Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke!

Steverno~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/03/03 18:39:06
Don't bother watching the video if you are easily offended.Or you can't take a joke!

bother watching video offended joke
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  • COMALite J Randy 2012/03/07 20:10:39
    COMALite J
    You misspelled “right.”
  • Randy COMALite J 2012/03/08 00:51:09
  • COMALite J Randy 2012/03/08 22:09:47
  • Randy COMALite J 2012/03/09 01:11:46
    Damn, here I thought "W" was out of office. That poor guy is going to get blamed for all the DNC screw-ups for the next 50 years. Obama the muslim
  • COMALite J Randy 2012/03/17 00:31:23 (edited)
    COMALite J
    First off, my post was just to demonstrate that Bush had likewise been seen as the GOP Messiah, with lots of photos from that time to illustrate that. And my last photo isn’t even Bush! It’s Glenn Beck.

    Your photo has little to do with Islam unlike what your title= attribute ToolTip suggests. That photo is of Obama wearing traditional Somali tribal garb. Hillary Clinton’s campaign sent that out during the 2008 Democratic Primaries, when Clinton’s poll numbers sank below Obama’s.

    If Obama were a Muslim, he’d have a long beard. It’s a sin for a Muslim man to even trim his beard.

    Other times major politicians of both Parties (and even other nations) have worn local cultural and/or tribal garb out of respect for the cultures they were visiting:

  • Randy COMALite J 2012/03/17 01:04:43
    Barack Hussein Obama was born to a Muslim father and had a Muslim step-father. In their religion, that makes Obama a Muslim.
    Hell, I'm from Texas and have also worn a poncho!
  • COMALite J Randy 2012/03/18 22:16:37
    COMALite J
    Here in America, what a person’s religion is is entirely up to his or her own personal beliefs, and has nothing to do with genetic heritage. Obama grew up without his father’s presence.
  • Randy COMALite J 2012/03/19 01:36:04
    Obama's father must have left quite the impression in that one and a half years, he wrote a book about him.
    Under Muslim believes Obama is Muslim. With his Muslim step-father, he spent time in a Madrasa in Malaysia, so he also had some Muslim schooling.
  • COMALite J Randy 2012/03/26 16:19:08 (edited)
    COMALite J
    Look, under Muslim beliefs, everyone is born a Muslim. Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, Rush Limbaugh, even you. Every Jew, every Christian, every Hindu or Taosist or Buddhist, every atheist, every primitive tribesperson, etc. etc. etc. Islam teaches that all human babies are born Muslim, but are converted to other “corrupt” faiths in toddlerhood by their “corrupted” parents.

    If you’re going to hold Obama to that, then you yourself need to start kneeling towards the Ka’ab Stone in Mecca five times daily, saying, in Arabic, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His Prophet.”

    What Islam (or any other religion, including Christianity) teaches about who is or who is not in their religion has no bearing on legal or any other reality in the USA. Obama’s religion is whatever he says it is, and is irrelevant anyway because the Constitution flatly forbids religious tests for any public office (Article VI, ¶3).

    Oh, and “madrassah” is simply Arabic for “school.” Even a Roman Catholic parochial school in an Arab-speaking nation would be called a “madrassah.” So, yes, he went to a “madrassah.”
  • Randy COMALite J 2012/03/27 01:07:41
    You got to be kidding; Obama's father was a Muslim; his stepfather was a Muslim. He was schooled as a Muslim!
    I've never been to church except for weddings! I honestly can't remember ever holding a Koran, or a bible!
  • COMALite J Randy 2012/03/31 05:34:54
    COMALite J
    He attended a school in a largely Muslim country, but that no more means that he was schooled as a Muslim than saying that everyone who was educated in America was schooled as a Christian.
  • Randy COMALite J 2012/03/31 22:47:45
    Other religions are allowed to practice their faith in America. Try it in a Muslim country, you become a foot shorter!
  • COMALite J Randy 2013/03/20 15:35:14 (edited)
    COMALite J
    Sorry, I know it’s been almost a year, but I somehow missed your post before.

