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Rush Limbaugh Claims All Black People Want is More Food Stamps

Samantha 2012/07/13 20:28:03
Another example of Rush Limbaugh's racism.

Rush Limbaugh claimed Mitt Romney got booed at the NAACP convention because all black people want is more food stamps.

We last waded into this racist cesspool when Newt Gingrich insisted on calling President Obama the food stamp president. 2010 Census data revealed that 49% of food stamp recipients were white. Twenty six percent were black. A 2009 New York Times map revealed that the top ten counties in food stamp usage were all located in red states.

I know this will come as a shock to many, but Rush Limbaugh was spreading a racist myth. Romney would have more success going to a tea party rally and promising to increase food stamps than he would at an NAACP meeting.

This was just the tip of the iceberg for Limbaugh’s racism. His comments also assumed that African-Americans are lazy and looking for a handout. He was also reviving the right wing mythology that African-Americans only support President Obama because he gives them stuff.

The truth is that the sort of vile racism coming out of Limbaugh’s mouth has become a staple of Republican campaigning.

Read More: http://www.politicususa.com/rush-limbaugh-claims-b...

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  • Stryder 2012/07/14 22:42:49
    Right. Rush is so racist he decided to hire a black man as his producer and business partner. Nice try and thanks for playing.
  • true american 2012/07/14 20:44:39
    true american
    If you are capable of reading ,I will suggest you go back to fri july13,2012 transcripts of his show AND READ IT!
  • DuncanONeil 2012/07/14 20:30:52
    Somehow I think, if you even heard what Limbaugh said, that you are misunderstanding what was said.

    "calling President Obama the food stamp president. 2010 Census data revealed that 49% of food stamp recipients were white"
    ..What does that matter when speaking to the radical increase in recipients, along with the advertising for more.

    The mentality of greed that is looking for MORE Government handouts is not limited to Blacks. And Limbaugh does not limit remarks of this kind to them.
  • Dee 2012/07/13 23:57:57
    The headline to this story is extremely misleading. I read the quotes from Media Matters and Limbaugh made no such claim.
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/07/13 23:41:17
    If you had herd the whole quote it said. The way the Black people are responding yopu'd thionk all they want is more FOOD STAMPS to spend on anything they please.

    Very soon these people will findthemselves in bonds again and be put to work as slaves agaimn..... The Democrats treat them like Stupid Children,. While Eomney trasted them as intellegent people who can handle a bank account and be on time to work everyday.
  • true am... jackola... 2012/07/14 20:42:34
    true american
    Word for word
  • dominic garcia 2012/07/13 22:32:59 (edited)
    dominic garcia
    The world would be boring without Rush!!!!!! I love you Rush.........
  • Mrs. maggot 2012/07/13 22:24:37
    Mrs. maggot
    ...and you fell for it! Rush's sound bite of the day, the most outrageous statement he can utter. He said it in the opener of the show, and he said a whole lot of other things after that put that outrageous statement in context.

    Good job Rush. You just know how to reel 'em in.

    Read the whole opener, it's called satire when you guys do it.....

  • RJ~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/13 22:00:17
    LOL, it's been 4+ months since you libs were gonna get Rush off the air with your false, completely manufactured "boycott".


    Rush Limbaugh
  • Diana RJ~PWCM... 2012/07/13 22:42:52
    I love you Rush.
  • RJ~PWCM... Diana 2012/07/14 01:54:45
  • Stryder RJ~PWCM... 2012/07/14 22:41:07
    Exactly. How'd that work out for them? Not too good.
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/07/13 21:08:42 (edited)
  • Schläue~© 2012/07/13 20:49:12 (edited)
    So.... douche-bag, Jason Easley doesn't understand sarcasm and missed the point entirely.

    No surprise.

    "Okay. So what could he have said that would have generated applause? Well, I was thinking about it. He could have said, “Under a Romney administration, we will get even more of you on food stamps than President Obama has.” Right on. “We will keep unemployment above 14% for black Americans, and we will raise the minimum wage so that 75% of blacks won’t have a job.” Right on, dude, right on. (interruption) You say he would have been booed if he said that? No, wait a minute. He was booed for saying the opposite, because Romney’s policies want to reduce black unemployment. Romney’s policies want to reduce the number of people on food stamps. Romney’s policies want more people working, and that got booed, so I’m simply asking what could he have said that would have generated cheer? He got booed for telling the truth."

  • RJ~PWCM... Schläue~© 2012/07/13 22:00:42
    Liberals must be real morons!
  • Schläue~© RJ~PWCM... 2012/07/13 22:02:40
    Yes, but we all need a good laugh every day.
  • RJ~PWCM... Schläue~© 2012/07/13 22:11:23
    Absolutely - that's about all they're good for!
  • Outta' Here. 2012/07/13 20:40:56
    Outta' Here.
    Rush Limbaugh is wrong.
    They also want a huge tv and a nice car.

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