Romney has a hate-on for the poor and middle-class. Agree or disagree?

Mopvyzo USA 2012/08/23 05:37:59
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  • Patric 2012/08/30 15:21:03
    Mr. Romney is attempting to show the poor how to not be poor,,

    get a job, by promoting the business sector , the unemployed can get a job.

    if it was not for private business , where would we all work ?
    hint : see how Cuba does it ,and how well that has worked out for 50 years.... lol

    lets look at this an other way
    obomma loves the poor people,,, as long as they stay poor...
  • Snowball 2012/08/28 23:00:05
    Funny how he didn't "carry out his evil plans" in Massachusetts! Come on people, ONLY Obama is unable to switch gears and know what to do depending on what role he is assigned- CLEARLY Mitt IS able to figure out how to manage different roles. Even with a Democratic legislature in Massachusetts. Obama followers are so simple minded- remember in '08 when they accused Hillary of "demeaning the work of MLK jr."? This is JUST as stupid as that!
  • TheFightingPanties 2012/08/28 19:05:40
    I think he may be honestly trying to do some good, but I disagree with how he's trying to accomplish it. Besides he's a politician, don't they all have an involuntary hate-on for the poor to varying degrees?
  • John Mirra 2012/08/27 20:58:26 (edited)
    John Mirra
    Doesn't matter how he feels, we all know the GOP is pushing a screw the poor and austerity for the middle class platform. Promise anything to give away more to the top brackets. Screw that ...

    Pictures of the GOP Anti-Obama Hate-Fest in Tampa
    class platform promise brackets screw pictures gop anti-obama hate-fest tampa

