Sarah Palin Blames President Barack Obama for High Gas Prices: Do You?

Politics 2011/03/18 11:00:00
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Gas prices might have risen to historic levels during George W. Bush's second term, but no one is cutting President Barack Obama for the latest rise.

In 2008, gas rose to an average of about $3.75, though it was higher in California and Hawaii. Today, the average gas price per gallon is about $3.56 and climbing, once again higher in the Golden State and Aloha State. But whose fault is it?

Despite the unrest in oil-producing states such as Libya, Bahrain and Iraq, and the horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Sarah Palin places the blame all at Obama's feet. Palin says his drilling moratorium, anti-drilling regulations and elimination of tax incentives have all contributed to the rising gas prices.

"Despite the President’s strange assertions in his press conference last week, his Administration is not a passive observer to the trends that have inflated oil prices to dangerous levels," she wrote in a message on her Facebook page. "His war on domestic oil and gas exploration and production has caused us pain at the pump, endangered our already sluggish economic recovery, and threatened our national security."

The Obama administration, while citing unrest in the Middle East, especially in Libya, as the root of the rise in fuel prices, is considering releasing fuel from the nation's strategic reserves to help ease the pressure.

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  • Bill ~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/18 12:50:21 (edited)
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    Releasing oil from the strategic oil reserve to ease the pressure of rising gas prices is like me saying a fart will ease rising natural gas prices. "Obama reiterated his indifference towards American energy production by posing a series of half-truths which shirked his ongoing complicity in America’s slumping oil production." (http://www.thepelicanpost.or... ) He says he will allow drilling in the Gulf but then will not issue the necessary permits. Liberals set up road-block after road-block to building new refineries as well. Obama made his opinions about oil very clear during the campaign.

    Why doesn't someone ask Obama how he can justify burning up so much oil on Air Force One as he make his world-wide golf tour and his jet-setting to keep up with the life-styles of the rich and famous.

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  • ramified96 2011/04/23 05:08:14 (edited)
    sec of energy, steven chu, wants us to pay gas prices like europe does. someone get this fool out...and apparently so does obama
  • Tony 2011/04/12 20:53:53
    Bush started it!
    Speculators made it worse!
    Obama can't (or won't) do jack about it!
  • NicoleK 2011/04/12 17:36:44
    Sarah Palin SHUT UP. The high gas prices are due to speculation in our greedy, capitalistic free-market economy. There are people who are benefiting astronomically from the high gas prices and it is not Obama.
  • taitaFalcon23 2011/04/12 15:48:15 (edited)
    No, but I do ask why not place blame where blame lies? There are Wall street specualtors betting on how much misery American's are willing to endure. Alot, apparently as we keep taking our eyes off the ball. That is the reason for the price of gas. We have not had a new refinery that produces an actual barrel of gas in years - there is no shortage. There are wealthy controllers of the situation content have us believe that there is. Check out how fast the price of gas rose as soon as Libyians started their revolution. Wake up people, this is about controlling the vast number of people intelllectually lazy to misidentify the enemy.
  • mada10 2011/04/12 15:33:45
  • IMAOZI 2011/04/12 15:25:32
    The commodities market is to blame and peoples fears.
  • nolibsperiod 2011/04/12 14:42:06
    Got to be drill baby drill. You think the your future kids and those of the world give a crap about you. Get it while you can. Like I say drill, drill, and drill some mo.
  • Dhawgg 2011/04/12 12:59:03
    he's not exclusively responsible, but he has f***ed up every point at which he COULD make a positive difference.
  • Boon Doggie 2011/04/12 04:58:31
    Boon Doggie
    His policies are contributing to the excessively high cost of fuel.
  • Idiot r... Boon Do... 2011/04/26 00:33:18
    Idiot repubs
    What was Bushs excuse?
  • Boon Do... Idiot r... 2011/04/26 18:59:16
    Boon Doggie
    Bush is old history. This isn't about Bush. Obama has been in office for more than 2 years and this country has gone to hell in a hand basket due to the policies of the Democratically controlled Congress (prior to this past Novemenber) and Obama. This isn't about Bush, so get over it. Look at what has happened over the past 2 years.
  • Idiot repubs 2011/04/11 23:56:37 (edited)
    Idiot repubs
    Who cares what princess stupid says? We know she doesn't think. By the way it was $5 a gallon when bush was president, so $3.75 is a break.
  • nolibsp... Idiot r... 2011/04/12 14:43:26
    I live in California the biggest rip off state of the union. I don't remember. Could'nt be your telling another fib liberal?
  • Idiot r... nolibsp... 2011/04/26 00:33:02
  • nolibsp... Idiot r... 2011/04/26 03:36:48
    Reuters? Give me a break. May as well be the Huffington Post. Oh where did you get the $3.75 a gallon from. Try $4.49 and that's for diesel and been that for almost six month. Come back G.W. at least we had the thrill of up and down. With Obama it's one way. Disaster.
  • Idiot r... nolibsp... 2011/04/26 11:35:58
    Idiot repubs
    Wow, Reuters made up a story 3 years ago to make bush look bad about the gas prices.

    Ignore reality much.
  • nolibsp... Idiot r... 2011/04/26 15:10:25
    Not ignoring this reality of a idiot president that has put the country in a debt we will never get out of. Don't blame that on Bush because he has spent more than Bush and all the presidents combined and still has'nt made a difference. Drink your Kool-Aid.
  • ramified96 Idiot r... 2011/04/23 05:04:41
    hahahahahahaha, liberal lie! don't remember paying $5 to fill my gas guzzler back when bush was in office. get you stuff straight.
  • Idiot r... ramified96 2011/04/26 00:32:32
  • ramified96 Idiot r... 2011/04/26 06:14:08 (edited)
    "Trying to calm anxious Americans facing $3.60 a gallon gasoline and soaring grocery bills, Bush again prodded Congress to open an Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling and allow construction of more nuclear and coal plants.

