Rosanne to Stern - We Need Socialism Cuz It Saved Us Before Or Something

zbacku 2012/08/08 15:07:58
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Loony Bird.
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  • Dagon 2012/08/08 22:32:58
  • Vision of Verve 2012/08/08 21:46:00
  • Mr. T 2012/08/08 15:39:13
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    Mr. T
    Yeah...that what America needs, to listen to a fat blowhard lesbian liberal. That will sure as hell get America back on track.
  • ProudProgressive 2012/08/08 15:16:06
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    If Roseanne and Howard Stern are in the same room PLEASE lock the door and don't ever let them out!
  • DizziNY 2012/08/08 15:12:23 (edited)
    Loony Bird.
    Roseanne Barr is a nutcase. This is what she thinks is funny.

    roseann barr looney tunes

    She is an anti-semite and a Nazi.

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