Rule By Executive Order; Is Mr. Obama a Dictator?

jr 2010/11/28 14:57:47
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Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
No, Obama Is An American Patriot
Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
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By virtue of a historic election, Americans have rejected Mr. Obama's anti-American agenda. It appears he now plans to shove socialism down our throats in spite of our rejection of it.

Enhancing the unions ability to force themselves on American businesses, gives these corrupt organizations more power to assist with the rejection of the desire of the vast majority of Americans.

The money collected, at our expense, from American businesses will serve to enhance the size and scope of the federal government to encroach on our freedoms.

Through executive action by the Environmental Protection Administration
(EPA) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Obama
Administration is planning to effectuate both policies without asking

Never mind that he couldn’t persuade even a top heavy Democratic
Congress to pass either program. Or that public opinion polls show
massive rejection of both measures. This arrogant,
ideologically-driven radical is determined to have his way and the
public be damned!

The NLRB will rule that if a majority of workers check off that they
want a union on cards then the union will automatically be approved
without a secret ballot vote of the entire workforce. Currently, if a
majority of the workers sign the cards, a secret ballot

But carbon dioxide doesn’t poison anyone. It makes no sense to ban
factory expansion in areas where the nature of the industries is that
there will be high carbon dioxide levels (like oil area of Texas and
Louisiana). But that’s what the EPA plans to do, virtually making
economic growth illegal in large parts of the United States.

Read More: http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/obama-using-executive-orders-t...

economic growth illegal large parts united read httpwww dickmorris comblogobama-using-executive-orders-t

Read More: http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/obama-using-executi...

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  • SickOfBigGov 2010/12/13 03:08:44
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    Under directions from Soros...
  • dlsofsetx 2010/12/07 21:05:26
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    Obama has all the patriotism of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2010/12/05 01:02:52
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    It's kind of hard to say he's a dictator because Congress, the USSC, and We the People are not powerless or voiceless. I think he might well be in a different setting. He's very scary.
  • Mrs. V 2010/12/04 23:50:57
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    Mrs. V
    In his mind he is.
  • BARRY0619 2010/12/04 17:38:53
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    I think he feels he is and when the new Congress takes over, I think you will see many more executive orders to get his radical agenda accomplished.
  • Icanbean Arschloch 2010/12/04 05:42:11
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    Icanbean  Arschloch
    Is anyone else as disgruntled as I am?
  • jubil8 ... Icanbea... 2010/12/05 01:03:34
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Where's the Disgruntled List -- I'll sign!
  • Denny 2010/12/04 05:07:25
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    That is a job that really doesn't do anything because the Next President taking over will stop those executive orders. Of course we could be broke and unemployed by then.
  • jubil8 ... Denny 2010/12/05 01:04:10
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    From your mouth to the next President's ear, Denny.
  • Bob 2010/12/04 03:40:45
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    And this is NEW news to anyone??? Yea, he is but a pawn of the Soro's, Rothchild's etc. of the world.
  • RastaFan 2010/12/04 03:22:48
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    He was raised on red milk.
  • lylamerican 2010/12/04 03:09:02 (edited)
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    He wants controllability in an important property of an uncontrol system.
  • ruralntex 2010/12/04 02:24:49
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    I think he would like to be. Lucky for us he has to grapple with that pesky constitution. Ya know, the document with all those negative rights?
  • mal 2010/12/04 01:51:00
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    he needs to be removed from power.
  • BlueMax372 2010/12/03 17:41:05
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    I hope the coup is just around the corner.
  • Lanikai 2010/11/30 15:38:18
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    He has said all along he will use executive orders to do what ever congress does not do for him.

    This is no surprise to those of us paying attention.
  • Dale 2010/11/30 15:34:19
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    Do think the question answers itself. It is being done currently and future does not hold much hope that President Obama will stop just because of an election, in which the dEMOCRAT Party to a "Shellacking" by the President's own word.
  • Semper Fi 2010/11/30 15:08:56
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    Semper Fi
    More Dic than tator.
  • Lanikai Semper Fi 2010/11/30 15:39:48
  • Semper Fi Lanikai 2010/11/30 15:45:23
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2010/11/30 15:07:54
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    There was a question here?
  • Tiny 2010/11/29 22:36:02
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    donald berwick his and now "our" health care czar is such a radical leftist that obama wouldn't risk letting him have hearings in obama's congress controlled by reid and pelosi. berwick is now calling the shots for medicare, medicaid and obamacare. is it 2012 yet???
  • Lanikai Tiny 2010/11/30 15:40:40
    And czars have unlimited budgets, unlimited power and ZERO oversight on any of those things. They are basically well funded and all powerful.
  • Carl 2010/11/29 22:22:16
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    The President doesn't like America. He believes that America has taken advantaged of others and must be punished.
  • dLegend 2010/11/29 19:32:43
    Maybe, There Are A Lot of Questionable Actions
    This is a man who can't do anything right !
    COZ~He is bred, groomed & 'control by some folks behind'
    All his talks were gas only......
    As far as I'm concern~He's finished !
    All his 'dreams' were nothing; I'm sure MLK is saaaaaaddddd....
    He has done nothing for America; what more, for his own kind !
    Time is flying fast......

