Same-Sex Marriage Amendment In Ohio Gets Green Light. Rave If you support gay marriage

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/04/04 00:01:24

Marriage equality advocates in Ohio took one step closer Tuesday to overturning the state's 2004 constitutional amendment that restricts marriages in the state to only those between one man and one woman.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) approved the petition language for an amendment that would redefine marriage in Ohio as “a union of two consenting adults, regardless of gender," according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The Freedom to Marry Coalition is now tasked with gathering 385,253 valid signatures of registered Ohio voters in order to put its marriage equality amendment on the Ohio ballot -- a goal that Ian James, the group's co-founder, told The Huffington Post he hopes to achieve by November 2013.

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  • Grizzle 2012/04/04 12:27:58
    This battle is about changing the definition of a word. Marriage is between one man and one woman, civil unions are between one whatever and one whatever. Why not fight for the right to call a cat, a dog?

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  • Joseph Atticus 2012/04/29 04:07:05
    Joseph Atticus
    From an Ohioan. Yes I support.
  • The Dean 2012/04/16 03:41:46
    The Dean
    Gay marriage is nothing but a slap in the face of society. But I am a man of compromise. If this is such a big deal to gays, then my compromise would be to have 2 different legal marriages. A heterosexual marriage, and a homosexual marriage. The cirtificate would say heterosexual or homosexual marriage at the top of it. But, the gays wouldn't go for this, because they want that final kick in the ass!! You see with gays, it's all about ME ME ME ME!!
  • Tom 2012/04/11 17:09:45
    I support civil unions for all, and government out of "marriage" for all.
    "Marriage" is a religious concept, and has no place in our government.
  • TheHush... Tom 2012/04/11 17:39:33
    It's not exactly a religious concept, it's more social than anything. Even if it were a religious concept, not everyone shares the same religious beliefs. That is why the Constitution is the one that states all the rights in marriage, not religion. Therefore, the government has a place in this, for it IS the one that states what marriage accepts and what it doesn't.
  • Tom TheHush... 2012/04/11 19:57:57
    The Constitution doesn't say one word about marriage.
    What are you talking about?!
  • TheHush... Tom 2012/04/11 23:35:15
    I'm sorry, I meant the Supreme Court. My bad, honestly.
    "According to the Supreme Court, Marriage is a fundamental right, as ruled in Zablocki v. Redhail (1978). Also, the Supreme Court recognized in 1967 that the freedom to marry is “essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness".
    And the government does stand by it. Well, mostly, anyways.
  • Tom TheHush... 2012/04/12 21:35:08 (edited)
    The courts that made those rulings would be horrified by the idea of extending the right to homosexuals.
    Different world, different times.
    You shouldn't cite a precedent when the originators would argue it doesn't apply.
    At this time, I believe it would be appropriate for the government to get out of the marriage business.
  • TheHush... Tom 2012/04/13 19:25:42
    Ah. There is a key phrase in all of this: "Different world, different times". THAT happens in the Bible, aka religion.
    And why should it? The government, in this case, is just trying to please everyone, especially homosexuals, for a right they deserve.
  • Tom TheHush... 2012/04/16 14:25:16
    I hate that word, "deserve".
    People abuse it constantly.
    People deserve very little.
    They earn what they will in life.
    The idea that we all "deserve" this or that is what's led to the entitlement mentality in this country.
  • TheHush... Tom 2012/04/18 00:20:38
    I agree to an extent. People DO abuse word "deserve", but in THIS case, it's not being abused. Marriage is not a right one earns, but one that everyone deserves.
  • leon716 2012/04/11 09:00:43
    Good for Ohio!
  • JingerJewels 2012/04/11 03:33:41
    Yay congrats to thengay community in Ohio hopefully the other states will follow your lead marriage should have no gender but love Support same sex marriages
  • FairLady 2012/04/11 01:08:19
    No I don't approve same sex marriage and I am disappointed in Mike DeWine approving it.
  • TheHush... FairLady 2012/04/11 11:47:13
    You know, this is pretty ironic, considering your SH name is "FairLady". And "fair" means "just".
  • Brendan... FairLady 2012/04/11 12:43:18
    Brendan Mcdonald
    I am very pleased by his actions I just may give him a kiss :)
  • john Kills 2012/04/11 01:01:55
    john Kills
    Can I take a rave away since I don't approve?
  • lee 2012/04/10 22:21:26 (edited)
    this amendment should be taken down and the law allowed to apply equally to couples regardless of their sex.

