Romney campaign disagrees with GOP over Obama’s healthcare ‘tax’

Samantha 2012/07/03 14:19:26

A rift has opened up between presidential challenger Mitt Romney and the rest of the Republican party over the question of whether a key aspect of Barack Obama’s healthcare legislation is classified as a tax.

Chief justice John Roberts ruled the individual mandate to be constitutional under the federal government’s taxation powers, a fact seized on by Republicans in Congress.

But on Monday, one of Romney’s senior advisers, Eric Fehrnstrom, undercut the Republican party line in an interview with MSNBC. Fehrnstrom positioned Romney alongside the White House, which describes the levy on anyone who refuses to take out insurance as a “penalty”.

Fehrnstrom said of Romney’s position: “He disagreed with the ruling. He disagreed with the findings of the ruling. He disagreed with the logic that supported those findings. He said that he agreed with the dissent, which was written by Justice Scalia, and the dissent clearly stated that the mandate was not a tax.”

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  • Morningstar 2012/07/03 15:52:57
    Romney has to agree with Obama on this right? because he initiated the same thing!
  • ScatterJoy! 2012/07/03 14:20:39 (edited)
    Romney said something different today than what he said yesterday - I'm shocked!

    Also, Romney's Healthcare Law passed in Mass, was the template for Obamacare....
  • Samantha Scatter... 2012/07/03 15:43:53
    Oh, I am shocked, shocked Romney said something different.

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