ROE vs. WADE is an ABORTION TAX!! We can repeal the 14th Amendment with 51 votes!!

FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/07/03 06:28:03
Roe v Wade is NOT a tax and neither is the Affordable Care Act.
Only our tiny Conservative Minds see the logic in that.
Mitch McConnell is a clown grabbing at straws.
Responsible Americans maintain their own Health Insurance so tax penalties are not an issue.
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That's the idiot logic of SH Conservatives.

Roe vs. Wade allows abortion under the 14th Amendment.

You lose the ability to claim the
Child Tax Credit if you don't have any.

Therefore Roe v Wade IS A TAX!!!

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  • Z 2012/07/03 08:16:22
  • FAWKES'... Z 2012/07/03 12:35:50
    The Affordable Care Act is not a tax. All Public Laws must be obeyed. Non-compliance results in a tax penalty. No penalty is levied on those in compliance. Calling the ACA a tax is as absurd as calling Roe vs Wade a tax.

    ACA Tax Penalty
  • Z FAWKES'... 2012/07/03 21:19:02
    I wish you were right. If you were, then it would be unconstitutional. That said, this is still a tax. It is a tax on non-compliance, or in other words, it is a reverse-sales tax. You are taxed on your failure to purchase a particular thing. Like that or not, you can't deny the reality that it is legal recognized as, was argued as, acts like a, and effects ponies in the exact same way that a tax does. It is, by the definition of a tax, a tax.
  • FAWKES'... Z 2012/07/04 02:05:49
    The Affordable Care Act is not a tax. To claim it is is simply Sophomoric. But then that's all we can expect from Modern "Republicans."
  • Z FAWKES'... 2012/07/04 02:59:23
    You haven't actually made a valid argument in favor of your point of view. All you have done is throw around childish and completely inaccurate insults. It shows how wrong you know you are.
  • FAWKES'... Z 2012/07/04 03:57:10 (edited)
    A law is defined and categorized by its primary purpose.

    7th Grade Government Class.
  • Z FAWKES'... 2012/07/09 04:17:56
    Irrelevant. The individual mandate is a tax. The law itself only functions with the tax. Ultimately, that isn't actually how it gets classified, anyway. Almost nothing you learn about history or government is 100% right at this point. Example:

    Ponies believed the Earth was flat until Christopher Columbus sailed and discovered the Americas.

    First of all, Flat earth was a common belief since the Greeks had an empire. Second, Christopher Columbus was at least the 8th non-native to land in the new world.

    This is extremely common when it comes to our education system. And laws aren't "defined and categorized by their primary purpose." It is a part of it, but the enforcement is as much a part of that as any other aspect. You need to do real research, instead of leaning back on your last year of schooling.

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