Riot and Protesting Over Fed's taking 70-YEAR-OLD MAN'S RANCH **GRAPHIC

it'skrissie!d:) 2014/04/10 13:32:49
You guys can read the many stories on http://drudgereport.com/ Drudge Report. This is really, really horrific. They have tazed a pregnant woman and have thrown people down and let their German Shepherds attack. This is one of the most unconstitutional things I have ever witnessed. Be warned, this video is shocking and graphic. You can see other videos as well. Just thought you guys on here should be aware that this is occurring as we speak.
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  • Savious 2014/04/10 15:21:32
    Read a little on this, this morning. Don’t have enough information yet to decide where I sit on the fence.

    But, like most situations; for it to have evolved to this level, means someone, somewhere, has done something very very wrong.
  • Sharon 2014/04/10 13:37:53
    I couldn't see the video, why did they take his ranch.
  • it'skri... Sharon 2014/04/10 13:54:30
    Hm. Have you tried clicking on the picture above and then clicking play? I just did it a second ago and it worked. Anyway, apparently it started in 1993 to graze his cattle on his family's land that he has gained from inheritance. His family owned it before the 1934 Act for the Feds could to take the land away. The Feds have killed and are carting the rest of his cattle away as I type this. This is all over whether or not this man should have his rights over his land to graze his cattle because of the tortoises to eat, but Bundy says that it's his right to graze his cattle on his land and is positive for the land. I have to say that there may be some faults on both sides, but the way the government is handling this is just horrifying. I mean, tazing a pregnant woman? It's frankly unconstitutional what they are doing to these protesters, trying to gather them like cattle. Frankly, this man's basic constitutional rights should come before any government's.
  • 3DogsBa... it'skri... 2014/04/10 14:03:04
    It's always been public land.
  • it'skri... 3DogsBa... 2014/04/10 14:14:16
    Not before the Feds took it away. Frankly, if I had land that belonged to my family members since the 1800's and had basic rights to that land and then the Feds came to take it away, I wouldn't acknowledge it because I look at the Constitution before I look at what the government says. Bundy believes the land belongs to Nevada, not the Feds. He'll pay the county--he tried to--but not the Feds. I'm just really mad about how the Feds are doing this. I mean, I figure both sides could figure it out if things were peaceful, but the Feds are just killing his cattle and then harming protesters--which is unconstitutional.
  • 3DogsBa... it'skri... 2014/04/10 14:29:59
    You need to get off Faux dust. He even admits it's not his land.

    Here's the actual story:

    Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, whose police department is not participating in the roundup, talked and commiserated with Bundy but also encouraged him to work it out with the federal government so that no violence would erupt.

    A similar roundup was scheduled in 2012, but federal officials worried that it could lead to violence and backed off.

    Bundy said the land in question might not be his but he has inalienable rights to it. It’s more the state of Nevada’s than the federal government’s, he said.

    His family has been raising cattle on that land since 1877.

    “The rights were created for us,” Bundy said. “I have the right to use the forage. I have water rights. I have access rights. I have range improvement rights, and I claim all the other rights that the citizens of Nevada have, whether it’s to camp, to fish or to go off road.”
  • it'skri... 3DogsBa... 2014/04/10 15:14:43
    Which is why he tried to pay the state instead of the federal government. That's why he won't deal with them, or so I have read.
  • 3DogsBa... 3DogsBa... 2014/04/10 15:41:09
    Here's an Op-ed from one of his friends, not once does he state Bundy ever owned the land. His family has been grazing his cattle on public land for 13 decades, that does not make it his land. His permit was not renewed he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.


    He basically wants the public to pay for his cattle feed, like cow food stamps.
    It's not like you can't buy hay for those doggies.
  • 3DogsBa... Sharon 2014/04/10 14:02:30
    The didn't take his ranch they made him stop grazing his cattle on public land that is a habitat for an endangered species.
  • it'skri... 3DogsBa... 2014/04/10 14:11:33
    Bundy's family owned the land before the Feds even took it. What happened after the Feds took it was to make Bundy pay to let his cattle graze on the land. They could care less about endangered species. If they did, they wouldn't even let him graze on the land. But as long as he provides money, who cares? Bundy refused to pay them--don't blame him--but to put the money to the county. The county refused to take it so he put it back into the land.

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