Romney Has Never Released His College Records -- While the Right Demands Obama Release His. Hypocritical or what?

my2cents 2012/07/30 22:11:26
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Should Mitt unseal his college records and release them to the public?

Wouldn't that be a great move to upstage Obama?

Why won't Mitt do it? Do you think he should?
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  • Z 2012/07/30 23:03:02
    None of the above
    Romney has released his college records. He released them in May, and CNN ran an article on their page about it. He graduated Suma com laude at Harvard, and had a 3.96 gpa at BYU.

    Please, get real.
  • abubincrazy 2012/07/30 22:32:06
    I think BOTH men should unseal their college records and be done with it.
    Obama should also explain his computer-generated birth certificate, college loans/grants, and his multiple social security numbers.
  • my2cents abubinc... 2012/07/30 22:40:29
    Diversions, diversions, diversions.
  • abubinc... my2cents 2012/07/31 00:18:07
    My point exactly.
    Obi has trashed America, so he is trying to make Mitt the topic, rather than his God-awful record.
  • my2cents abubinc... 2012/07/31 04:52:43
    A guy running for President SHOULDN'T be the topic?

    Did you really just say that? Seriously? With a straight face?
  • abubinc... my2cents 2012/08/01 01:06:01
    OBAMA is trying to DISTRACT American voters--the REAL ones, from his TERRIBLE RECORD.
    He is pointing at Mitt and slinging anything up against the wall to see what sticks.
    It's called the Spaghetti Method.
    Yes, you WILL steal that term.
  • bob h. abubinc... 2012/07/31 19:08:13
    bob h.
    You mean that BC that has void written all over it?
  • abubinc... bob h. 2012/08/01 02:07:07
  • Mr. T 2012/07/30 22:29:11
    None of the above
    Mr. T
    Has he been asked to? Is he not allowing it? Are his records sealed? Oh....now I see the difference.
  • my2cents Mr. T 2012/07/30 22:40:09 (edited)
    Yes, Romney's records are sealed.

    Yes, Romney has been asked to release them.

    No, Romney is not allowing it.

    Any more questions?
  • Mr. T my2cents 2012/07/30 23:13:29
    Mr. T
    Yes...I do. I have heard about Romney being asked for his tax returns, nothing else. Can you provide a link or anything that you just said yet to?
  • bob h. Mr. T 2012/07/31 19:09:40
    bob h.
    But the question remains, where are the returns?
  • Mr. T bob h. 2012/07/31 19:18:35
    Mr. T
    Agree with that, just curious that I have never heard the call for releasing the others as depicted above.

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