
    "Aiding and abetting", huh?
  • dmac coffee man 2010/04/13 22:38:27
    Why not. The children are under age and they are aiding in porn to children, as far as I'm concerened. These are not hi school sr's or college students.
    There is nothing age appropreate from the way I read this. Just my thoughts.
  • Sherry ... dmac 2010/04/13 18:26:21
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    I agree!
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2010/04/12 17:48:08
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Don't they know they can spread oral herpes this way? They can still get aids and they can still get other VD diseases. How about waiting kids until you are mature enough? Morality anyone?
  • Sherry ... Hula gi... 2010/04/13 18:26:51
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
  • Dan-Proud American 2010/04/12 17:29:01
    Dan-Proud American
    I'm not against sex ed with one exception. The school MUST get permission from the parents and inform the parents what will be taught.

    On private schools, they should either be all private or have very few public schools. The schools could compete over quality and tuition and the cost of education would be much lower than it is today. The downside of that is there would have to be subsidies for people who can't afford tuition.
  • Sherry ... Dan-Pro... 2010/04/13 18:27:14
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    That is a thought!
  • exsoldier 2010/04/12 17:20:29
    I have a 9 year old daughter if this happened at her school i would be so angry they would have to call the police on me. This is the most outrageous thing ive ever heard. Its depraved and disgusting. What has this country come to?!!!!!!!
  • Sherry ... exsoldier 2010/04/13 18:27:36
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Yes it is!
  • exsoldier Sherry ... 2010/04/13 19:00:28
    I just dont understand. Either this person is a pedophile or just stupid beyond belief. Either way they dont need to be around children. When i read that it just blew my mind.
  • sam 2010/04/12 17:08:31
    These people should be charged with inticing minor to have sex. That is a crime, no matter where it is done outside the home. Most of these schools can't teach basic skills well enough, let alone sex.
  • Sherry ... sam 2010/04/13 18:27:55
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
  • sktdriver77 PROUD RIGHT WIN... 2010/04/12 16:28:18
    PLEASE tell me the parents of these kids are turning this place out???? I cannot...CANNOT believe what i'm seeing here!!! This is akin to Ginsberg wanting to drop the legal age for consensual sex to age 12!!! My God this world has gone MAD!!!!
  • Sherry ... sktdriv... 2010/04/13 18:28:18
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Yes it has!
  • blueyedevil 2010/04/12 16:24:11
    the issue is that liberals want children engaging in sexual activity. the more children that are engaging in sex, the more likely they will end up pregnant. then either the libs can try and get them to have abortions, or if they decide to keep the child, the libs feel they have another member for their welfare state. it's also about their desire to take parents out of the equation. they don't want us teaching our kids. they want to be able to indoctrinate our children as they see fit. the problem is too many parents in this day and age aren't active enough in their children's schools, they don't ask questions, or engage their children in what's being taught to them. we need to get involved, ask questions, and demand accountability
  • sktdriv... blueyed... 2010/04/12 16:29:50
    Amen...very true!!
  • exsoldier blueyed... 2010/04/12 17:22:45
    Im a liberal with children and i think the entire sorid affair is disgusting and someone needs to be prosecuted.
  • blueyed... exsoldier 2010/04/13 04:06:14
    probably wont happen, thanks teachers unions
  • Sherry ... blueyed... 2010/04/13 18:28:42
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Yes sir!
  • Bronx 2010/04/12 16:12:03 (edited)
    Now we will teach bad behavior to our kids and tell them it ok. Every American who cares about our children and nation should home school or if they can afford it private school their kids. I myself went to 12 years of Catholic School and thank my mom and dad everyday for caring. We would of never been exposed to this trash, we were taught it was bad character to act like this. God help us.

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