    NEXT ?????

    * While others is moving much ahead, here....he's introducing Socialism
    What a laugh....Countries that were Socialist & even Communist have gone
    ahead > Capitalism......
    His dream is out-dated.....unless.....there is an Evil Agenda ??? I wonder...
  • den dLegend 2010/11/30 11:24:33
    you have it well figured out
  • myteemouth 2010/11/29 19:31:46
    Yes, Obama Read Chavez's Book
    He's a communist dictator for sure
  • xcheshirecat 2010/11/29 18:13:12
    No, Obama Is An American Patriot
    That text is so biaised...

    A person liberty stops when it hurts someone else's liberty

    You're not the only country on this planet, You don't have the liberty to pollute the air
  • JAA xcheshi... 2010/11/30 07:27:55
    Liberals are hypocrites. Every "law" they pass infringes on the rights and liberties of the majority, but then they get upset when the tables are turned. I think you should try to sell your comment about liberty to our current President and his wife.
  • xcheshi... JAA 2010/11/30 07:44:18
    Conservatives want their liberties, not liberty in general. The proof : position on gay marriage
  • JAA xcheshi... 2010/12/01 06:50:16
    That's no proof at all. Conservatives would prefer to live in a world where others' sexual proclivities were not forced on us through public parades and token appearances on almost every TV program, to name a few.
  • xcheshi... JAA 2010/12/01 17:01:24

    if you have no problem toward gays you would let them being "seen" like heterosexuals
  • JAA xcheshi... 2010/12/03 04:27:40
    I wouldn't want to watch a hetero parade, either, where they are bumping and grinding in front of children. Perverted, truly perverted.
  • xcheshi... JAA 2010/12/03 05:04:23
    You still don't care about heteros on tv. And don't put all gays as doing the same things
  • JAA xcheshi... 2010/12/03 12:06:12 (edited)
    I rarely meet gays nowadays who have manners or are not flaming. Perhaps the "good" gays are still hiding in the closets (I wouldn't blame them).

    What do you mean I still don't care about heteros on TV? I'm from a generation where sex was taught as being a private affair. Today, advertisers and far left media have become so obsessed with money that they kow tow to all the low-lives and degrade the human condition even further, so yes, I still care about heteros making-out on the TV screen, pornography, and any public display of intimate sex acts. If it doesn't bother you, then, like so many others, you've become desensitized to all things good and respectful in life. That's such a shame. There truly is a loss of moral compasses in this world gone mad.
  • xcheshi... JAA 2010/12/03 16:12:34
    Making out in a tv show, to show real life stuff, can't be put in the same category as pornography

    Like nudity in art isn't like playboy

    And you may be prude and all, but it's not because our morals aren't like you that it's bad
  • JAA xcheshi... 2010/12/04 04:02:32
    I'm a nurse, darling, and I've never, ever met a prudish nurse. Nurses see all kinds of private parts every day, all day long at work, so give me a break on your attempts to insult me. I've probably seen more anuses and vaginas in one week than you will ever see in a life time. I've seen the nasty stuff people put up them, too (including gerbils, coke bottles, dildos, Lysol, etc). I've even had the pleasure of administering IV Valium to a gay couple who got "stuck".

    No, today's world is topsy turvy and full of degenerates. Are you one of them?
  • xcheshi... JAA 2010/12/04 08:40:07
    If being prude is insult for you, I didn't intend it to be. It's a character trait. And you have the right to be. But people who sees it differently, as long as they don't hurt anything, have that right too
  • JAA xcheshi... 2010/12/04 08:56:01
    Being a prude is NOT a character trait, it's a choice, just like being gay is a choice. And no one is called a prude as a compliment, fyi.

    Again, being a nurse for 35+ years, being married for as many years, having had a baby, being a ball room dancer, and teaching sex education to nursing students at the university places me way out of the ballpark for being a "prude." Just because one is a Christian with moral standards, and doesn't sleep with anything that moves, doesn't mean one has sexual adjustment problems. In fact, quite the opposite, people like myself generally have great marriages and are very well-adjusted in every way possible, thank you very much. Just know who you are talking with before you begin throwing out labels, okay?
  • xcheshi... JAA 2010/12/04 18:04:56
    k, well you just proved you're vain "just like being gay is a choice"
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