    "I firmly believe that, you know, if there was a magic wand to wave, I'd be waving it, of course," he said during a news conference. "I've repeatedly submitted proposals to help address these problems, yet time after time Congress chose to block them.""

    and yet those idiot liberals let the gas go up all....idiot democrat. at the time of the soaring gas prices, it was a democratic congress. AND like i said, never paid $5 a gal.
  • tea for... ramified96 2011/04/26 11:40:51
    tea for you
    can you give proof that Obama some how sigle handely pushed up gas prices and inflation?You must think Obama rules the world
  • ramified96 tea for... 2011/04/26 13:33:21
    well, you know. oduma is a great dictator. he shoved obamacare down our throats and he tells companies what they can and can't do. best of all, he don't like fat people so he's even doing something about that.

  • tea for... ramified96 2011/04/26 13:36:33
    tea for you
    first Obamacare wasn't shoved down , it was voted on and approved , companies that are on weathcare need to be watched so they don't abuse our tax dollars, and fat people costs our health care billions , who likes that?
  • ramified96 tea for... 2011/04/26 13:55:31
    and guess what...i have to contribute to obamacare. he wants the smallest business guy to pay for it all. what a great way to pay for it. i'm glad its gone! remember his speech about gas prices and how he wants to get every american to drive a green car? he wants every american to buy a prius, volt, or some other green car. first, i am not dishing out 40k to go green. don't make enough because oduma keeps taking my money. I WILL KEEP MY HUGE 4X4 TRUCK. his energy policy is screwing everything up. but yet he can do nothing but make us americans do what he wants us to do. a good prime example of how oduma wants to rule us.

    do you know how our tax dollars gets wasted? obama and welfare.
  • tea for... ramified96 2011/04/26 14:08:00 (edited)
    tea for you
    if you can afford a big gas guzzler you can pay the gas . tell me how much you dished out for Obamacare and I'll tell you it went to the unregulated insurers that the republicans demand stay . less money went to the poor than the rich.BTW if you get stuck my Jeep will pull you out for $$$$$$$$$$$$
  • ramified96 tea for... 2011/04/26 18:33:53
    part of obamacare is to insure the illegals who don't pay tax or don't report their income. so when they get hurt and go to the hospital...guess who pays for them. YOU, me and every other american who is stuck paying for it. that was not a republican doing. the democrats left the republicans out, which were more than willing to make it better. democrats are nothing but spoiled and want their way only. besides, oduma wants you to drive a prius, not a jeep. just beware, those green cars can burn down your house too. i have to tell you, when bush was in office, my business was better. when our great president (joke) got into office, im suffering.

    i'm not against mexicans. i have friends who are BUT they are legal, who pay taxes and report income.

    BTW, hows that hope and change working out for ya?
  • nolibsp... tea for... 2011/04/26 15:12:19
    He's the president. Suppose to act the part. Make a statement, do something, anything other then stand their like a idiot and ramble on and on.
  • tea for... nolibsp... 2011/04/26 17:33:37
    tea for you
    Obama is very much presidential
  • nolibsp... tea for... 2011/04/26 21:48:58
    Would he be the guy that when you look at all those presidents pictures from day one. It's the one that's blacked out.
  • terri 2011/04/11 23:03:38
    Why Why are people still listening to a person who knows just about nothing ALL THE TIME about anything in this world I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND. Palin need a REAL life were REAL people live. Maybe after she leaves this world she might fine out the true meaning of real life but until then I'm sick & tried of hearing what she thinks & not really backing any kind of factual information to the legal citzen in the good USA.
  • Koatz 2011/04/11 22:12:06
    The Libya fiasco did it.
  • Tea in the Harbor 2011/04/11 02:53:39
    Tea in the Harbor
    Sarah Failin blames Obama for everything from gas prices to runs in her panty hose.

    The little governor who couldn't's time in the limelight is coming to an end, but she's made her big score so if 75% of the country think she's a ditsy incompetent fool she'll at least be a comfortable ditsy incompetent fool for the rest of her life.
  • nolibsp... Tea in ... 2011/04/12 14:44:22
    Nah..that would be acting like a liberal.
  • Blancmange19 2011/04/11 02:27:50
    Next thing she'll blame him for the Red Sox 1-7 start.
  • mrk5panzer 2011/04/11 01:24:52
    Hell Ya, he is the cause with his No Drilling conclusion and his he knows best Ideas.
  • relic 2011/04/11 00:33:27
    Obamma is pretty much to blame for everything.
  • Invader... relic 2011/04/11 14:21:40
    Except major natural disasters, we blame those on my sister :D
  • relic Invader... 2011/04/11 16:39:06
    LOL. Thanks for the chuckle.
  • TONE relic 2011/04/12 15:30:18
    Yeah He's blamed for your ignorance too. You sick racist ignorant people make me sick Bush and the simple rich Republicans who own so many oil plots of land, and who by the way sent most of our jobs to other countries and then with a straight face have the nerve to blame president Obama for anything that they created. Do you know who the Tea party really is it's Donald Trump the KU KluX Klan, and every little blind thoughtless, stupid person they can find with Sarah Palin Pulling up the rear because she's a A S S
  • relic TONE 2011/04/12 16:26:21
    Can you liberals make a post without calling people vile names? I've never seen one from liberals so I doubt you can.
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