Romney Insists He Never Paid Less Than 13% Taxes – So Why Won’t He Prove It? A Few Possibilities

JaguarSocialist 2012/08/16 21:26:06
During a South Carolina press conference, Mitt Romney asserted that he has never paid less than 13% in income taxes and that anyone who is asking for proof is “small minded.”

Let’s forget for a moment that Harry Reid and Mitt Romney are both very powerful members of a church that asks that members submit their tax returns, opening the real possibility that Reid would have access to the documents. Let’s forget, for a moment, that Romney showed his tax returns to John McCain, a long time colleague of Reid, just four years ago. Let’s even forget that Romney has a track record of lies, not just exaggerations and normal campaign smear tactics, but full blown lies. Let’s just, for a moment, assume his words are true. Let’s go with the assumption that he has never paid less than 13% of his income in taxes. If that’s the case, then why the hell won’t he release his tax returns, and are we being “small minded” to ask?

There could be many reasons Romney doesn’t want to release his tax returns. Here are just a few:

He’s a lot wealthier than his $250 million in claimed wealth.
He’s been hiding money from his church.
He’s lying and he did pay zero in taxes.
His wealth is being sheltered overseas – in fact it’s possible that he’s sheltered so much of his wealth that he had zero income for the 10 years Harry Reid referenced.
His tax returns will prove that his tenure at Bain ended long after 1999.
He knows that wealth inequality is a hot button issue and he wants to divert our attention.
He’s done something illegal (unlikely, since the laws were designed for him).
He doesn’t want us asking why he should be allowed to pay just 13% of his income in taxes when the majority of us pay at least twice that.
He doesn’t want the media to scrutinize his charitable deductions – where does the Mormon Church spend its money?


Question: What does the Mormon Church do with those who hide income and don't tithe properly?
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  • Fallout 2012/08/16 22:09:45
    Put up or shut up.
  • Outta' Here. 2012/08/16 21:32:04
  • JaguarS... Outta' ... 2012/08/16 21:48:40
    Obama has released his tax returns; Romney continues to hide his.
  • Outta' ... JaguarS... 2012/08/16 21:55:56
  • JaguarS... Outta' ... 2012/08/16 21:59:11
    Oh hell, I've encountered another stupid birther.

  • Outta' ... JaguarS... 2012/08/16 22:02:06
    Outta' Here.
    You know, if we were discussing Bush and his school records; you'd be all over this.
    Since it's against your chosen messiah, you claim I'm a nutjob.
  • JaguarS... Outta' ... 2012/08/16 22:03:37
    I could give a rat's ass about Bush's records including his obvious abuse of cocaine and alcohol. Damn, one has to love the stupid conservative "messiah" argument. For the record, I'm not a liberal; I passed liberal a long time ago. Give the U.S. military credit for turning me into a socialist.
  • Outta' ... JaguarS... 2012/08/16 22:10:48
    Outta' Here.
    I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat.
    I did not vote for Bush. I did not vote for Obama.
    Funny, I was in the US Military too; I'd shoot a socialist just on principle.
  • JaguarS... Outta' ... 2012/08/16 22:12:22
    You're welcome to try "shooting" me; however, the last person who tried to use a gun on me had it shoved down his throat.
  • flaca BN-0 2012/08/16 21:31:16
    flaca BN-0
    I think it's because he lists income from Bain Capital as a consultant after the date he claims he stopped working for them. Nobody would care about it, except for the fact that he stated several times that he didn't work for them since 1999. The problem is the deliberate lie, not the fact that he worked for them.
  • JaguarS... flaca BN-0 2012/08/16 21:48:17
    I think you're right regarding Romney's tenure at Bain and when it ended. The records would indicate, perhaps, that he lied about when he left. I think there are other reasons including the possibility he didn't pay any taxes for a number of years.
  • flaca BN-0 JaguarS... 2012/08/16 23:43:40
    flaca BN-0
    perhaps that's true too, but really we can't blame him for low taxes: it's not his fault: it's the fault of the system that rewards lower taxes to those who amass money through speculation etc. rather than "work", and penalizes those who earn money through actual work.

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