    Not that I give a hoot about Obama, but it bothers me that the GOP is willing to do anything to knock him down ... even if it screws up the economy and halts the recovery.
  • TuringsChild 2012/08/27 19:19:01
    Bull. Just more Leftwing nonsense. They don't have anything positive to contribute, so they have to settle for obvious appeals to envy.
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/08/27 19:18:19
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    not hate....disdain.
  • Little Angel 2012/08/27 19:17:17
    Little Angel
    I would say that he has a very low opinion of women and
    doesn't think they should make any decisions on their own.
    As for the middle-class I think he believes he is better and
    more intelligent than they are. Saying he hates them is too
    strong a word, just don't believe he has much respect for them.
    Because of his disrespect and egotism I don't believe he should
    expect Americans to actually vote for him.
    I wouldn't vote for Obama either since he has proved how
    unqualified he is to be President. I will not be so stupid as to
    vote for the lesser of two evils either. Therefore my vote goes to:
    Jill Stein of the Green Party!
  • Sadisticon 2012/08/26 16:09:04
    I'm not sure that there's a lot of love from anyone in his faction. Speaking as a member of "the poor" - Working Poor to you jackasses who think we're all on Welfare or Food Stamps - I find him robotic and stiff and insincere. And while having a robot for a president would be the coolest thing, I'm not here alone and have to consider the future of the young people for whom I frequently find myself responsible.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/08/25 16:19:00
  • ttfndude 2012/08/24 18:11:41
    and I love the Ferengi remark
  • betz 2012/08/24 11:35:23
    Not on your life. To me this prez has spouted his "love" for the middle class but hey.....things are very dismal for that group. We KNOW the one who is not telling the truth as it shows in stats.
  • Squiddie 2012/08/24 03:40:53
    seeing as you are a diehard obama supporter........
  • reaper 2012/08/24 02:02:36
  • Snowball reaper 2012/08/28 23:13:02
    1. Detroit would have gone bankrupt IF the UNIONS didn't give in- NOT because of Obama, AND each GM employee RECENTLY got a $7k bonus and the tax payers aren't paid back. Nice huh. What GM did with their unions, wasn't much different from what Scott Walker did! Result: GM record sales. Wisconsin: taxpayers are in charge and kids are first!
    2. Corporations ARE PEOPLE- duh!
    3. The quote related to the RIGHT to fire bad workers! I worked in a unionized hospital, where they could NOT fire a worker who always called in sick conveinently on weekends, got too obese to perform the job, AND admitted to possibly putting a patient in danger who she "wasn't sure if they were breathing" (because she didn't want to check him herself- she went and got a man). Bet you reserve the right to not tip good servers- or fire bad workers!
    4. The very poor have grants, scholarships, aid, food stamps- and unless THEY choose to imProve the lives of their kids- and the State refuses to take them away- that's about all we can do.
    5.& 6. Not worth my time.
  • mama sew,gung ho 2012/08/24 00:20:47
    mama sew,gung ho
    There should not even be an,"Other" on this question,either he is,or he isn't! And if you ain't with us,then you're agin us! (Baby Bush's talking point!) "We are the 99%!"
  • Silvershadows 2012/08/23 23:55:20
    Anyone who can post a misguided and downright stupid question like this deserves exactly what he'll get if Obama is elected again!! Well, you should be happy? A lot of liberal fools agree with you, which proves their lack of intelligence, logic or research into what Obama has done and is planning to do!
  • Bassinman 2012/08/23 21:11:00 (edited)
    I would agree if I were a Leftist who didn't understand anything but Left Leaning propaganda disguised as actual news and factual reporting. If middle class Conservatives believed that B.S., don't you suppose that they would ALL drop their support for Romney? I'm fairly sure that all the Liberal middle class would agree with that flawed statement, since they feel he also has a war against women, another hoax started by the left. If the Left can't dig up any REAL dirt, they'll pick up a gem, paint it brown, and convince ignorant people that it really is 'dirt', just like fool's gold is real to the ignorant.
  • Snowball Bassinman 2012/08/28 23:15:17 (edited)
    I know- the war on women-- I am emBarrassed women can be so easily led by the nose. There is NO war on women. The number of free clinics has boomed since the 80's. Not just Planned Parenthood either. In fact, we have more choices in birth control than EVER- true under Bush as well. Also, MOST DEMOCRAT women don't believe in abortion/choice after 22weeks either. The earliest surviving premie was 21 weeks. Funny how if a couple miscarries at 20 weeks we don't call their loss "tissue", and the chick in the next room @20 weeks crushing the skull or dismembering it before extraction is "a medical procedure". Yes, there are still too many dems who do support "choice" of late term abortions. Completely TRUE that Obama voted for a "re-vote" on this type of infanticide, but right the actual "re-vote", he was more interested in protecting a doctor during a late term abortion, then guaranteeing medical assistance to an abortion that produced a surving baby that potentially could be saved. COMPLETELY TRUE. He side stepped the truth in his wording, and he is COUNTING on the blind faith of his followers to not check, or care.
  • Pepper 2012/08/23 21:08:01
    He has never been poor, or had to worry about where his next meal is coming from, therefore he cannot, does not and refuses to even comprehend what the middle or poor are all about. Why would we want anyone who has no empathy in this regard!!!!
  • Snowball Pepper 2012/08/28 23:28:41
    I guess Sasha and Maleia will never be worthy of being president either than- right?
  • sealpoint 2012/08/23 18:40:49
    I don't think it's "hate". It's just stupidity.
  • Mark 2012/08/23 18:33:44
    He does come across as a man with an "I'm alright Jack, sod the rest of you" kind of attitude.
  • ally 2012/08/23 18:13:40
    You can add women to that never ending list.
  • luvguins 2012/08/23 18:11:10
    Romney only needs the "little people" to be dumb enough to vote for him after listening to his hate mongering of the president. The GOP in Congress blocked the president from doing as much as he could to help the economy. If elected Romney would drop those middle class and poorer voters he scammed for votes like a bad habit.
  • Bassinman luvguins 2012/08/23 21:32:11
    I'd like to know when calling the kettle black became hate mongering...? If a tree is green, and you call it 'green', does that mean it's really 'blue'? If Obama has done/proposed/said something, just because you are in love with him does that mean that he didn't do/propose/say it? That sounds just like what the Democrats claimed that Republicans did with Bush. But there couldn't be a double standard in the Democratic Party, could there? "We can blame Bush, but don't you dare blame our Messiah". Sound about right?
  • luvguins Bassinman 2012/08/23 22:22:15
    Problem is that Romney's blame and ads are lies. The latest being about welfare.
  • Snowball Bassinman 2012/08/28 23:44:59
    Funny how they blame Congress now, but not the Democrat Congress in Bushes last two years when the debt exploded. They can't handle the truth. Barney Frank and his dem committee that were PISSED about increased regulation suggestions by Republicans in '04, hold a TON of blame. Now Obama/Biden have the audacity to say Republicans don't want regulation?! How stupid are they! If the banks would have been ALLOWED not to lend to high risk people who also happened to be minorities, the housing crash would not have been as bad. They flooded the market with buyers (driving up the cost of houses), then made people into victims when those high risk people defaulted, dropping house values by creating too much inventory. They rigged the game, tax payers HAD to fund it, now they get to pay for it again in lost of home values. No thanks to Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Frank Raines (Obama's staff), and representive Meeks.
  • Snowball luvguins 2012/08/28 23:35:42
    Funny how he couldn't get his own democratic majority to pass his budgets either, OR pass the "tax the rich plan"! They must have forgot about that option when they controlled the House and the Senate! Might have been smart when they were figuring out how to find Obamacare instead Of taking it out of Medicare! Point is "tax the rich" is a gimmick, and you all are "the dumb little people" who don't need to worry your little heads about details or actual facts. If they would have raised taxes, they would have only an additional 8 billion more dollars a year- a economy that's a mess, no excuses, and no solutions! Seriously, think about that!
  • luvguins Snowball 2012/08/28 23:39:58
    You must be rich. If not Romney hates little people.

