Right Wing Pseudo-Patriots Are too Dumb To Realize Healthcare Reform is Freedom

Samantha 2012/07/07 18:20:57
Assigning labels to an individual from afar is a tenuous exercise at best, and is often based on false assumptions and mischaracterizations. It is true that abject ignorance is responsible for mislabeling more often than not, and there are quite a few standards that never quite hit the mark, but nevertheless are parroted as if they are absolute truths.


First, President Obama did not call the individual mandate a tax, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts did. Second, Norquist and Romney’s contention that “Obamacare raises taxes on the American people and that it his everybody” belies the Congressional Budget Office estimation that between 1-2% of the population will face the penalty/tax for failing to purchase health insurance. Speaking of unfair taxation, conservatives conveniently omit the tax benefits from the health law for employers and credits to help Americans purchase health insurance that will surpass any penalties 10 to 1, or $686 billion to $55 billion according to the CBO.

Most Americans will have access to affordable health insurance through an employer, exchanges, or public programs, and coupled with the various exemptions for low-income means nearly 98% of the population will not pay any penalty/tax for failing to purchase insurance. The reality is that the only people who will pay the modest penalty are those who can afford, and refuse, to take responsibility for their own healthcare and are addicted to having the rest of the country to pay for their medical treatment.

Now, Republicans are making the general election about repealing the health law to return to the status quo when pre-existing conditions, lifetime limits, and reduced coverage was standard procedure and they are banking on the “Obamacare is tyranny” mantra to carry them to victory. However, they would not take this course of action without the support and racist dispensation of teabaggers and pseudo-patriots who have as much comprehension of tyranny as they do quantum physics. The truth is, there is more intelligence in quanta reaction than all the teabaggers, pseudo-patriots, and hardline conservatives combined, and indicts an entire segment of the population who are not intelligent enough to realize they were just handed a precious gift they label as tyranny.

Read More: http://www.politicususa.com/wing-pseudo-patriots-d...

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