Romney and Jobs

urwutuis 2012/06/08 18:18:01
Mitt Romney sells himself as a job creator but do the facts support his claim?

He made the same claim 10 years ago when running for Gov. of Mass.
What was the result?
Mass. fell to 47th in job creation, lost manufacturing jobs at twice the average rate and grew jobs at one fifth the rate of the rest of the country.

Mass. under Romney had one of the worst economic records in the country.

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  • David Lindner 2012/06/08 19:17:17
    David Lindner
    where is the rest of it? where is the truth in this article?
  • Jane David L... 2012/06/08 22:36:37
    If you know the rest of it, please enlighten us.
  • urwutuis Jane 2012/06/09 04:32:50
    This is stuff I've come across over a period of time. You don't have to believe but you will have to do yoiur own research
  • David L... Jane 2012/06/09 04:33:43
    David Lindner
    not my job. do your research. this was pulled out of context.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/09 04:56:28
    Not your job? So I'm supposed to educate you? Sorry, I don't think so.
    It wasn't pulled out of context and like I said, you don't have to believe it.
    It might behoove one to check if they wanted to actually know what reality was but you won't.
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/09 07:07:00
    David Lindner
    well state the reality because this isnt it. so why be dishonest since you admitted to being dishonest?
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/10 04:48:35
    I see you're comprehensively challenged as well as lazy. I admitted no such thing. All statements, to the best of my knowledge, are factual.
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/10 05:16:41
    David Lindner
    well when you post something factual, instead of commentary and opinion, ill believe you.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/10 16:05:21
    It's factual but I don't care if you believe it.
    You're welcome to remain as misinformed as you like.
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/10 16:09:44
    David Lindner
    what specifically did you say that was factual.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/10 19:59:21
    Take your pick. I'm done with this stupid game.
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/10 20:25:14
    David Lindner
    AWWW I called you out and you cant respond, because you projected yourself onto me.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/10 21:14:20
    everything I wrote is fact and I still don't care if you believe it or not.

    Called me out? Yeah, right.
    I just don't care to play kids games. If you want to discuss something I'm open but if you want to play stupid games because you're too stupid or lazy to become informed find somebody else.
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/10 22:47:28
    David Lindner
    I want to know what was a fact besides that mitts state was 47th in JOB CREATION WHEN HE GOT IN.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/09 04:30:31
    I'm just telling you what I know but you'll have to do your own research. I don't care if you believe it or not
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/09 04:32:47
    David Lindner
    this definitely was a copy and paste job, and you should put the entire story.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/09 04:56:59
    It wasn't copy and paste and that is the entire story
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/09 07:06:23
    David Lindner
    the story is longer than that. Ive read it before somewhere.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/10 04:46:08
    You may have seen something similar but I wrote that myself.
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/10 20:24:18
    David Lindner
    that definitely was almost verbatim.
  • urwutuis David L... 2012/06/10 21:20:58
    If it is it's coincidence, although, I'd like to know where you saw it if you can recall where it was.
  • David L... urwutuis 2012/06/11 09:53:27
    David Lindner
    I dont
  • Roger47 2012/06/08 19:13:46
    He has created more lies than jobs.
  • Andrew 2012/06/08 18:53:50
    And Barrack Obama will be the first president in modern histroy to leave office with fewer jobs in the market then when he took office! I'll stick with Romney!
  • Roger47 Andrew 2012/06/08 19:16:01
    Check out this great chart. It shows private sector job growth/losses for the last few years.
  • Andrew Roger47 2012/06/08 19:59:58
    You do understand that every month when less than 168,000 jobs are created, we actually are going backwards, I saw this chart on an Obama propaganda flick! It is as fraudulent as the President, himself!
  • David L... Roger47 2012/06/09 04:33:14
    David Lindner
    LOL you believe that.

    try going to www.BLS.gov

    I know, the truth will turn you to stone.
  • urwutuis Andrew 2012/06/09 00:12:04
    You might want to check your facts on that.

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