Ron Paul: what will he be able to do at the convention?

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/04/16 17:49:43
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The New York Times shows Mitt Romney leading with over 600 delegates, and Ron Paul with only 52. But:

Over the weekend, reports came in from Examiner.com (Wilmington, DE and their National
edition). They showed Ron Paul winning delegates in Missouri, Colorado
and Minnesota that everyone thought would go to Romney or Santorum.
Santorum then quit the race last week, and never said how he expected
“his” delegates to vote. The two Examiners seemed to think that many of
them would vote for Ron Paul and not for Mitt Romney. In any
event, Ron Paul knew that caucuses would select delegates, because
primaries were non-binding. Not only are those primaries non-binding;
they have no influence on what caucuses do.

The Colorado results are most interesting. Caucuses chose 36
delegates. Sources did not seem to agree on how they would vote. But
those who investigated the matter closely, realized what had happened. RealClearPolitics, for instance, says
that Mitt Romney had the most delegates. In fact, he “won” 13
delegates, against 6 for Santorum. The caucuses chose 17 others who did not pledge their votes. But where do their loyalties lie? Tom Mullen at The Washington Times thinks he knows. Todd King of Lewis, CO, one of those “unpledged” delegates, told Mr. Mullen this:

13 unpledged delegates, including me, will vote for Ron
Paul on the first ballot. One unpledged delegate will vote for Santorum.
The remaining three unpledged delegates, also known as the ‘delegates
at large,’ are the state GOP Chairman, the state GOP National
Committeeman and the National Committeewoman. Those three will likely
vote for Romney. They usually vote for the frontrunner so as not to make

So Ron Paul can count on as many delegate votes as Mitt Romney can,
or almost as many, depending on how the super-delegates vote.

Missouri Republicans changed their caucus rules,
under pressure from many who felt that the Republican “establishment”
wanted them to shut-up and let them do things their way. Ron Paul hopes
to “dominate” in Missouri when Republican voters there meet in caucus
this Saturday and in June.

The Ron Paul campaign flatly disputes the AP/New York Times delegate tally. In March they showed the true delegate strength as:

  • Mitt Romney: 425
  • Rick Santorum: 361
  • Ron Paul: 225
  • Newt Gingrich: 165

One commenter on that page explained how Ron Paul’s supporters get delegates:

This isn’t for sissies. You have to go to the meetings,
meet people and tell them your name so they’ll remember you when it
comes time to vote in delegates, etc. And frankly, it’s boring. I
listened to a long speech tonight and there were a million other things I
would’ve rather been doing (like reading on here or griping with my RP
friends on Facebook).

If those who support the other three candidates are less willing to
listen to “boring…long speech[es]” and forgo their “million other things
[they'd] rather [do],” then of course they’re losing delegates. They
leave the field to Ron Paul.

Read More: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/04/16...

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  • Theresa 2012/04/16 18:32:09
    Win the nomination
    Ron Paul could be the only Nominee without the scent of scandal. That I think will be very important to the delegates.

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  • Dan ☮ R... dallas 2012/04/17 18:18:14
    Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    Which means he's dedicated to restoring this nation, and so far, its paying off. His support grows every year.
  • Savior dallas 2012/04/17 19:21:08
    yeah but is support has only grown since then, and it will be less the 20 years before have another strong messenger for liberty.

    Some say it should be Rand, Some say it should be Amash. I'm more in favor of Amash than Rand.
  • dallas Che Gue... 2012/04/17 17:58:34
  • doc moto dallas 2012/04/18 01:59:20
    doc moto
    Dang I though Dallas was a girl, sorry; but then you must be in-cog-nito as there no way you would wear your dirty undershorts here at this family soda-head site setting! BTW, nice makeup, you look like Chin-chin, she is a cute Chinese panda at the zoo!
  • dallas doc moto 2012/04/18 02:10:33
  • dallas doc moto 2012/04/18 02:20:43 (edited)
  • doc moto dallas 2012/04/18 05:18:02
    doc moto
    Yes, have been to see them...We have been home-schooling for over thirty-five years and our kids home school also and do more then any of the public or social schools, private or otherwise, animal husbandry is a unique field as zoological research... I like it when we leave them when they are and go see them there in their home field and if you end up food then so be it! Love the G-bears, they love LIBERALS and commie dressed and those that us the names of idiot fools that kill innocent kinsmen and klan...
  • dallas doc moto 2012/04/18 11:55:48 (edited)
  • doc moto dallas 2012/04/19 04:57:48
    doc moto
    "That makes absolutely no sense?? It is a typical Sarah Palin comment" <---there you go, caught in the act! Not talking about the nice lady and you brought her into this discussion, if you do not understand, so state it, leave the lady alone, you sound like that lady nut that says the stay at home mothers do not work! G-bears eat Liberals, meaning Grizzly bears as most of the photo nuts go out to film the bears end up on the inside and as statistics! The second portion is in code, means LIBERALS are for killing innocent babies by calling them something else!
  • stevmackey 2012/04/17 03:39:58
    None of the above
    But he can share his ideas.
  • Che Gue... stevmackey 2012/04/17 15:24:48
    Che Guevara - Hero
    He can do that.
  • Classical Liberal 2012/04/17 03:19:38
    Force the convention to adopt a platform more to his liking
    Classical Liberal
    likeliest result.

