San Francisco Evicts Last Outdoor Shooting Range: Business or Politics?

Fef 2012/07/23 16:00:00
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San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission (PUC) said it evicted the Pacific Rod and Gun Club (PRGC) after 78 years because they failed to reach a "modern lease" and had to end its "sweetheart deal." This forces the closing of San Francisco's last outdoor shooting range.

A lawyer for the PRGC said they hope to reach a deal with the PUC. However, a deal could require a $10,000,000 fee to clean up the lead and clay duck waste, a 50/50 revenue split on subleases, and a much higher monthly payment. This criteria could make any deal untenable for the business.
SANFRANCISCO.CBSLOCAL.COM reports:San Francisco's only outdoor shooting range is being evicted after 78 years on the southwestern shore of Lake Merced.
san francisco Pacific Rod and Gun Club

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  • Franklin 2012/07/23 16:26:30
    SF is no longer a part of the USA - they where the first to join the USSR but their "queen" says everything is better now thanks to her and "Obama-god" queen Pelosi

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  • jere.ch... Lord Em... 2012/07/24 22:40:18
  • jere.ch... Bearish... 2012/07/24 19:28:48
    More than a little.
  • Bilingual required sucks 2012/07/23 19:44:39 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    Move to Colorado if you don't like it. There are shooting ranges all over the place, even in the local movie theatre.
    You people have way too much of a love affair with your damn guns,
  • Justin.... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 04:31:57
    Yes but what if it had been a homeless shelter or free clinic would we have the same discussion andnor opinions

    Sounds fishy to me
  • Redneck Bilingu... 2012/07/24 04:46:00
    You don't worry about it. If there weren't so many gun free areas, the shooting may not have happened or been as bad had somone in that audiance been able to kill that punk.
  • Bilingu... Redneck 2012/07/24 11:52:40
    Bilingual required sucks
    He had full body armor, you think someone carrying a gun in the audience would have helped? Good luck. The only thing that would have helped is if everyone else in that theatre was wearing full body armor. Perhaps everyone should wear armor when they leave the house. That, or get rid of the damn guns.
  • Redneck Bilingu... 2012/07/24 12:00:19
    Body armor is only effective for certain calibers. A large caliber hand gun will go right through most civilian body armor. Ever heard of a head shot? I was trained to fire two to the chest, one to the head. it's instinctual to me now. "get rid of the damn guns"? how are you going to do that? Just tell everyone to turn them in? Tell me how that works out for you. Start searching homes? That would be the end of America!
  • Bilingu... Redneck 2012/07/24 12:16:25
    Bilingual required sucks
    Most of these guns are registered are they not? And quit manufacturing them, and the replacement parts. Eventually they will all stop working.
  • Redneck Bilingu... 2012/07/24 13:06:50
    Do you honestly think you can keep guns out of this country? I have 20 to 30 guns of different types, none of which are registered. Oklahoma doesn't require guns or gun owners to be registered and rightfully so. You don't have to buy replacement parts. Anyone who knows their way around a metal lathe can make what ever you need. Talking about guns being registered, do you propose that the government actually try to confiscate guns? For one, that would be an equivelent to mass suicide for federal agents because most local cops are smarter than that and you can't use the military to enforce civilian law. Also, there's this pesky thing called the CONSTITUTION. we have a RIGHT to own guns and if only 10% of gun owners are willing to fight for their rights, that still the largest army on the face of the planet. Just just don't get it, do you? There's a reason that only San Fransicko liberals will talk about gun control, because it's political suicide.
  • Bilingu... Redneck 2012/07/24 14:28:01 (edited)
  • Redneck Bilingu... 2012/07/24 23:55:13
    As do I, criminals will always have guns, regardless of how restrictive you make gun laws. Ask Chicago or even canada and australia. Those two countries still have gun involved crime and always will, but they just make it more difficult for individuals to protect themselves. Let me tell you something, folks like yourself haven't a clue, I mean not a clue about gun owners in this country. I've got enough ammuniton and reloading components to last myself and my children for the rest of our lives. When I find a good deal, I buy. I know gun smiths that can take a block of steel and make what ever they want out of it, if you've got the money. You have no idea how many guns are in this country alread and if taken care of, quality firearms don't wear out for generations. It's okay to talk about confiscating all the guns and what not, but I'm telling you that it will NEVER happen, NEVER! Atleast not without starting that damndest civil war you've ever imagined. Obama won't even talk about it and there's nothing he would love to do more.
  • jere.ch... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 19:32:27 (edited)
    I have guns that are 50 years old that have never needed repaired, proper cleaning and maintenance will to the trick, its obvious you were probably not in the military.
  • Bilingu... jere.ch... 2012/07/24 20:56:40 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    You have ammunition that is 50 years old that still work? Why don't you try using them

    I'm talking about modern assault rifles, not your 50 year old rifle or pistol. I don't care about those guns. I want you to have the right to keep those guns. I was talking about ASSAULT RIFLES only
  • jere.ch... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 21:26:48
    I mostly have Shotguns for sport shooting, pistols for defense and Rifle for hunting deer Youngster
  • Allbiz ... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 13:22:19
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    He was wearing a bullet-proof jacket. One head shot would have taken him out.

