Ryan Won;Biden Made An Ass Of Himself:Rave This If You Agree

☆WILLIAM☆ 2012/10/12 03:02:36
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I Agree!
Waa! Showing Anger Makes You Right!
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  • Soapstone 2012/10/12 03:12:11
    I Agree!
    When you have to debate the moderator as well as big mouth joe, it's not going to be easy. Not only was Ryan interupted over and over by big mouth joe but he was interupted by the moderator as well. Yup, no bias there.

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  • Robby 2012/11/29 13:11:57
    Waa! Showing Anger Makes You Right!
    Your whole point is moot. I laugh at your folly. You definitely counted your chickens before they hatched... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!... {{{{^_^}}}}
  • Rick 2012/10/22 08:20:15
    I Agree!
    Biden looked like he was wasted on something. Or else he's mentally unstable.
    Biden in straight jacket
  • ☆WILLIAM☆ Rick 2012/10/22 20:11:17
    chemically imbalanced
  • Rick ☆WILLIAM☆ 2012/10/23 02:08:15
    No doubt. He doesn't need happy pills.
  • firebird 2012/10/22 04:58:12
    I Agree!
    BIDEN CANT BE TRUSTED OUT ALONE!!!! more the fools they are when they send him out to speak... LOL
  • Lee Daniels 2012/10/22 02:12:36
    Waa! Showing Anger Makes You Right!
    Lee Daniels
    HA! You've GOT to be joking! lol!
  • Senõr Jaun 2012/10/21 06:06:37
    I Agree!
    Senõr Jaun
    Oh YeeeeeeeaaaaaAAaaaahHhhHhhhH!... Khool aid  bricks  rage quit  rage face  oh  yeah
  • nicole 2012/10/21 00:23:20
    I Agree!
    I Agree!
  • Steve Boston 2012/10/20 19:49:48
    I Agree!
    Steve Boston
    An Asses Ass if you will. Bozo was clapping all the way.
  • Pat 2012/10/20 15:43:57
    I Agree!
    He's a confirmed ass.

    He just broadcasted it.

    The way he acted was the EXACT STEREOTYPE of your typical liberal.

    Just look at their comments on these boards.
  • SharonJohnson 2012/10/20 03:10:34
    I Agree!
  • dvd SharonJ... 2012/10/20 05:18:47
  • Big bro... SharonJ... 2012/10/20 15:44:22
    Big brother
    crack is bad for you. Ryan got his ass kicked
  • Bali Big bro... 2012/10/21 10:01:40
  • Denai, The Li't Sasquatch 2012/10/19 22:36:13
    I Agree!
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    Biden looked so cheesy during the VP debate! (No pun intended...) Biden was so painful to watch I took a sleeping pill before it was over and conked out, I knew I could catch the highlights from the morning news cycle. The thought of the possibility this man could be the POTUS just sends chills up my spine...scary!
  • joes least wild 2012/10/19 21:24:09
    I Agree!
    joes least wild
  • politicalsoldier 2012/10/19 19:58:01
    I Agree!
    I seriously thought Biden looked like he must have been throwing back a few before he went out there. I've never seen such an embarrassing and asinine display by a politician much less the VP. He was a old senseless fool.

    More wisdom from the good book:

    “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.” –Proverbs 29:9
  • April 2012/10/19 18:07:12
    I Agree!
    Being a bully doesn't make you a winner
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2012/10/19 15:33:16
    I Agree!
    ♥Nicole A♥
    Liberals are such horrible actors. I will never get over Gore the way he was to Bush during those debates. Rolling eyes, huffing puffing, like he was trying to win an Oscar! Biden just looked like a crazy old man, the SNL skit was hilarious as a reenactment!
  • nononsenseguy 2012/10/19 06:24:48
    I Agree!
    Anyone having doubt that Biden is a fool had that doubt removed as soon as he opened his mouth.
  • biggerman 2012/10/19 06:10:58
    I Agree!
    I don't believe that Biden made an ass out of himself in the debate. He was already an ass before the debate, he was an ass during the debate, and he is still an ass today.
  • Gray Parks 2012/10/19 01:25:09
  • kcandi 2012/10/18 22:11:54
  • Franklin kcandi 2012/10/19 02:34:46
    down rave for posting lies loser-
  • kcandi Franklin 2012/10/19 16:07:18
    Aw man, you disappoint me.....just google Ryan soup kitchen.......the facts will slap you in the face....
  • apacheh... kcandi 2012/10/19 14:55:18
    is that any worse then showing up in $600.00 sneakers! michelles sneakers michelles sneakers
  • voice_matters 2012/10/18 19:58:17
    Waa! Showing Anger Makes You Right!
    another ignorant lib thread to show how stupid america has become now that it is a lib country
  • Riobhca 2012/10/18 19:53:38 (edited)
    I Agree!
    VP Biden showed what kind of a disrespectful person he truly is during the debate. In a debate, you need to at least show respect for your opponents. He seems to be totally incapable of doing so. Laughing contemptuously whenever your opponent speaks is incredibly RUDE, as is interrupting him more than 80 times.
  • OneOfTheAmericanPeople 2012/10/18 18:50:39
    I Agree!
    So agree, that young bro beat the pants off that Coke addict!
  • lin sugar lips 2012/10/18 14:48:31
    I Agree!
    lin sugar lips
    Biden was embarrassing to watch.... WTF was he doing a tooth paste commercial??
  • Rick lin sug... 2012/10/22 08:24:07
  • TheTruth1313 2012/10/18 07:24:19
    I Agree!
    Ryan stood there and backed what he was saying with facts and figures. Biden just yelled inanities and created sound bites.
  • Jeb Roberts 1 %'er - POTL -... 2012/10/18 05:11:20
  • yomamma Jeb Rob... 2012/10/18 07:16:19
  • Red Ruffansore 2012/10/18 00:13:37
    I Agree!
    Red Ruffansore
    Biden looked like he had chugged 4 red bulls, snorted half a tank of laughing gas and licked a case of 9 volts before he went out.
  • WinterLynn 2012/10/17 21:04:55
  • yomamma WinterLynn 2012/10/18 07:23:07
    hahaha...I disagree, but that's funny...
  • WinterLynn yomamma 2012/10/18 19:44:59
  • yomamma WinterLynn 2012/10/19 05:19:17
    hahaha I disagree, but that's funny...
  • WinterLynn yomamma 2012/10/19 16:17:02
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