Romney Adviser Struggles To Defend Campaign’s Major Economic Claim

ProudProgressive 2012/04/16 12:35:34
It's no secret that the Republicans will lie about anything in order to try to attack the President's record, from concocted nonsense about forcing children to eat chicken nuggets to assuming that because the so-called "New Black Panthers" and the President are both black they must be working together. They attack him for expressing sympathy to the family of Trayvon Martin, and then turn around and attack him for NOT expressing sympathy to every other murder victim in the United States. Of late they've even started attacking the President for their own failures, like denying the obvious - that the Right Wing is in the midst of a major war on women's rights - and claiming, without even a remote resemblance to sanity, that it's actually the President (the same President whose first piece of legislation was the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and who deftly prevented the Catholic Church from dictating to women whether they can use birth control) who opposes women's rights.

But when even top Republican spokespeople can't defend their own lies, it's pretty obvious that the Right Wing is running out of attacks. What if they {gasp} have to talk about actual issues??? Will Karl Rove's head explode?

Article excerpt follows:

Romney Adviser Ed Gillespie Struggles To Defend Campaign’s Major Economic Claim
By Alex Seitz-Wald
Apr 15, 2012

Mitt Romney senior adviser Ed Gillespie struggled to defend his campaign’s central piece of evidence supporting its claim that President Obama is waging a war on women today. The claim — that 92 percent of jobs lost under Obama where lost by women — has been called highly misleading and “mostly false” by Politifact (twice), the Washington Post’s fact checker, an AP fact checker, and even the rabidly conservative Daily Caller.

Even Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace saw the problem with the claim and pressed Gillespie when he mentioned the figure this morning. “It is not true,” Wallace said of the larger Romney argument, calling the 92 percent figure a “little bit of an accounting trick” and noting that “all the independent fact checkers have said it’s misleading.”

The best defense Gillespie could muster was to claim that some of the economists quoted by the Washington Post’s fact checker were liberal.

Gillespie doesn’t even attempt to defend the substance of the claim because there is little substance to it.

The 92 percent figure obscures the fact that many more men than women lost jobs in the recession, as Wallaces forces Gillespie to admit. The key is timing. Men tend to be concentrated in industries that were hit first, like construction, so they lost their jobs first, while women tend to be contracted in the public sector, which had layoffs later on when state and local governments slashed their budgets.

In fact, it was Republican lawmakers and governors who led this effort, accounting for over 70 of percent state layoffs, so Romney’s claim is effectively blaming Obama for policies that Romney supports (cutting government workforces).

Read More: http://thinkprogress.org/special/2012/04/15/464654...

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  • The Electrician 2012/04/16 12:54:07
    The Electrician
    Not to worry, "The Financial Mercenary" will never get elected, as a matter of fact we'll probably see the GOP lose big time all over America.
  • ProudPr... The Ele... 2012/04/16 13:21:52
    One can only hope.
  • carolynb 2012/04/16 12:42:03
    Romneys biggest problem is his mouth. He will say anything to win. It is like he is so stupid that he goes out and says the craziest things, but we have videos of everything on him, and in most cases, he is lying or flip flopping. If he wins the election, it will only be because the "anyone but Obama" crowd will come out and vote for him regardless of what he says.
  • ProudPr... carolynb 2012/04/16 13:23:30
    It's a wonder that so many Republicans are unaware of the existence of video and audio recordings. On the other hand, if you judge by some of the conservatives around here, video doesn't prove anything anyway. They've been so conditioned by the Andrew Breitbart school of creative cinematography that they think they can simply ignore reality entirely.
  • carolynb ProudPr... 2012/04/16 13:31:39
    That is it exactly. They think anyone but Obama is the key. This economy isnt going to come back for another 3-4 years no matter who is president, and if they elect a republican, they may lose some of the benefits they have now.

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