Robert Draper's Book: GOP's Anti-Obama Campaign Began The Night Of The Inauguration.

luvguins 2012/04/26 20:04:37
From where we have arrived now, some of us thought we knew when the GOP was being transparent about their campaign to sabotage the president when Mitch McConnell said their plan was to "make Obama a one term president" in October, 2010. However, we were way behind the GOP's nefarious plans according to Robert Draper's new book, "Do Not Ask What We Good We Do: Inside the House of Representatives". Draper, a contributor to GQ and the NY times, imbedded himself with House members in 2011 including the key players, and was surprised how forthcoming and candid they were about their mission and it's beginning.

As President Barack Obama was celebrating his inauguration at various balls, top Republican lawmakers and strategists were conjuring up ways to submarine his presidency at a private dinner in Washington.

The event -- which provides a telling revelation for how quickly the post-election climate soured -- serves as the prologue of Robert Draper's much-discussed and heavily-reported new book, "Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives."

According to Draper, the guest list that night (which was just over 15 people in total) included Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and Frank Luntz, the long-time Republican wordsmith. Notably absent were Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) -- who, Draper writes, had an acrimonious relationship with Luntz.

For several hours in the Caucus Room (a high-end D.C. establishment), the book says they plotted out ways to not just win back political power, but to also put the brakes on Obama's legislative platform.

"If you act like you're the minority, you're going to stay in the minority," Draper quotes McCarthy as saying. "We've gotta challenge them on every single bill and challenge them on every single campaign."

The conversation got only more specific from there, Draper reports. Kyl suggested going after incoming Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for failing to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes while at the International Monetary Fund. Gingrich noted that House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) had a similar tax problem. McCarthy chimed in to declare "there's a web" before arguing that Republicans could put pressure on any Democrat who accepted campaign money from Rangel to give it back.

The dinner lasted nearly four hours. They parted company almost giddily. The Republicans had agreed on a way forward:

Go after Geithner. (And indeed Kyl did, the next day: ‘Would you answer my question rather than dancing around it—please?’)

Show united and unyielding opposition to the president’s economic policies. (Eight days later, Minority Whip Cantor would hold the House Republicans to a unanimous No against Obama’s economic stimulus plan.)

Begin attacking vulnerable Democrats on the airwaves. (The first National Republican Congressional Committee attack ads would run in less than two months.)

Win the spear point of the House in 2010. Jab Obama relentlessly in 2011. Win the White House and the Senate in 2012.

"You will remember this day," Draper reports Newt Gingrich as saying on the way out. "You’ll remember this as the day the seeds of 2012 were sown."

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  • C. C. Rider 2012/04/26 20:45:40 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    The "hate" machine against this President has been the worst I have ever seen. And yet he still stands tall and will win in 2012. From the likes of drug addled Rush and Nugent they just can not stop him. These GOP candidates will loose too.

    tall win 2012 drug addled rush nugent gop candidates lose

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  • ProudPr... william... 2012/04/26 22:41:54
    So how many lawsuits claiming that Mitt Romney isn't a natural born United States citizen have been filed so far?
  • David L... ProudPr... 2012/04/26 23:08:41
    David Lindner
    Considering he was born in the USA and moved to Mexico for a short amount of time when he was a kid?
  • Flash,a... David L... 2012/04/27 00:13:46
    That was Mitt's grandfather. Mitt's natural born here of 2 American citizens.
  • David L... Flash,a... 2012/04/27 00:24:54
    David Lindner
    I know.
  • Flash,a... ProudPr... 2012/04/27 00:12:50
    Because he is natural born.
  • David L... Flash,a... 2012/04/27 00:25:30
    David Lindner
    liberals should be more worried about if obamas dad is natural born
  • Flash,a... David L... 2012/04/27 00:35:26
    He was a natural born of a British colony.
  • David L... Flash,a... 2012/04/27 00:56:39
    David Lindner
    So he's a citizen?
  • Flash,a... David L... 2012/04/27 01:20:34
    'If' he was born in Hawaii he's a citizen but not natural born. Mitt's parents were American citizens and he was born on US soil and thereby a natural born citizen.
  • Markie william... 2012/04/26 22:44:07
    I would think this post came from the bowels of someone or something, man you are off the mark completely.

    Be well
  • william... Markie 2012/04/27 13:29:28
    william keegan
    Believe what you may.
  • Randy 2012/04/26 21:44:22
    Why would anyone want this Bozo around another term?

