Right-to-Work Laws Big Blow to Michigan Unions, obama and the democrats

☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/12/12 05:31:03
Michigan legislators on Tuesday approved laws that ban mandatory membership in
public and private sector unions, dealing a stunning blow to organized labor in
the home of the U.S. auto industry.

By late afternoon Republican Governor Rick Snyder tweeted: "I have signed the
freedom to work bills into law."

That makes Michigan the 24th U.S. state
with so-called right-to-work laws that prohibit unions from establishing a
"closed shop" requiring employees to join unions and contribute

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  • princess 2012/12/22 04:18:21
    Hey ignorant, traitor Liberal Unions---guess they showed you what you can do with your CORRUPT, FAILING & DESTRUCTIVE thug union policies!!! LOL
  • Todd Parsons 2012/12/14 14:08:00
    Todd Parsons
    Maybe there is hope for this country yet
  • Thomas G Towns 2012/12/14 06:06:04
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/12/14 05:35:23
  • Maj. C. D. Hardy 2012/12/14 05:02:16
    Maj. C. D. Hardy
    Congratulations Michigan!!!! send the unions packing!!!
  • Charles R. Anderson 2012/12/14 01:36:18
    Charles R. Anderson
    Great. The membership in the thug unions will continue to fall in the private sector.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/12/14 01:05:42
    Kudos to Michigan's governor and legislature for doing this. And for cutting off another source of Democratic Party funds.
  • Rob Clary 2012/12/14 01:02:05
    Rob Clary
    When you have to force people to join your club, it's probably not worth joining.
    Get a clue!
  • SIMPATTYCO 2012/12/14 00:59:44
    outdated,corrupt thuggery
  • mac9 2012/12/13 19:59:31
    Fantastic. It will spread to many more states. We need to stand against public employee unions as well that are bankrupting our cities and states at our expense. We can defeat them.
  • WOJO 2012/12/13 16:38:47
    The most amazing thing to all this is that the voters wanted this and voted for it.I guess sooner or later unions as we know them will be forced to work for their members not the government!
  • rknothead 2012/12/13 16:16:17
    Finally! Michigan may start a real recovery now.
  • mountainman 2012/12/13 14:29:58
    Not very many states left now is there? What a horrible mistake these right to work mandates are. You will soon learn that. Trust Me, I know.
  • miro.plachy 2012/12/13 08:28:19
    Taking the money out of the unions means they won't be able to contribute as much to the next campaign. The billionares have bought some republicans and have them in their pocket. I wonder how many public sector employees attended the protest.
  • ☆astac☆... miro.pl... 2012/12/13 13:39:02
    Your class warfare BS is over
  • miro.pl... ☆astac☆... 2012/12/13 13:43:55
    Warfare? BS HUH? Must have mixed up with someone else.
  • ☆astac☆... miro.pl... 2012/12/13 13:53:37
    Put a sock in it, liar
  • miro.pl... ☆astac☆... 2012/12/13 13:57:49
    Thanks for your opinion.
  • Mike 2012/12/13 05:25:08
    I'm sure that we'll see the trend in other states too, now.
  • us 2012/12/13 04:06:36
    I believe if you want to work at a union job you should be in the union, if you expect the pay and benefits. You have the freedom to work at a non-union jobs pay is different,
    and some do/ some don't offer benefits, if they do you usually have pay so much per week.
  • ☆astac☆... us 2012/12/13 05:06:43
    We should not have unions
  • us ☆astac☆... 2012/12/14 21:59:56
    thanks for writing back, I believe unions where good, they where always better pay,
    Healthcare was good, but through the years things have changed. But you always had a choice union or non-union jobs. Union where good because they did fight for higher wages, wages where alot lower than what people get paid now. Young people now days have no Idea how low wages where in America.
  • ☆astac☆... us 2012/12/15 15:17:20
    Unions and the liberals are destroying America
  • us ☆astac☆... 2012/12/16 00:57:34
    Thanks for writing back, I believe people think there Ideas are better but they never think it through.
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/12/13 03:54:18
    I hope that it produces the much need job growth there.
  • aherbert 2012/12/13 03:27:08
    It is not a big blow it is a wake up call ... the politicians that supported this law will not be employed in the near future .... and with the fast way this law was put on the books .... it could be over thrown ..... the fight is not over ....
  • ☆astac☆... aherbert 2012/12/13 05:07:03
    Dream on
  • aherbert ☆astac☆... 2012/12/13 05:25:18
    No the gop are the dreamers .... 2014 game will be over .... no dream fact ....just wait you will see ...
  • USAISME 2012/12/13 02:17:59
    It's a good start.
  • RoyJLores 2012/12/13 02:13:52
    If the unions are so good as the so called left claims why not let people join on their own? Probably because they are not so good after all...
    unions claims people join
  • fish 2012/12/13 01:56:02 (edited)
    Good for them. Why should anybody be forced to pay a third party for the priviledge of working. Especially if those dues are spent on lobbying to support things that you don't agree with. Why should any working Repulican in Michigan be forced to be a member of a union that supports Democrats, all just so they can have a job to provide for themselves.
  • Beccy 2012/12/13 00:13:55
    The republicans ramed this through on a budget bill. A way to lower the cost of state employees but the funny thing is those bastards never offered to lower their wages. Michigan is a big labor state and this may just be the key to people stopping from voting against their best interests. I hate how the facist republicans are always saying that the communist democrats are taking their rights away. I am just sorry that the unions stopped the recall of Snyder last year. He is a sickening whim who probably never had to do a day of hard labor. Labor will win out because when you do the work for labor you are doing god's work
  • Captame... Beccy 2012/12/13 01:59:55
    Next you're going to say it's possible to be a Christian and a Democrat! Your mention of "fascist republicans" indicates your ignorance.

    Try to concentrate, Republicans (conservatives) are for less government! It's Democrats that are for bigger government (fascism is a "big" government plan)!
  • Beccy Captame... 2012/12/13 02:08:02
    We will have to disagree on this one. I do not see conservatives as following in Christs footsteps.
  • USAISME Beccy 2012/12/13 02:20:17
    I hope the union thug idiocy will be done and gone very shortly.
  • Beccy USAISME 2012/12/13 04:20:44
    My mother taught me not to cast my pearls among swine. Hope you like it when the corporations bring china to america. just remember they took the meat packing plants out of Chicago and moved them south and west and soon even those wages weren't good enough they started bussing peope in from Mexico
  • MorbidC... Beccy 2012/12/13 05:48:01 (edited)
    That won't happen as long as the people aren't ok with it and aren't too cowardly and lazy to go against it. Also liberals are always trying to cast pearls before swine meaning they like to try and convince non-liberals to be more like them despite failing pretty much every time.
  • Beccy MorbidC... 2012/12/13 23:55:20
    Sorry to burst you bubble but it has already happened. Read fast food nation. fast food nation
  • LastRanger Beccy 2012/12/13 22:05:37
    I haven’t seen any democrats that had any pearls to cast (since Will Rodgers).
    Analyst, Ph.D.
  • Captame... Beccy 2012/12/13 03:23:09
    Do you see liberals "following in Christ's footsteps"? Sounds like a good question, let's take a survey! I'll start askin'!
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