Russian Buying the New Jersey Nets?!!? Should Foreigners Be allowed to Purchase Major American Assets?

Shonny 2010/08/25 05:22:46
Mikhail Prokhorov seems like every other indulgent billionaire, he
really knows nothing about the dynamics of basketball, he has money and
sees opportunity for possibly a great investment. I was/am completely
opposed to the idea of a Russian "buying" out Nets, but I spied
something almost good in this guy, I like him, he's pretty realistic,
honest, and down to earth, I think he would do great and bring something
unique to the Nets; but it's still alarming to see "others" using out
time of economic weakness to obtain what we hold dear. What are your
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  • RoryCanadia 2010/08/25 13:48:33
    If you consider the New Jersey Nets a "major american asset" you need to look at you math again. It's the Nets for christ's sake.
  • Shonny RoryCan... 2010/08/25 23:38:11
    I stand corrected.
  • Dagon 2010/08/25 08:27:12
  • VERYwiseguy 2010/08/25 08:19:52
    That doesn't worry me but Rupert Murdock's ownership worldwide does.
  • Muzzer 2010/08/25 07:58:23
    Don`t see why not. American`s, Chinese, Russians are all buying English Football Clubs
  • Shonny Muzzer 2010/08/25 23:38:54
    Yeah, and tons of our real estate I hear.
  • LouOlson 2010/08/25 05:34:38
    um they already do... no point just not letting them not do it

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