Romney should stop being a coward and release more tax returns. Agree or disagree?

Mopvyzo USA 2012/08/04 00:23:14
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Romney should stop being a coward and release more tax returns Agree or disagree

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  • Max7 2012/08/04 00:26:27 (edited)
    I don't think that Romney is a coward, I think that he is arrogant and he feels that he doesn't have to reveal his earnings. Revealing his earnings might prove to be a negative for him, and god forbid that should happen.

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  • SmittenKitten 2012/08/15 17:55:08
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2012/08/15 04:33:18 (edited)
    Mindless Crap! The man has provided ALL that's legally required! Just as you who supported Barack Obama did almost 4 years ago! You all said...he provided the bare minimum and defended it vehemently! Now you hold the guy you don't like to a different standard? LMAOff....where is the Democracy in that?

    The problem is not with Mitt Romney....it's with the Tax Code! What you fools are not taking every single deduction legally allowed? If so then you are just Dumb!

    Now does this mean you vote for Romney to get his VP Picks Tax Plan? The one that eliminates this? Because so far the Current Administration has failed to rectify the issue!
  • Lee 2012/08/08 02:10:28
    I can't understand why Right Wing Peons never get tired of licking the boots of the Plutocrats who walk all over them.

    Obama has divulged all his tax records. But Romney refuses to do so.

    Not only that, but the main premise of Romney's campaign is that he is some sort of financial Wiz . . .And yet he won't allow us to see anything about his own finances, not even his personal tax records. That calls into question his claim of dominance in financial manners. And STILL he refuses to divulge his tax records.

    Obviously Romney is hiding something that would absolutely sink his candidacy if it became known to voters.

    And here come the RWNJ Peons out of the wood work . . . . making excuses for him . . .

    . . . And trying to deflect attention from the FACT that Romney is not at all honest and forthright enough to divulge his tax records as other Presidential candidates have done for years.

    Anybody would have to be a FOOL to vote for Mitt Romney.

    And that is EXACTLY why RWNJ's will vote for him.
  • ComeOnNow 2012/08/08 00:14:58
    This is nothing but the democrats trying to distract from their failed ideology. You can bet that Obama would have sicked the IRS on him if he hadn't. Besides, Romney is a republican. It is the tax everyone else democrats that do not pay their taxes. Remember when Obama could not even find democrats that actually paid their taxes to fill his cabinet positions? Remember Charlie Rangle?
  • gumybare69 2012/08/06 15:30:29
    What kind of President will he be if he doesn't listen to either his own party or that majority of the public when asked to do something as simple as this? He's got something to hide which makes him look like a snake. This guy has a knack for taking the rules to the extreme so he can come out ahead. He did it when he wanted to be Governor and he'll do it if/when he's President. In some ways I think he's more dangerous than Bush.
  • disclaimer 2012/08/04 23:28:16
  • Mrkando 2012/08/04 22:26:27
    But I doubt he will. It will prove that he pays far less percentage wise than even the poor. Of course that is still a lot of money but paying 13.5% as appose to 15% seems small.
    He does need to prove that he actually has paid some tax however if he intends to be credible.
  • voice_matters 2012/08/04 17:05:28
    romney should release the same data as required by law
  • gocar 2012/08/04 16:03:42
    I don't think he is a coward. He is making a calculated risk that it will not matter to his supporters and the independent voter will not pay attention. Releasing tax returns that do not make him look very patriotic will do nothing to enhance his image so he wont do it and would rather people did not know.
  • ☆GrayBeard☆ ~PWCM~JLA~ 2012/08/04 14:49:03
    ☆GrayBeard☆ ~PWCM~JLA~
    He should release his tax records when 0bama releases a non-fraudulent birth certificate and unseals all the records he has tied up and unviewable (college transcripts, multiple SSAN's, Selective Service registration, thesis', etc, etc, etc.....) Aren't you liberals all about 'fair'?
  • my2cents ☆GrayBe... 2012/08/07 07:18:14
    Romney would have to unseal his college transcripts, selective service registration, thesis, social security numbers, and so forth.