    It depends on the Muslim country. Not all of them are alike, you know, just as England is not like the Vatican despite both being at least ostensibly Christian nations. Indonesia is a lot more tolerant of other faiths (especially other Abrahamic religions) than, oh, say, Iran or even Saudi Arabia. Remember, Indonesia is not in the Middle East.

    Times also change. Islam in general was nowhere near as fundamentalist in the 1960s as it is now, even in the Middle East. Fundamentalist sects have grown in political power since then (largely due to the actions of the Western world, including the USA).

    You can’t judge 1960s Indonesia by looking at 2010s Iran.
  • Randy COMALite J 2013/03/21 00:08:14
  • ur XLNC... SJG 2012/03/04 15:24:16
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    Regardless of your 'high' regard for Limbaugh, I submit that your 'over-the-top response to him, shows that he really does earn his paycheck. He gets paid to 'stir' YOU up. It works! If you don't like him......."IGNORE" him! When he can't stir up controversy.....he'll be out of a job!

    FOOL's, such as yourself, are the ones making sure that he has TV and radio positions!
  • SJG ur XLNC... 2012/03/05 02:50:37
    7th advertiser has dropped this windbag and he did try to apologize. All because he is lower than scum!
  • Fannie SJG 2012/03/04 15:36:12
    This wasn't a funny joke, everybody and their uncle knows that. I couldn't agree more, he is a cancer that needs to be nuked.
  • Deep007 SJG 2012/03/07 01:52:37
    a glutton for slutton georgetown whores
  • Rusty Bubbles 2012/03/04 11:38:09
    Rusty Bubbles

    I love starting my day with a laugh~!

    Rush didn't call her any of the following: strumpet, street girl, hustler, floozie, streetwalker, adulteress, hooker, trollop, fornicatress, jade, slovenly woman, floozy, slattern, hussy, loose woman
  • ur XLNC... Rusty B... 2012/03/04 15:25:55
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    Nope...he didn't. I think he could have used other words to greater effect, but the gist of his statement is RIGHT ON!
  • Fannie ur XLNC... 2012/03/04 15:39:28 (edited)
    And your acceptances of sexism from the pig is a disgrace, next it will be your daughter.
    I am blocking you with the other 50 that are out to defend sexism ( and racism) that Rush so proudly has you rallying around. I don't need your anti woman messages. No, you got it mixed just like your man Limbaugh......he's the coward, he's never had one person that he has had to apologize to on his show.....he never goes face to face with them.............Sandra needs to get in his face. The whole of the web is not according to conservatives and arseholes wo share thoughts............bullschitt I've been here you years, and look at the sexism, it's far worst than it was 3 years ago.

    I don't have to accept sexist pigs, you do not call people sluts and think it's quite the good ideal. IT IS NOT, just as David K with his dawg with a dildo, needed his balls choked off too, I'm blocking you nutjobs.
  • Randy Fannie 2012/03/04 20:06:33
    You do support Sandra Fluke in her quest for payment to cover her contraception during recreational sex? You really want it both ways, don't you?
    I thought the NAGS wanted equality?
  • Stevern... Randy 2012/03/04 21:02:41
    It turns out that Sandra Fluke is a 30-year old lying fake!
  • Randy Stevern... 2012/03/05 00:46:10
    Wow, and their in a uproar over Limbaugh.
    The elite media must be getting show preparations of the expose of Ms. Fluke at this precise moment.
  • Stevern... Randy 2012/03/05 03:58:15
    Rush is considered "big target" for removal by the White House,the MSM,NOW,NARAL,Media Matters,etc....