    Obama good luck
  • Snowball luvguins 2012/08/28 23:52:47 (edited)
    Nope. Raised poor, 2 bedroom house w/ 4 kids, hand me downs. Cleaned houses, & babysat thru ads in the paper @14. Mowed lawns at twelve. Car hopped at 15. Hostess & salad girl @16. Waitress 17- 26. Put myself thru College while raising my brother. My occupation pays $17/hr with a College Degree. I am responsible for the choices I make- and I don't expect anyone to change things for me. But I am not stupid. If I consider both people fairly, what they've done, who didn't make the effort to make things work, who's truly been the obstructionist, it's not Romney. I am a democrat, a fiscal democrat. Face it, Obama is all talk, tons of contradictions, and hasn't a clue.
  • luvguins Snowball 2012/08/29 00:00:20
    The GOP which Romney would head have been the obstructionists or we would be further recovered now. They have sabotaged the recovery for political gain saying no to things they were previously for as soon as Obama agreed. Romney is not interested in you.
  • Snowball luvguins 2012/08/29 00:08:26
  • luvguins Snowball 2012/08/29 00:16:27
    The problem started with private mortgage lenders way before Fannie and Freddie.

  • Snowball luvguins 2012/08/29 04:46:11 (edited)
    And the Dems made it way worse. Even Clinton chastised them for being resistant to regulation- yes- Bush was wrong to go along with the dems! Look where bleeding hearts get you! Hurt those they meant to help & tax payers FAR WORSE than had they left well enough alone! Bush should have fought the dems on this. I didn't vote for Bush.
  • luvguins Snowball 2012/08/29 13:32:06
    It is not the democrats fault. Wall St colluded with private mortgage lenders, and fleeced the country. They are now supporting Romney because he will allow them to do it again.
  • Snowball luvguins 2012/08/30 04:27:45
    You are so clueless.
  • luvguins Snowball 2012/08/30 05:04:28
    You are brainwashed, and a new Democrat hater.
  • Snowball luvguins 2012/08/30 05:09:50
  • Rich 2012/08/23 17:43:53
    It's not that he hates the poor. It's that they're of no use to him politically.
  • melvin taylor 2012/08/23 17:19:11
    melvin taylor
    He, like the rest of the Republicans' HATE any living thing under six figures period.

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