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"[Matt Salmon] understands Congress because he used to be a Member of Congress. He is, in fact, one of the original 'boat rockers' elected to Congress in 1994. Unlike most politicians, he honored his term limits pledge and left Congress in 2000 but not before taking on both the House Republican leadership and Bill Clinton on out-of-control spending. In fact, [Salmon] was named 'Watch Dog of the Treasury' six years in a row while in Congress," LaDonna Hale Curzon, host and Executive Producer, Sarah Palin Radio wrote in her synopsis of the interview with the candidate who speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Salmon has denounced the Obama administration's failed policy on immigration. He said the only Supreme Court Justice who got the immigration ruling right was Scalia who held that the states are sovereign entities. Salmon served three terms in the House until 2000. He was the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona and lost to Janet Napolitano in the closest election in Arizona's history. Pat Toomey, Tom Coburn, the Club for Growth, and Citizens United, among others have endorsed Salmon. All the major conservative and Tea Party groups have endorsed him. Salmon said Obama does not understand or respect states rights, separation of powers, or the Tenth Amendment.

He said if the Republicans don't hold Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress, "they are sissies." He said "Fast and Furious" "is going to make Watergate look like the petty larceny that it was."

He said Obama has to be held accountable and challenged at every turn.

Salmon supports balanced budget proposals with five-year goals. He said we don't have the luxury of time to support the longer-term budgets.

He thanked Sarah Palin Radio's listeners in Mandarin Chinese. His language skills picked up as a Mormon missionary helped him get a Chinese political prisoner released. Salmon had been sent to China by former President Clinton to repair our relationship after we accidentally bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the Kosovo War. Salmon also "proudly voted to impeach Clinton, but he had done far less [wrong] than what Obama has done." The prisoner came to Pennsylvania and became a United States citizen.

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"With support from Gov. Sarah Palin, Rep. Adams defeated a Democrat incumbent by 20 points in 2010, despite being outspent by two to one," Curzon said in leading her synopsis of her interview with the candidate. "Now, Rep. Adams must run against a fellow Republican incumbent in a redrawn district. The differences between the two couldn't be more [stark]. Rep. Adams is the upstart, Tea Party freshman while her opponent is the Republican old guard [who] has spent 20 years in Congress."

Adams has served in the US Air Force and was also a deputy sheriff for 17 years. She said constituents could choose between an establishment Republican bent on continuing power-broking, behind-the-scenes deals, and earmarks, or a conservative candidate who is going to clean things up and listen to the people. She has held 24 in-person town halls in her district. "Unless you're there talking with your constituents, you have no idea what's on their mind," she said. She has asked her colleagues to make the moratorium on earmarks a permanent ban. The moratorium expires when the next Congress sits. She said earmarks only build our debt and deficit and allow spending on poorly thought-out projects to be hidden.

Adams' opponent had offered to "swap districts" with her stating that she could easily win in the swapped district. Though she could have, Adams said she was not running merely to get elected but running for "the right reasons," which are: "I care what is happening to this country. I care about what these policies that are being put in place by this administration are doing to the country.

Adams believes the Tea Party success of 2010 will continue through this election cycle. National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List (owners and operators of Team Sarah), and David Barton, among others have endorsed her campaign. "I look at these endorsements as special, because they're from real people, not just a bunch of elected officials," she said.

Adams said the critical issue in her district is ObamaCare, "which is strangling our small businesses," and over-regulation. Insurance rates have gone up and businesses are reluctant to hire, she said. "Americans want to work," Adams said. It was through work, that she rebuilt her life after leaving her husband who was a violent alcoholic.

She said the contradiction of Attorney General Holder claiming Obama was not involved with "Fast and Furious," while Obama exerted executive privilege raises serious questions.

She said Obama's "Catch and Release" immigration policies steps outside the legal bounds of the Executive Branch. It is Congress' job to set immigration policies. She considers his policy "backdoor amnesty," said he side-stepped Congress and possibly added up to one million people to the unemployment line by so doing.

She said Marco Rubio, who presumptive nominee Mitt Romney is vetting would do well as a Vice President. Adams had served with Rubio in the Florida House of Representatives, knows him well and considers him a friend.

Complete Audio Transcript of Interview with Sandy Adams, FL-24

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