    If Rush had died of a "heart attack" instead of Brietbart.You would of seen a level of liberal celebration and hate speech.You would of think Ben Laden,Hitler or Saddam Hussein had passed away,by the way they would have talked about Rush!
  • COMALite J Randy 2012/03/08 22:46:13
    COMALite J
    Steverno had earlier posted that same link from Glenn Beck’s website, and I pointed out its laughable logical fallacies, and that it wasn’t proof of anything. He Replied to me on other matters, but was unable to refute a single word of my refutation of that article.

    And yet he still uses it, and calls it “proof”!? After he’s had it proven to him that it’s nothing of the kind!?

    A key point: Sandra Fluke never claimed to be any age. An MSNBC reporter said that she was 23. So Sandra never lied about her age, nor anything else that is at all relevant to this.
  • ur XLNC... ur XLNC... 2012/03/04 15:58:28
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    Hey YOU....YOU who just blocked me! Another cowardly response from someone that LACKS "READING COMPREHENSION!"

    The whole point of this web site is to EXCHANGE thoughts and ideas! If you can't exchange thoughts without running off in a huff because someone doesn't fit into the box that you built, then maybe YOU DON'T BELONG!
  • Randy ur XLNC... 2012/03/05 00:52:35
    Hey you....You, by chance, wouldn't be talking about "Fannie" would you?
    In reality, it's a badge of honor to be blocked by these dunderheads! I've lost count of how many have blocked me, including "The Fannie" less than an hour ago.
  • ur XLNC... Randy 2012/03/05 04:29:14
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    Well...there is that!
  • DavidK 2012/03/04 06:25:16
    Prostitutes charge for sex! Sandra Fluke gives it up for free!
  • Randy DavidK 2012/03/05 01:20:55
    I would suspect her popularity among the male species has risen ten fold since her revelation to Congress.
    Hey, was that Bill Clinton seen sniffing around the halls of Congress?
  • DavidK Randy 2012/03/05 01:49:14
    Bill's Grand Opening is coming soon for his new business!!! D & D inc. (Dogs and dildo's)
  • DavidK 2012/03/04 06:18:54
    Rush should have given her a dog instead of an apology..........

  • officer whip 2012/03/04 05:34:51
    officer whip
    Bristol Palin is the real slut.. She has a bastard son to prove she is a real slut.
  • SunnyOne officer... 2012/03/04 21:42:45
    No, Callista Gingrich is the real slut...she had an affair with a married man and encouraged him to dump his wife for her.

    Or maybe it's Cindy McCain, who did the same thing.

    Or perhaps it's Karen Santorum, who shacked up for six years with the abortion doctor who delivered her as a baby.
  • Randy SunnyOne 2012/03/05 01:32:20
    The Kennedy's, John Edwards, Bill Clinton(A rapist to boot)?
  • SunnyOne Randy 2012/03/06 01:11:43
    Newt Gingrich, John McCain, Herman Cain (guilty of sexual harassment as well as adultery)...need I go on??
  • Randy SunnyOne 2012/03/06 01:45:25
    What court records or police report will you show to prove that statement?
    There happens to be reports on the three mentioned. Actually, I believe Ted Kennedy to be a murderer. Remember Mary Jo Kopechne?
  • SunnyOne Randy 2012/03/06 02:06:49
    He left the scene of an accident, and a woman died. It was not a premeditated act, therefore, it was not murder.

    It IS a fact that Gingrich, McCain, and Cain all committed adultery.

    Gingrich dumped wife #1 for the woman he was cheating with, then dumped HER after cheating with now-current-wife Callista (blaming it all on his "patriotism," of course).

    McCain cheated on wife #1 with now-current-wife Cindy.

    Cain was forced to give up his fantasy of becoming President after his 13-year affair with Ginger White was revealed.
  • Randy SunnyOne 2012/03/07 01:28:31
    Read the police report. Notice he never notified anyone of the accident, now talk about how to treat a date.
    The police found him approximately 12 hours later at his residence where they had to wake him up.
    If I'm not mistaken, Mary Jo drowned in less than 7 ft of water in the backseat of the SOBs car!
    Now what about the bobbsie twins, Clinton and Edwards?

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