Sacking the Oslime Czars

iamnothere 2011/04/15 21:47:01
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The Scalise
Capitol Report

Friday, April 15,

Sacking the Czars

Yesterday I was proud to spearhead an effort to sack some of President
’s most radical czars. The amendment was included in
the budget agreement for the rest of 2011 that was passed by the House
and the Senate, and is now headed to the President for his

This amendment is a major victory for the American
who have demanded accountability in government and want to put a
stop to the proliferation of radical czars. I am glad we have
been successful at reining in this practice by President Obama of
creating a shadow government run by czars with cabinet-level powers who
circumvent the accountability and scrutiny that comes with Senate
confirmation required by the Constitution.

American families should not be forced to pay millions of dollars to fund
these czars who are implementing radical policies under the cloak of
darkness rather than going through the open and transparent process that
we were promised.

My amendment specifically
"sacks" the following czars:

  • Health Care

  • Car Czar

  • Urban Affairs

  • Climat Change Czar

The Sequel to a Bad

Earlier this week, President Obama used
the bully pulpit of the presidency to deliver his first campaign speech
on the budget. Announcing his second budget proposal in as many
months, President Obama’s latest budget proposal is like the
sequel to a bad movie. Raising taxes on American families and job
creators is a failed formula that will run even more jobs out of our country
at a time when we need to be focused on making America more
competitive so we can get our economy back on track. The problem in
America is not that we are taxed too little, it is that Washington spends
too much.

Ryan’s Bold Budget

To put it simply, we cannot allow Washington to keep
spending money we don't have. Earlier this month, Budget
Committee Chairman Paul Ryan proposed a budget that starts an honest and
fact-based conversation about how we can solve our country's
spending crisis. The federal government needs to finally start
tightening its belt, just like families and small businesses do to live within
their means.

Contrary to the budget proposed by
President Obama earlier this year, Chairman Ryan’s budget will kick
start job creation, control government spending, and will eliminate
the mountain of debt being placed upon the backs of our children and
grandchildren while balancing the budget without raising taxes. It will
save $6.2 trillion from the deficit while simultaneously cutting
overall tax rates by closing loopholes and allowing American employers to be
competitive internationally, and in turn creating at least one
million new jobs in the first year alone. The GOP budget will also
preserve Medicare for seniors while strengthening it for future
generations by allowing people to participate in a health plan similar to
Members of Congress. I will continue fighting to rein in federal spending
in order to get our country back on the path to fiscal prosperity so we
can secure the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

It is an honor to represent you in Congress.
For more information, visit scalise.house.gov.


Steve Scalise

of Congress

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  • ronbo51 2011/04/28 22:33:33
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    HERE!!! USE THIS!! and then use the device below to finish them off!

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  • JuneGagnon 2011/04/19 06:26:33
    In order to get this country "back on track" we need to get rid of the muslim-in-the-oval-office; don't bother with impeachment! It should be by arrest, trial, conviction and execution for espionage and HIGH TREASON! And take his entire fascist army with him!
  • iamnothere JuneGagnon 2011/04/20 22:32:57
    it is a start
  • rdaddy 2011/04/18 13:55:09
    Undo everything these fools have done since 2006 when Pelosi started this disaster.
  • lawlerskates 2011/04/17 13:55:50
  • Steve J~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/17 00:07:41
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA
    First job as president, "I read it, I accept responsibility for it, And if it doesn't benefit th people, I'll repeal it".

    Second, thing sack all Czars and close their offices.
    Third, Round up everyone that is still their that voted against reforming Freddy and Fannie, make them watch an enhanced version of this.

    Fourth, give them a choice, apologize to America, or I will campaign for anyone that runs against them.
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2011/04/16 04:22:31
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Good start! We need to get Sunstein next.
  • none 2011/04/16 01:30:15
  • Loree 2011/04/16 00:40:55
    Obama's 2008 campaign promises of creating jobs and reducing unemployment through the stimulus have flopped abysmally and all he proposes now is spending more and taxing more. We simply can't afford Obama's solutions. No one EVER spent themselves out of debt and the government can't either. It's time to try something new that makes sense. What makes sense is to cut spending now and give incentives to bring jobs back to America.
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2011/04/15 23:39:22
    Obama will veto ANYTHING that has Republican support when it crosses his desk.
  • iamnothere CUDDLY ... 2011/04/16 00:43:13
    that being the case.. guess the government WILL shut down.. and it will be sitting on the presidents desk
  • reasontolive 2011/04/15 23:27:45
    Where have all the people against the "czars" been? http://factcheck.org/2009/09/...
  • Dora Rachael 2011/04/15 22:36:13
    Dora Rachael
    Don't think commie Obommie is going to let that happen!
  • den 2011/04/15 22:13:46
    what is your success rate so far
  • Tau_Seti 2011/04/15 22:08:34
  • Icanbean Arschloch 2011/04/15 22:05:34
    Icanbean  Arschloch
    We should only have one czar, ... "The Corruption Czar". The only reason we need that position is because of Holder.
  • BobJessen 2011/04/15 21:59:30
    Tea Torie Talk...
  • keeper 2011/04/15 21:49:30
    What is that..4 down... 28 to go?
  • iamnothere keeper 2011/04/15 21:52:10
    something along those lines.. but remember.. each bill that the Oslime has to sign can eliminate more each time
  • keeper iamnothere 2011/04/15 21:55:31
    That would be nice, but don't count any chickens yet...

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