Rodney King found dead in the bottom of a pool after drinking and smoking pot the night before. Your thoughts. . . . . . .?

Drue-AFCL 2012/06/17 17:39:53
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  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/17 18:22:44
    I guess his late night dip took him a little too far. RIP Mr. King.
  • sglmom 2012/06/17 18:12:00
    A troubled person ..
    with a criminal past (including many instances of abusing drugs too)
    he had several stints in Rehab
    (including on a "reality show" .. I believe it was rehab at let's see .. Dr Drew's center?)
    Doesn't surprise me that he had drugs/alcohol in his system still
    (and that he drowned in the pool)
  • JJ 2012/06/17 18:10:43 (edited)
    I wasn't there so I have no idea about the pot and the drinking...but.I do feel for the man. What the cops did was wrong and by doing wrong it reflected back to more wrong [ riots, etc ] at that time.
    Some blame religion for man's doings...its not religion that does this, its man's own human nature. We have a choice to do right or wrong. Religion tells us to love our neightbor and love each other. This man died at a young age...why, I don't know. But in the video he sounded humble. Only God knows what he must have been caring on his heart.
  • CODE 11 JJ 2012/06/17 18:57:46
    CODE 11
    In the video of his arrest he contiuely tried to get up, instead of responding to orders to lay down and stop resisting.
  • JJ CODE 11 2012/06/17 20:23:34
    I tried watching with the sound, but for some reason I wasn't getting it, but I did watch the actions of what happened and I know when anyone is badly hurt, they're going to try and get up, not to challenge, but its just an automatic thing to do. now, some will get up to fight more, but when you've been beaten like he was, your body is hurting bad and you just want to move it. They kept on beating him and beating him. Just because King lifted his head [ a cop put his foot in his face ] he got beaten again. This was not to try and restrain him, but out and out cruelty. They got away with it, but I will guarantee you that God knows their names and they will be judged for what they did.

    Don't get me wrong, I feel very strong about those that do evil acts and hurt people for what ever excuse they use...from rape to murder. I feel very strong that they are to go to trial and if found guilty, go to prison or be put in the chair.

    We need good cops, good laywers, good judges and the right way to do things, not have those that are more interested in money, power, color of ones skin and no longer interested in doing the right thing in order to get to the truth.
  • Golden Panther 2012/06/17 18:06:25
    Golden Panther
    Good riddance!!
  • jc 2012/06/17 18:04:39
    What a moron!
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/06/17 18:03:08
  • Constit... mk, Sma... 2012/06/18 02:16:16
  • mk, Sma... Constit... 2012/06/18 14:36:43
  • EddyGee53 2012/06/17 18:00:03
  • mwg0735 2012/06/17 17:58:39
  • Dodgerfan 2012/06/17 17:57:48
    Realizing the significance of his footage, Holliday phoned the local police station, but claims that the person who answered the phone 'blew him off'. Next, he tried CNN, but no one was there to take his call. Finally, Holliday took his tape to local Los Angeles station KTLA. They edited out the blurry first 13 seconds of the tape showing King charging Officer Powell, and broadcast the last 68 seconds of the beating. The next day CNN and NBC obtained copies, and the tape was seen around the world.-http://www.seeingisbel...

    Let's make sure the first thirteen seconds never materialize just like the dead air in the Nixon tapes.
  • Drue-AFCL Dodgerfan 2012/06/17 18:04:26
    Your the first person I have heard mention that all important 13 seconds except my father who is a retired LAPD! Thank you! Happy FAthers DAy to you as well!
  • Dodgerfan Drue-AFCL 2012/06/17 18:10:26
    Very kind of you and we are meeting our family in BGKY later for dinner.

    I stayed up to watch the Blue Crew against the Sox. Their closer was untouchable.
  • Drue-AFCL Dodgerfan 2012/06/17 18:16:21
    You did? I watched it also. I liked Friday nights game much better though!
  • Dodgerfan Drue-AFCL 2012/06/17 18:21:01
    I can only see Dodger games when they play the Cubs, or this instance Sox, they are on Fox Saturday MLB, Turner Broadcasting or ESPN. Years ago I had Dish and had the West Coast feed to get the Dodger games on KTLA and then Fox bought the rights so I was out in the cold again.
  • Drue-AFCL Dodgerfan 2012/06/17 18:22:33
    Well really quickly. . . . . it was a fantastic come back game!
  • Gimmedap 2012/06/17 17:57:27
    Don't know him. Don't really care
  • mark 1 2012/06/17 17:57:25
    mark 1
    Sorry to hear it.
  • Scooter 2012/06/17 17:53:10
    It didn't surprise me.
  • gocar 2012/06/17 17:50:13
    What a shame. He apparently never did turn his life around after being on the national radar. I remember him being so low because his beating by the police, shown on TV, started such chaos in the streets.
    When I read what is already written I have to believe we are not teaching the humanities in schools anymore. I did not know the man but I don't think he did anyone any harm in his life. I seem to forget what the police ran after him for but the beating was certainly unjustified and the world was watching. His poignant "Can't we all just get along" is still stuck in my head.
    How can you be so very mean spirited? Do you claim to be Christians. Only more proof that religion does not make good people all the time.
  • Of Thee... gocar 2012/06/17 17:53:09 (edited)
    Of Thee I Sing...
    Excuse me....he may have changed his life around in his later years but dont make him out to be the all American citizen because he was a convict at one time. I dont like speaking ill of the dead but come on.....he was NOT the model citizen
  • Drue-AFCL gocar 2012/06/17 17:53:21
    I am not being mean spirited I am only asking for your thoughts!
  • T. James H Drue-AFCL 2012/06/17 21:09:59
  • Vijay Pawar 2012/06/17 17:50:04
    Vijay Pawar
    May his soul R I P Actions & Reactions are Equal & Opposite.
  • Simmering Frog 2012/06/17 17:50:03
    Simmering Frog
    If only pot was legal, Rodney would be alive today.
  • Of Thee... Simmeri... 2012/06/17 17:54:21 (edited)
    Of Thee I Sing...
    thats funny with a capital FUNNY......v
  • Simmeri... Of Thee... 2012/06/17 17:55:47
    Simmering Frog
    That was sarcasm.
  • Of Thee... Simmeri... 2012/06/17 17:56:22
    Of Thee I Sing...
    sorry......my bad.
  • Simmeri... Of Thee... 2012/06/17 18:34:07
    Simmering Frog
    I admit that one was hard to read the sarcasm. Thanks for your response.
  • Red_Horse 2012/06/17 17:49:06
  • Goldneye 2012/06/17 17:46:48
    Not surprised. Now he is out of our misery.
  • DM Twin 2012/06/17 17:45:55
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/06/17 17:45:54
    couldn't happen to a nicer guy
  • shadow76 2012/06/17 17:45:20
    I guess he died as he lived....stupidly
  • NPC 2012/06/17 17:43:03
    The world will be better off without this type of person here. He got what he deserved.
  • All American 2012/06/17 17:41:23
    All American
    He died trying to drink the pool? Wow, he must have been really stoned.
  • Stryder All Ame... 2012/06/17 17:42:14 (edited)
    Or really thirsty. If he'd been smoking then maybe he had a really bad cottonmouth.
  • All Ame... Stryder 2012/06/17 18:00:34
    All American
    Forgot about cottonmouth. I haven't been stoned in decades.

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