    You think Mr Secrecy is going to do all that? He can't get past the tax returns.
  • ☆GrayBe... my2cents 2012/08/07 07:47:05
    ☆GrayBeard☆ ~PWCM~JLA~
    If by "Mr. Secrecy" you mean 0hblowme, no, I don't think he's going to release any of his records.
  • my2cents ☆GrayBe... 2012/08/07 21:07:03 (edited)
    If Romney can't match the transparency of Obama, the guy the right has been calling "the most secretive president ever", then Romney is going to have a lot of trouble with the independent vote.

    Obama doesn't have to release any of his records and neither does Romney. Hence, neither of them have. But Obama HAS released 12 years of tax returns, and Romney won't do that either. Obama's 12 to Romney's ONE so far doesn't look good for Romney.

    Romney makes Obama look like the poster child for transparency.
  • ☆GrayBe... my2cents 2012/08/08 08:21:02
    ☆GrayBeard☆ ~PWCM~JLA~
    I'm an Independent and he has no problem getting my vote.

    Romney makes 0bowmao look like the poster child for Pathological Liars Anonymous.
  • Patti The Yes Fan 2012/08/04 14:38:11
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    When you withhold info, maybe it means your a LIAR. Hymmmm

    withhold info liar hymmmm
  • seattleman 2012/08/04 13:37:21
    No. Romney will not release his tax records. He should not, because it would reveal that he has paid no taxes in the last ten years - and if that became public knowledge he would have zero chance to win this election.

    Who was it that pointed it out? Romney released his tax records for the previous ten years to the McCain campaign (when he was being considered for the VP spot) and that's how we got Sarah Palin.

    ann romney   you people
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2012/08/04 12:56:35
    This is NOT going away and Mitt is not a reality check type of guy. Romney can try to spin this anyway he wants but the truth is,he's lying about them and doesn't care what the American people think.

    type guy romney spin truth ishes lying care american people
  • Jasmine CAROLYN... 2012/08/04 14:00:40
    Where ARE those damn tax returns! :)
  • CAROLYN... Jasmine 2012/08/04 14:03:18
    Lol,where are they?
    release the tax returns
  • Jasmine CAROLYN... 2012/08/04 14:05:12
    Yes, damn it!!!

  • Jasmine CAROLYN... 2012/08/04 16:10:56
  • CAROLYN... Jasmine 2012/08/04 16:15:49
    Lol,I'm stealing this and sending it out to friends.Thanks! Wish he could be like dear old Dad!

    romney where are your tax returns
  • Jasmine CAROLYN... 2012/08/04 16:17:45
    So very true. How unfortunate Mitt's father had such high standards and Mitt doesn't.

    And spread the song far and wide. I think it's great.
  • CAROLYN... Jasmine 2012/08/04 16:20:02
    Oh ,I will! :)
  • Maynard 2012/08/04 11:59:20

    Those asking for things from Romney while failing to accept that Obama has TOO MANY THINGS HIDDEN.

    What is OBAMA AFRAID OF?

    This story needs to be about Obama and his refusals, NOTHING ELSE.
  • Patti ... Maynard 2012/08/04 14:41:30
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    He released his taxes so what does his opponent have to hide is more the question. and if your talking birther, where was Romney born again?


    Mexi Mitt
  • my2cents Maynard 2012/08/07 07:24:37
    So Obama's refusals are fair game but Romney's are not?

    How typically conservative.
  • JMCC 2012/08/04 09:44:23
    Trust is a two way street, if Mitt Romney wants the people to trust him with the country and the nuclear trigger, perhaps a show of good faith might be a way to earn it?
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/08/04 09:23:02
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Pm 2012/08/04 08:10:25
    another lib attempt to keep focus away form the issues. It goes on and on. No one is the wiser
  • Lady Wh... Pm 2012/08/04 09:23:55
    Lady Whitewolf
    'lib" this
    "lib" that....

    Find something else to blat, huh?
  • Pm Lady Wh... 2012/08/04 19:09:18
    Who else is trying to take focus off the issues? Looks like you cannot show how I am wrong.
  • melly~t... Pm 2012/08/07 07:17:24 (edited)
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    How is fairness in taxation not an issue? He gets a 77k tax deduction for his HORSE while a child, A CHILD, is only 1k. And he's a "family values" candidate? Who's family...Mr. Ed's?
  • Pm melly~t... 2012/08/07 20:54:16
    How is Romney not a family values candidate? His children are well educated and behaved. Romney provided them with the best possible for their entire lives'.
    Your telling me now that because he is rich he is not a good candidate. Get your facts straight, every single President and candidate has been and will always be rich. Becoming rich takes intellect, excellent decision making, and compromise. All qualities of a leader.