    he could potentially win, but it seems unlikely.
  • Che Gue... Classic... 2012/04/17 07:33:26
    Che Guevara - Hero
    When Pigs Fly. lol
    when pigs fly
  • Classic... Che Gue... 2012/04/17 14:40:22
    Classical Liberal
    Well, of course a Che Fanboy would hate for our dear president to have actual competition in the election...
  • Che Gue... Classic... 2012/04/17 15:03:16
  • K. Katt 2012/04/17 03:15:09
    None of the above
    K. Katt
    Ron Paul's delegate count is a joke. When all is said and done, he is a distant 4th in a 3 man race. He will have no influence on the convention.
  • Stueiro K. Katt 2012/04/17 10:55:55
    BS, you don't know what you are talking about! The msm report these delegate numbers but they are a wild guess. The delegate count is still going on and won't be revealed for at least a couple of months. To be a delegate is a very long and boring process and only Paul supporters have the passion and dedication to make to the end.
  • Che Gue... Stueiro 2012/04/17 11:20:46
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Ah, another conspiracy theory. How surprising. lol
  • K. Katt Stueiro 2012/04/18 00:39:11
    K. Katt
    So this time it's going to be different than every other election in history?
  • RogerCoppock 2012/04/17 03:03:58 (edited)
    None of the above
    Ron Paul will have no effect at the GOP convention. The convention will be a planned coronation of Mitt Romney. If Romney's people are charitable, they may give Paul some airtime late one evening after primetime, if he's a good boy.
  • FeedFwd ~POTL 2012/04/17 02:33:24
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    I don't have crystal ball. But if Paul were to secure the nomination, i'll bet there will be jaws dropping all across the country. It might register on the Richter scale.
  • STU~PWCM~JLA~POTL~AFCL 2012/04/17 02:26:22
    Make or break the eventual nominee
    I think there is a strong chance of a brokered convention in the GOP. It's not clear at all at the present time that any of the candidates can win a majority of delegates in round one and just get nominated. And there appears to be delegate trolling (fraud) going on in some states that is cheating Paul out of delegates he thought he clinched; legal battles may possibly whittle away some of Romney's delegates in Paul's favor. And of course we still have alot of states to go, where Paul will pick up delegates, especially in states that allocate delegates proportionately at the precinct level rather than winner-take-all. Paul looks like an underdog right now, but in reality, I think he is stronger than Gingrich (over time), but Romney will be his biggest challenge.
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/17 02:31:22
    Romney can't beat Paul ... but the DEM/GOP Progressive Socialist Party and the sheeple will pick him anyway.
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/18 01:03:57
    I agree, and it will mainly be through fraud in caucus states that employ non-binding delegate rules (i.e., Romney trolls will pledge for Paul at the precinct level, and "switch" in cases where they move up to county or state conventions). It stinks, but technically it's not illegal. Essentially, this trolling renders the popular vote at the primaries an exercise in vapor-ware.
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/18 01:25:51
    Sigh ... I know. But I have hope that this nation will stand as One Nation and will stand by their Constitution of We the People come Nov 6, 2012.
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/18 03:13:18
    We better do it four days earler and oust Obama, or we won't have a nation.
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/18 03:16:30
    Hmmm ... have you got a plan?
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/18 03:28:14
    All cons get day passes at ACORN, vote 100 times for Ron Paul, and toss Oblabber into Boston Harbor tarred and feathered and covered with hot tea (120 degrees should do it).
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/18 03:37:55
    I hear people say vote often but I really don't know what that means unless its done illegitimately and I don't know how to do that. Sorry.
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/18 04:08:59
    It depends on who you ask.

    To a con, "vote often" means vote once at each election.

    To a libby, it means vote in your own name plus ten dead relatives.
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/18 04:14:04
    I know I shouldn't laugh ... but that's funny!
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/18 04:23:13
    Oh, go ahead and laugh. No one will know except the CIA, NSA, FBI, Secret Service, Naval Intelligence Service, Seal Team #8, the DOJ, BATFE, and J. Edgar Hoover's ghost.
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/18 04:33:20
    LOL ... I just got a great quote that I think may be apropo.

    "Elect a President and a majority in Congress who still believe in the Constitution and will fight to return America to her original moorings."
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/18 16:48:18
    All we need is 535 clones of Robert Bork. :)
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/19 01:04:16
    Oh-oh ... who is Robert Bork? Is he the author of the quote?
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/19 03:28:34
    Robert Bork is a conservative, very constructionist judge appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan. The Senate chose not to ratify him. The Senate was afraid he would vote to vacate unconstitutional laws the Congress wanted to pass anyway. Clarence Thomas is in the same general mold as Bork. At present, Thomas is the only judge on the Supreme Court that tries hard not to "legislate from the bench."
  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/19 04:26:07
    Do you seem him on the Supreme Court if Paul wins?

    Please comment ...
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/04/19 08:46:13
    Doubtful. Bork is on in years, and the Senate is too liberal to confirm him.

  • Arizona... STU~PWC... 2012/04/20 01:32:44
    Awww ... such a shame.
  • STU~PWC... Arizona... 2012/06/09 21:45:41
    Yeah, Bork is by far my favorite judge.

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