Russia showing US it's a Bear at the Door. Does Obama realize how dangerous this bear is?

KCurtis 2012/06/27 01:04:21

Sarah Palin:

On the campaign trail four years
ago I talked about Alaska's strategic location on the globe, the potential for
future conflicts over arctic transportation lanes and resources, and the crucial
need to keep our eye on Putin's activities. Later I spoke out against Obama's
egregious decision to cut back Alaska's missile defense systems. Please take a
look at this article about Russia's arctic war game exercises earlier this
month. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who was paying attention four
years ago. Maybe now we should ask the President if this is what "more
flexibility" means.
Russian strategic nuclear bombers threatened U.S. airspace near
Alaska earlier this month and F-15 jets responded by intercepting the
aircraft taking part in large-scale arctic war games, according to
defense officials.

The Russian war games began the same day President Obama and Russian
President Vladimir Putin held a frosty summit meeting in Mexico June 18.

U.S. officials said the arctic exercises over the Russian Far East
and Pacific appeared to be a further sign of Russia’s hardening posture
toward the United States.

The Obama administration made no protest of the bomber intrusions,
according to the officials, in line with its conciliatory “reset” policy
of seeking warmer ties with Moscow.

About 30 strategic nuclear bombers and support aircraft took part in
the war games that continued through June 25. The aircraft included
Tu-95MS Bear H and Tu-160 Blackjack nuclear-capable bombers, along with
Il-76 refueling tankers, A-50 airborne warning and control aircraft, and
Su-27 and MiG-31 jet fighters. Some 200 troops also took part in the
Russian Strategic Aviation forces exercise.

A spokesman for the joint U.S. Northern Command and North American
Aerospace Defense command in Colorado Springs, which monitors air
defense intrusions, had no immediate comment. A Pentagon spokesman
declined to comment.

U.S. and Canadian F-15 and F-16 jets were involved in the intercepts
that took place near the Air Identification Zone surrounding Alaskan
airspace over the northern Pacific.

The exercises are part of increasingly aggressive Russian military
activities in the arctic region in both the eastern and western
hemispheres, which have created security worries among governments in
northern Europe and Canada.

One official said the failure to publicize the threatening bomber
maneuvers might have been related to Obama’s overheard promise in March
to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev of “more flexibility.”

According to the defense officials, the arctic bomber exercises are
part of Russian efforts to assert control over vast areas of the arctic
circle that are said to contain large mineral and oil deposits.

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, a former Alaska North
American Aerospace Defense commander, said the Russian exercises should
be a concern.

“The Russians continue to exercise our air defense identification
zone, which shows Mr. Putin loves to let President Obama know that they
still have global capability,” McInerney said in an interview. “So much
for reset.”

McInerney also said the Obama administration kept the encounter
between the bombers and U.S. fighters secret because “they obviously
don’t want the world to know that the exercise was done deliberately to
coincide with the Obama-Putin summit.”

Read More: http://freebeacon.com/the-bear-at-the-door/

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  • Studied 2012/06/27 02:17:31
    If you remember shortly after the election, Biden said countries will test us, which was a referral to the inexperience of Obama. Well they tested him, found him weak and and are making their moves. Not only Russia, but many other nations. Countries have lost their respect for America.

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  • Blue Dog 2012/07/03 07:56:37
    Blue Dog
    obama will stop at nothing in destruction of our country!! His agenda as well as any other countries agenda it's all the same to him!!
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2012/06/30 12:30:35
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    Russia has collected samples of his DNA over the years and has identified who he really is. They are blackmailing and extorting in exchange for keeping their mouth shut. This guy is Damaged Goods.
  • Captain-Morgan 2012/06/28 01:35:25
    The look on Putin face at the summit meeting with Obama. Showed no respect for the leader of the free world.. The Wolf Is At The Back Door, and the sheep are a sleep..
  • jon 2012/06/27 18:14:22
    He does not care
  • frank 2012/06/27 17:20:59
    Nomama has NO clue about the Russian bear.
  • mikeyavelli 2012/06/27 16:42:27
    obama wants america to give up its role as lone superpower, reduce the military to a parade detail for his honor, rely on the UN for protection, and tax the people into northern european socialism. he wouldn't mind a few states sacrificed to russia, china, and iran. besides, obama thinks, we stole all this fromm the indians anyway, who do we think we are?
  • hasher 2012/06/27 15:52:43
    no and he probably doesnt give a rats ass!!!!
  • Mike 2012/06/27 13:01:56
    The narcissist and chief thinks he's invincible, and the greatest of all time - he's dealing with experienced high level ex KGB
  • 3359557 Mike 2012/07/05 06:55:16
    yeah, well he's so dumb he doesn't realize it. I do think that he is trying to bring the us down.
    And Biden, I'm ashamed to know he came from Delaware. Believe me, we're not all that
    stupid here.
  • cmille19 2012/06/27 12:40:40
    all i have to say is that he is the Obamanation and until we remove him from office this country is in doomsville
  • Bevos 2012/06/27 11:19:52
    I can't understand why Obama has not been hung for treasonous acts!
  • hasher Bevos 2012/06/27 15:53:38
    me either or at the very least impeached.
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/06/27 10:33:08
    No he thinks he can talk his way through it.
  • mwg0735 2012/06/27 04:30:11
  • wtw 2012/06/27 03:05:02
    Either that or he is working for the russians which I would not doubt either!
  • TruBluTopaz 2012/06/27 02:20:18
    No, Obama has the same arrogant attitude toward Russia as he has toward everything. He thinks he can either out spend or out manuver them.
  • Studied 2012/06/27 02:17:31
    If you remember shortly after the election, Biden said countries will test us, which was a referral to the inexperience of Obama. Well they tested him, found him weak and and are making their moves. Not only Russia, but many other nations. Countries have lost their respect for America.
  • cddjmikey 2012/06/27 01:34:31
    What ? Russia can be dangerous ? But I gave up the missile system in Poland ! We hit the reset button ! Everything should be hunky dory now ! I told him I would be more flexible after the next election ! You mean you can't trust Russia ? But aren't they our friends now ? I guess not ! But he wouldn't figure that out till it was too late !!!
  • Chef Bunyan 2012/06/27 01:14:30
    Chef Bunyan
    0blowhole hasn't got a clue! Unfortunately niether does Romney oh how I PRAY Romney has the sense and good judgement to pick Allen West as his running mate!
  • mac9 2012/06/27 01:08:24
    Obama has been missing in action since day one. I don't know he is that inept or he has a plan to destroy America. Either way we cannot let him win another term.
  • KCurtis 2012/06/27 01:05:59
    This POTUS has cost the US so much in debt and deficit, but it does not begin to address the real cost, Freedom is at stake.
    freedom is not free
  • hasher KCurtis 2012/06/27 15:54:34
    so true!!! he is so frickin arrogant he doesnt give a rats ass!!!

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