    So what is a fair tax deduction for a child? 5k per child? So then the gov will then give everyone a refund and then completely collapse on itself.

    Do you have an idea how much it costs to take care of a horse. You know how much money it costs to run a horse farm. You know the Romney's horses were going to be destroyed at the behest of the highest bidder. they saved the horses. Just so you know.
  • melly~t... Pm 2012/08/07 22:11:49
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    I do know how much it takes to care for a horse.

    Being rich does not take intellect--or there would be a lot more rich people, including myself. He didn't "become" rich--he was born into it. And then he made a lot more money destroying companies. Every single President HAS been rich--and no, I didn't even imply that was a dis-qualifier. But if you would rather base your response off what you pretend I have said, I can't stop you.

    I can't believe that you don't get the point I'm making.
  • Pm melly~t... 2012/08/08 00:26:29
    Sure getting rich means you have intellect. Some get lucky. Some are born into it. All still have to make the right decisions. And that takes intellect.

    Your so intelligent, yet, you are stuck on his tax returns? The fact is, he did nothing illegal. If he had something to hide, he sure as hell wouldn't be running for President.

    You libs jsut hate rich people. I dont know what it is about the rich you hate, but with all the lib responses here its very evident.

    This is getting boring. Lets move on to Obama's failed policies.
  • melly~t... Pm 2012/08/08 02:34:15 (edited)
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    That's "you're" so intelligent. But who's counting?

    " All still have to make the right decisions."
    Pretty sure it wasn't his decision to get expelled from his mother's

    "So what is a fair tax deduction for a child? 5k per child? So then the gov will then give everyone a refund and then completely collapse on itself. "
    What is fair taxation on a man who makes 22m on just investments alone? He should be taxed less than a poor or middle class family of 4? Of 3? He's taxed less than me. THAT'S fair?

    You can keep defending him all you want. He was born into it. And he has destroyed all kinds of companies--mostly middle class small business owners. You know, the ones who were trying to make it by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Even CLEARWATER--who sponsors Rush Limbaugh, your darling, was in fine financial shape until Bain came along--now it's a shell. But they mortgaged it to the hilt and paid themselves well. That's all that matters.

    I don't hate rich people at all. You just can't sustain an argument or debate without putting words in peoples' mouths and assuming things not in evidence. I haven't made anything up about you--but I don't need to.
  • David (... melly~t... 2012/08/08 10:41:56
  • Pm melly~t... 2012/08/09 06:42:44
    Taxed less? He pays millions in taxes a year. While the poor pay nothing and take government aid.

    He has destroyed companies?
    Where did you get this from? WHich companies? HOw did he destroy them?

    All great questions a lib making claims cannot defend. Do you even know what his company does?

    Rush Limbaugh, my darling? I have never listened to a single show of his. All I hear are the libs calling him names and complaining about his free speech.

    Your enraged with ROmney's earnings and taxes. You talk about people making 22m a year and getting taxed at a lower percentage than poor and middle class. That lower percentage equals more money than some people earn in a lifetime....I can only assume you have something agaisnt the rich.
  • melly~t... Pm 2012/08/09 12:13:37
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    I'm not enraged by his earnings at all. It's you who is angry, honey. You're just getting a stiffie over them--that's the difference. All you can do is make assumptions because that's all you have. I am taxed at a higher percentage than Romney is. And we have no idea if he paid any taxes all those years; he's definitely hiding something. Plenty of poor people pay taxes, honey. Another assumption. If anything, you seem to hate the poor. They aren't all taking government aid, but you can pretend they do if it makes you feel like a big man to look down on working families. Good one.

    Look at what Bain Capital does. I'm not about to write an opus explaining it to you. Do your own work.

    Calling him names (which I don't--another erroneous assumption) IS free speech. Or do es your lot alone get to enjoy that? You're all the first to cry about it.
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