    its an unconstitutional amendment anyway, under the separate but equal precedent.
  • AL*MAHDي 2012/04/10 21:10:13
    Its not what we need sex is human right but if you didn't find love and love means getting a life a real life then at that time sex is just you..you love sex which mean you love your body you don't care whose inside that body cause your being a bitch with life ...
  • bozo 2012/04/10 20:38:33
    lawmakers in Ohio and da other 50 states had better start paying attention to the needs of the majority of the american people.
    Reducing the size and cost of federal, state and city government, close off our southern border, stop the illegals who are stealing goods and services from america..
    IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID. ya lawmakers have got to correct the american economy
    while you still can.
  • voice_m... bozo 2012/04/10 20:53:50
    wow what a great lib post too bad this thread is about gay marriage not about size of government
  • D'eath 2012/04/10 20:19:37
    It won't be that long until we can get married in church to sheep or goats.
  • lee D'eath 2012/04/10 22:23:53
    how long have you had this fantasy?
  • D'eath lee 2012/04/11 18:06:23
    I have been worried about the decline in the standards of churches for a long time.

    I also worry about when it will be compulsory to be homosexual.
  • lee D'eath 2012/04/11 18:58:22
    why do you worry about such things?

    you are saying you are afraid your church will force you into homosexual acts?

    were you an alter boy in the Catholic Church, by any chance?
  • D'eath lee 2012/04/11 19:32:19
    I don't like to see a nation accepting the unacceptable.

    My fear is not the effect the church will have on me, rather that as a nation we are being forced, by silly lily livered human rights creeps who insist on normal people having the right to maintain the standards and norms that made a sound nation fall to its knees to satisfy the latest fashion in sexual prowess.

    FYI, I came to Christianity aged 47 and I am not a Catholic.
  • lee D'eath 2012/04/11 19:52:54 (edited)
    what is the "unacceptable" ? homosexuality? you don't have to "accept" it, it just IS.. like it or not.

    its not a skill any more than hetero sex is a skill... which it is btw.

    what "standard" are you being forced to accept? how does the manner in which someone else expresses their love and affection for another human being have ANY effect on you or anyone else?
  • AdLib D'eath 2012/04/11 01:50:39
    Well....there's no law preventing people from marrying jackasses.
  • D'eath AdLib 2012/04/11 18:00:31

    Well I didn't know that.

    Is this an American development?
  • AdLib D'eath 2012/04/12 00:38:40
    No, the US does not have a monopoly on jackasses.
  • D'eath AdLib 2012/04/12 16:27:45
    Well at least we now know that they exist in America, I don't think we have them in the UK.

    Although we do have asses, personaly I think it will be sheep or goats.
  • AdLib D'eath 2012/04/12 16:44:56
    Oh, keep your "Cheeky Monkey" comments to yourself!
  • D'eath AdLib 2012/04/12 17:11:00
  • Kutikate 2012/04/10 20:09:53
    It's disgusting and against the Bible. Ask and I'll give you reference and you can look it up yourself.
  • TheHush... Kutikate 2012/04/10 20:17:01
    You do know you're against what the Bible states right now, right?
  • Kutikate TheHush... 2012/04/10 20:17:34
  • TheHush... Kutikate 2012/04/10 20:33:45
    Well, you are judging. The Bible CLEARLY states that you are in no position nor have any right to judge others, for only God is and has.
    Also, one of the commanments states that you should love your neighbor like you love yourself. And you're clearly not loving homosexuals as you'd love yourself, for I find it impossible for you to find yourself "disgusting".
  • bob TheHush... 2012/04/11 02:03:52
    wow, talk about twisting scripture to suit ones beliefs
  • TheHush... bob 2012/04/11 19:16:22
    No, I'm not "twisting" the scripture to suit my beliefs. I'm just interpreting the Bible in another way, for the Bible is a symbolic book in which it all depends how the reader understands the message that is trying to be delivered.
  • bob TheHush... 2012/04/11 20:54:10
    Its not meant to be twisted to suit your beliefs, Then according to you, you can make it say anything you want. The Bible is not a symbolic book, its a collection of 66 books with 40 different authors , some thousands of years apart that give an account of creation, history, Gods relationship with man and what he did for man to give him hope. His sacrifice to pay a sin debt that you couldn't ever pay, His Love for man
    Back to judging, you are to judge, but righteously,
  • TheHush... bob 2012/04/13 19:30:19
    I didn't twist it.
    I didn't say that, either; now it is YOU who is twisting my words.
    The Bible IS symbolic. If not, explain to me the book of Apocalypse.
    No, you are not. The difference between right and wrong is established by one, and it is not the same for others. Therefore, it isn't sure whether one is judging righteously or not. So why say so?
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