RINO Alert! Senate Candidate Ted "Tea Party" Cruz's Shockingly Deep Ties To Goldman Sachs

Revolution ATX ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2012/05/23 18:47:47
Ted Cruz is a fraud and a disgrace to the Tea Party
Ted Cruz is the "real deal"; connections to G-S are meaningless.
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Recently the Glenn Addison Campaign uncovered evidence of a much deeper
level of conflict of interest that may threaten an already troubled
senate bid. In a May 15, 2012 article, Rolling Stone reported that the
law firm Morgan Lewis represents Goldman Sachs in a law suit involving
online company Overstock.com. Interestingly, the CEO of Overstock.com is a high profile supporter of
Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign.

"Ted Cruz is a full partner at Morgan Lewis and therefore will share in
the profits made from the firm representing Goldman Sachs," said
Addison's Campaign Manager, Phil Pepin.

"There is more to the conflict of interest than mere profits. There's
the obligation of a law firm to represent the best interests of its
client. That obligation extends to the whole law firm and would include
Ted Cruz," Pepin added.

Though the law suit filed by Overstock.com did not succeed in court,
Morgan Lewis attorneys mistakenly leaked documents that could easily
lead to more legal action. This conflict of interest will very likely
haunt Ted Cruz for years to come.

A final and very intimate connection between Goldman Sachs and Ted Cruz
exists though his wife Heidi Cruz.

Said Pepin, "She is a Vice President of Investments at Goldman Sachs --
a conflict of interest only ended by a change of employment or divorce."

"The fact she's a VP of investments makes the connection all the more a
concern because Heidi Cruz would be involved with the decision making
process affecting billions of dollars," Pepin added.

Stated US Senate Candidate Glenn Addison, "I am very troubled by the
extremely close ties between Ted Cruz and Goldman Sachs. Billions of
taxpayer dollars have been put at risk protecting reckless gamblers
masquerading as investors. Goldman Sachs was one of the worst offenders
that got bailed out. I see no evidence that behavior has changed -- and
already in the media there is talk about another round of bailouts. How
can Texans possibly trust Ted Cruz to look out for their best interests?
The connections between Goldman Sachs and Ted Cruz are unreal. They are
like conjoined twins connected at the head."

Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs Connections At A Glance:

Ted Cruz Top 10 recipient of Goldman Sachs campaign donations both in
2011 and 2012
http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/recips.php?id=d000000085 [1]

Ted Cruz's law firm represents Goldman Sachs

Ted Cruz's Wife Heidi Cruz, Vice President of Investments at Goldman
http://www.linkedin.com/pub/heidi-cruz/4/811/777 [3]
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  • kmay 2012/05/28 19:44:28
    Ted Cruz is the "real deal"; connections to G-S are meaningless.
    Obama has GS people in his administration!
  • Revolut... kmay 2012/06/03 18:53:44
    Revolution ATX ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    I doubt Romney will fire any of them if he wins. Obama inherited most of his from Bush, and they're still on the payroll.
  • kmay Revolut... 2012/06/04 11:31:58
    Nonsense. Do your homework!!
  • steven 2012/05/28 19:23:13
    Ted Cruz is a fraud and a disgrace to the Tea Party
    RINO's in Elephant's clothing? That's a new one. Since it is both he AND his wife that have conflicts of interest and questionable campaign money sources, he should be disqualified, BIGTIME!
  • Wolfman 2012/05/24 21:31:38
    Ted Cruz is the "real deal"; connections to G-S are meaningless.
    I have already voted for Cruz. He's a fine man.
  • Revolut... Wolfman 2012/05/24 21:58:49
    Revolution ATX ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    Wolf, I figured you for a Pittenger supporter, what with all her ties to Michelle Bachmann. Ol' Lela ain't my first choice, but she isn't TOO bad. Just not the best one in the field.
  • Wolfman Revolut... 2012/05/25 04:33:01
    I don't have a big problem with Goldman Sachs or Overstock.
  • Revolut... Wolfman 2012/05/25 13:54:30
    Revolution ATX ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    Well, as far as Goldman-Sachs goes, that's not just a RP Revolution thing, or an Occupy thing, the Tea Party was the first one to really have a beef with that company. GS has really pissed off everyone across the whole spectrum. They were one of Obama's main sugar daddies, got a whole lot of TARP money, ripped off a lot of their customers, etc.

    I liked Cruz, at the beginning. His dad is just AWESOME! Incarcerated and tortured by Castro, escaped to America with $20 sewed into his underwear. He was telling his story at the Tea Party Express Rally, and the crowd was just RIVETED. Hopefully, between his dad, Rand Paul, and the Tea Party, we can keep him in line. So many other TP candidates have gone bad once they got into office.

    I'd take Cruz over Dewhurst any day...but that ain't saying much.

  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2012/05/24 21:27:03
    Other (please leave comment)
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    So does Obama.....and Obama's advisers. I guess he's just following the trend.
  • ImageBandit ~ American Patriot 2012/05/24 21:21:53
    Other (please leave comment)
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    all rinos need to be dealt with like we dealt with lugar
  • S. Gompers 2012/05/24 12:45:00
    Other (please leave comment)
    S. Gompers
    Thats nothing, the Tea Party gave me a Lehman Brothers managing director with 2 NRA F's for a Governor.
  • wrwheelerjr 2012/05/24 03:59:03 (edited)
    Ted Cruz is the "real deal"; connections to G-S are meaningless.
    When looking at who funds his campaign does Goldman show up on that list? Law firms represent all kinds of people, its the right thing to do and the way their company stays in business. His wife can do whatever she wants she is a free citizen. If she breaks the law then we talk about that but working for GS doesn't make you evil though it makes you suspicious. I will have to look into Ted more before it's time to vote.
  • Revolut... wrwheel... 2012/05/24 05:03:48
    Revolution ATX ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    The good news is, as Texans, we got a lot to choose from in the Senate primary. Dewhurst, Leppert, and Cruz are out of the question for me; I don't know much about James; comes down to Pittenger and Addison, and I'm starting to have my doubts about Pittenger, though I liked her at first.

    Addison is the real deal. But don't take my word for it, check him out yourself. Hell, check out ALL of them, research them one by one.

    Here's the list of pols who receive G-S money and how much they get. Note the top two on the list:

  • steven wrwheel... 2012/05/28 19:26:12
    Guilt by association is as real a concept as birds of a feather flock together.
  • wrwheel... steven 2012/06/02 00:04:39
    I do see a lot of association going on in the above GS donor site. So many who are owned and so very few who are left to fight for the people... but it's all falling apart. Ron Paul 2012.
  • U-Dog 2012/05/23 22:05:52
    Ted Cruz is a fraud and a disgrace to the Tea Party
    Thanks for the info, I will pass it on. I was seriously consider voting for Cruz too but I guess I have more homework to do now.
  • Ted Cruz is a fraud and a disgrace to the Tea Party
    Revolution ATX ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮

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