Sarah Palin: The Musical

No force on Earth can stop Sarah Palin from becoming our very own "lite" version of Eva Perón -- a glamorous and tragic legend, minus the tragedy. Eventually, some clever composer will write a blockbuster musical about her life and times. Stage directions will include: "SARAH fires gun. MOOSE dies."

It's futile to try to ignore Palin, however noble the effort may be. She's a phenomenon, and it hardly matters that so many people believe she augurs the final dissolution of American politics into a big, frothy bowl of mush. The republic will survive even her.

Anyway, she's unlikely ever to become -- shudder -- commander in chief. A new Post-ABC News poll shows that 60 percent of Americans believe Palin is not qualified to be president, and 53 percent "definitely" would not vote for her.

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  • Tony 2009/11/17 13:58:40
    Bit early to be considering odds. McCain was an afterthought last time, and he became the nominee.

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  • Goldie 2009/11/20 15:19:22
    Well I beg to differ on your account that she isn't qualified to be President. Tell me what gave you the idea that Obama was more qualified than Sarah. Look at the direction of this great nation under Obama. This guy hates this country, it only shows because he is trying to destroy it. He definitely doesn't believe we should be a super power anymore. The reason the left hates her so much because she is not a victum. She doesn't need anyones help to get where she wants to go. She's a woman that is pro-life, so must of the feminist won't like her. She works out and keeps herself up even after having 5 kids, most woman hate her for that. The biggest reason they don't like her, she relates to the average american folks this great country. If she is able to bring all of us together, they know we can accomplish anything. Right now we have no leadership in the republican party, the left loves that. Sarah Palin is the leadership of tomorrow and the left will keep on her, like white on rice. I think she knows there is a target on her back but I truly believe she is ready this time around.
  • kevjon 2009/11/17 15:50:47
    The liberal party posts lies to suit their egos and agendas. Sarah Palin commanded so much hatred because of the threats she presents to the left. You say she will never become commander in chief yet you elected a complete unknown incompetent idiot that had nothing to prove his worth. At least Sarah has values that ultimately will not only benefit the American way of life but will compliment the values that formed this great country. I understand the threats that she offers most of you, after all she does not believe in all the vial ideals that form the liberal party.
  • edgewoo... kevjon 2009/11/17 17:36:14
    If you consider lying a "virtue" we are not only on the wrong page together, hell, we are not even reading the same book
  • snipe edgewoo... 2009/11/17 19:31:11
    Lies? PBO lies so much that every time he takes a step he trips over his big fat Nose.
  • kevjon edgewoo... 2009/11/17 19:32:33
    If that's what you got from what i said you must be a liberal.
    Fill out your profile page and then we can talk.
  • Marty9957 2009/11/17 15:50:30
    Yea, and that's what you get when you poll all progressives. Can you imagine what the numbers would be if they polled liberals, moderates and conservatives?

    If the American people can be made to believe that some body like Obama was or ever will be qualified for the post, then the same can be done for Gov Palin or Daffy Duck for that matter. The standards can not get any lower than they did on the last election.
  • highlatte 2009/11/17 14:31:27
    The number one reason Sarah Palin is popular and a phenomenom is the liberals obsessive hatred for her.
  • Remedy highlatte 2009/11/17 14:57:22
    Yeah --and she just keeps making money.. Gotta love it.
  • highlatte Remedy 2009/11/17 15:06:57
    Good for her!
  • rockindog 2009/11/17 14:30:11
    more like a wantta be Eva Braun ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my fuhrer and her favorite book of course" going rouge" and the close second would be "mien kampf"and a biography of confessions of the "Wolf den bitch"
  • HypothesizeIt 2009/11/17 14:25:01
    Definitely a force to be reckoned with. Even outside of public office she is the political guide to a considerable portion of the population. A good example is her coining of the phrase "death panel" to describe the decision making process necessary to make public health care possible (exaggerated by the right and it's existence denied by the left). This phrase became a rally cry for the anti-Obamacare crowd.

    "to be reckoned with" [PHRASE]
    - a thing or person of considerable importance or ability that is not to be ignored or underestimated.
  • govout 2009/11/17 14:20:26
    What is it with the media and Sarah Palin? Do they not like her because she is a conservative, pro-life, Christian woman? Get over it folks!
  • rockindog govout 2009/11/17 14:35:04
    the Media praise her , she has interviews with Oprah ans Barbra Walters . interviews with commatraitors with Limbrugh and Hannity .And Fox and freinds can't stop drolling about this quitter called falin Palin
  • govout rockindog 2009/11/17 14:56:32
    I see you do not like pretty smart women, do they scare you?
  • rockindog govout 2009/11/17 15:00:59
    tell me where there is one
  • govout rockindog 2009/11/17 15:05:04
    I ran into your girlfriend the other day and took her picture for you.

    ran girlfriend picture
  • Remedy govout 2009/11/17 14:58:22
  • govout Remedy 2009/11/17 15:05:51
    what do you fear remedy? Pretty smart women?
  • Remedy govout 2009/11/17 16:19:06
    You asked --What is it with the media and Sarah Palin? Do they not like her because she is a conservative, pro-life, Christian woman? Get over it folks!

    i said fear, like in they are afraid of her and what she stands for.
  • govout Remedy 2009/11/17 17:01:28
    I agree, the mean-stream-media fears pretty, intelligent, conservative women.

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