    But, you don't know much about guns, do you?
  • Bilingu... Allbiz ... 2012/07/24 14:30:40 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    He was wearing a ballistics helmet jackass.

    Don;t know much about reading do you?
  • Allbiz ... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 14:36:22
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    abcnews.............Yeah, we know just how dependable they are. Just ask Brian Ross.

    "Holmes allegedly entered the movie auditorium wearing a ballistics helmet,"

    Know what the word allegedly means?

    The people who say they looked right into his face might have reported things differently than abcnews.
  • Bilingu... Allbiz ... 2012/07/24 15:20:33 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    Whatever dude, I have also heard eyewitnesses say he was dressed like SWAT. Does it make sense that he had a throat protector, and knee/leg protectors, crotch protector, and leave his head unprotected, a head that was covered with fiery red dyed hair, making it all the more easy to shoot at?

    Did you hear ONE witness say, "He had dyed red hair"? Someone would have seen that hair, from the light of the movie. But no one did,because he was wearing a ballistics helmet.
  • Allbiz ... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 20:51:55
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    Some witnesses said he was wearing a gas mask. Probably was since he was throwing out gas cannisters. Gas masks are not bullet proof.
  • Bilingu... Allbiz ... 2012/07/24 21:08:58
    Bilingual required sucks
    What are you debating? I'm telling you Holmes had head to toe body armor, and all you try to do is poke stupid holes, "His gas mask isn't bullet proof" so what? He would have shot your ass full of 20 holes,in the time you were aiming to get a round through that gas mask.
  • Allbiz ... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 21:35:16
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    My point is that if more than one person was carrying, someone could have nailed him.

    Remember, there were hundreds of people in that theater. He can't shoot everybody at the same time.

    That's all I'm trying to say.
  • Bilingu... Allbiz ... 2012/07/24 21:45:04 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    Great...so instead of having sensible gun control, we're back in the 1850's "Shoot 'em up Tex" days. Great.
  • Allbiz ... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 23:51:45
    Allbiz - PWCM - JLA
    Did you know the state of Vermont has the lowest annual rate of murders at 1 per 100,000 residents? They are also the only state that allows concealed weapons to BE CARRIED WITHOUT A PERMIT.

    The national annual rate of murders is 7 per 100,000.

    Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming also allow ccw without a permit. Wyoming's rate is 1.4. Alaska's is 4.4. Due to the drug killings in Arizona, their rate is 6.4. Their NO PERMIT REQUIRED law just went into effect this year so it's too soon to rate the effect.

    The state of Illinois is the only state that does not allow ccw under any circumstance.....even off-duty law enforcement. The city of Chicago has the highest murder rate of any US city at 16 per 100,000. The state of Illinois rate is 5.5

    Now do you see my coorelation?
  • Torchma... Bilingu... 2012/07/24 11:56:10
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    How about if you lost your right to free speech where you live? Just move to another state to speak freely.

    Yes, most of us do love our CIVIL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.
  • Bilingu... Torchma... 2012/07/24 12:05:40
    Bilingual required sucks
    I know, that is why you will continue to have people with mental disorders, being able to pick off 30 or 40 people in less than a minute.
  • Katherine Bilingu... 2012/07/26 09:01:23
    I could have sworn there are gun laws there? Also, didn't he have bombs and stuff?
  • Bilingu... Katherine 2012/07/26 11:07:30
    Bilingual required sucks
    Tear gas canisters.
  • Dan 2012/07/23 19:43:20
    Just going with the odds here.
  • Lanikai 2012/07/23 19:39:45
    Plain and simple. Guns don't fit the gay/liberal/hippie agenda.
  • Bilingu... Lanikai 2012/07/23 19:49:26
    Bilingual required sucks
    Goddamn right, so take your freaking guns and move the hell out of San Francisco, and go live in Texas or some other red state.
  • Lanikai Bilingu... 2012/07/23 19:57:05
    good luck protecting yourselves against the armed invasion of illegals.
  • Bilingu... Lanikai 2012/07/23 19:59:12 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    I never said one can't have a handgun for home protection, even in San Francisco.
    But the shooting range had to go.
  • Lanikai Bilingu... 2012/07/23 20:02:12
    Where are people supposed to practice and WHY does that private business NOT have a right to operate on their own land?
  • Bilingu... Lanikai 2012/07/23 20:09:59
    Bilingual required sucks
    Go to an indooor range. They could build a nice camping ground in an area like that instead of using all that land for a damn shooting range.
  • mich52 Bilingu... 2012/07/23 20:24:17
  • Bilingu... mich52 2012/07/23 20:30:12
    Bilingual required sucks
    For real....lakefront property for a shooting range? What a waste.
  • mich52 Bilingu... 2012/07/23 20:59:39
  • M. Johnson Bilingu... 2012/07/24 11:57:18
    M. Johnson
    yeh, 25' to 50' lots around the lake, plus all the polution that goes with it, that makes much more sense.
  • Bilingu... M. Johnson 2012/07/24 12:22:51
    Bilingual required sucks
    So does all that spent lead getting into the groundwater and the lake, poisoning everything.
  • Lanikai Bilingu... 2012/07/23 20:35:55

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