  • luvguins Randy 2012/04/26 21:58:39
    "Why would anyone want this Bozo around another term?"

    The people who WILL re-elect him, loser.
  • Flash,a... luvguins 2012/04/27 00:19:01
  • luvguins Flash,a... 2012/04/27 00:47:07
  • Flash,a... luvguins 2012/04/27 01:21:48
    Luck plays for the Colts now. Obama's marxist record causes his down fall.
  • Randy luvguins 2012/04/27 23:20:10
  • ProudPr... Randy 2012/04/26 22:43:01
    Because we, like the President, want to see the country continue to recover from the Bush disaster rather than bring Bushanomics back for another try.
  • Lady Wh... ProudPr... 2012/04/27 10:27:22
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Randy ProudPr... 2012/04/27 23:22:47
    Do you need reading glasses?
  • Markie Randy 2012/04/26 22:45:29
    It is not that all of us love Obama, it is the fact that even as frustrated as we are on the left, he is still smarter, kinder and more Presidential than any of the Republican candidates.
  • luvguins Markie 2012/04/26 23:36:05
  • Lady Wh... Markie 2012/04/27 10:28:12
    Lady Whitewolf
    True... all the GOP wants to do is run the poor and what's left of the middle class INTO POVERTY.
  • JustThe... Lady Wh... 2012/05/01 01:31:09
    The Food Stamp President has destroyed the middle class more than all other presidents combined.

    Oops, back to the drawing board with drawing up your lies.....
  • Randy Markie 2012/04/27 23:28:50
    How do you know? His records have been sealed since he took office.
    Check Obama's first executive order #13489
  • luvguins Randy 2012/04/27 23:51:19
    Well, Romney sure doesn't want anyone to see his tax returns and much else.
  • Randy luvguins 2012/04/28 02:03:04
    We'll see them long before any of Obama's information.
  • luvguins Randy 2012/05/01 01:32:45
    Obama's tax returns are out for the last 6 or more years.
  • Randy luvguins 2012/05/01 08:02:17
    How about some of those sealed records?
  • Markie Randy 2012/05/01 13:36:29
    Maybe his birth certificate or the $200 million a day spent on the India trip.

    Why don't you guys all get together and do something for the benefit of all, snipe hunting, or unicorn hearding.
  • Randy Markie 2012/05/01 22:51:52 (edited)
    I believe Romney paid for his, unlike Obama who had the taxpayers to mooch off of!

  • JustThe... Markie 2012/05/01 01:29:34
    None of the Republican candidates have the record of lying this president has.

    If you enjoy being lied to, and think that is going to move the country forward, then by all means, vote for the illegal.
  • Markie JustThe... 2012/05/01 13:37:02
    Not one of them?

    Really never lied.

  • JustThe... Markie 2012/05/02 11:01:59
    Desperate you have to name call or just frustrated because you know you're wrong? Or, perhaps you have to change what I said so you can call me a name?

    Let me try this again. I'll type real slow this time so even YOU can keep up....

    "None of the Republican candidates have the record of lying this president has."

    Did I say "No R ever lied"? Obviously not.....your English 101 comprehension class is now complete.....for this post.
  • Markie JustThe... 2012/05/02 16:38:55
    Genius, again.
  • JustThe... Markie 2012/05/03 10:52:12
    Thank you, I know. But, being factual is not really that hard. You should try it.
  • Markie JustThe... 2012/05/03 15:27:04
    It is never about facts with you and your group. It is about how best to vote this President out, no matter what the cost or what part of the story gets tilted.

    My gusess is he is President for another term, without my vote, but you boneheads should get a grip
  • JustThe... Markie 2012/05/05 01:05:33
    It is ALWAYS about fax with ME and since this president wants to destroy this nation it is DAMN SURE about voting his ass out of office!


    Here's a challenge for you you know you can't accept. Name an example of how the "story has been tilted against obama". When you can't, please agree to shut up and sit down in the corner until you are called upon.

    Your unnecessary blathering is bothering everybody! Name something factual....ready...GO!

  • Markie JustThe... 2012/05/05 12:28:37
    This is just an invite to get a tape worm. The parasite right If we post we are blathering, if we don't we are silenced by idiots like yourself.

    Just like the party of No, you boys post like the party.
  • JustThe... Markie 2012/05/06 11:54:47 (edited)
    Ok, so you write words you cannot factually back up.

    My invite was a chance for you to prove you had a coherent thought in your apparent empty brain.

    I was correct, yet again, you just have an empty, zombie head.

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