Rick Perry Proud Of 234 Executions--Brian Williams Shocked; Audience Applauds Deaths

doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~ 2011/09/08 10:10:07
I stand with Rick Perry on the death sentence! It may not deter all criminals from doing their dastardly deeds, but it darned sure stops one criminal from doing it again! The reaction from Brian Williams shows the absolute disconnect between the MSM and the rest of America. Perry handles this with care, resolve certainty, thoughtfulness, and certitude.

Read More: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/greghengler/2011/09/0...

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  • keeper 2011/09/30 16:57:26
    I am proud of Texas for doing what is just. I do think that the appeals process should be expedited so that some of these guilty b@stards are not on death row for 15 years. Also that there is a law on the books that say there is supposed to be a speedy trial by a jury of their peers. For example, Major Hassan should have already gone to trial, been found guilty, and already executed!
  • Ldude893 2011/09/10 14:20:58
    It's amusing how the most applause that Rick Perry gets isn't even from something he said.
    Praising the death of human beings. Yeah, very decent people.
  • Cold Warrior 2011/09/08 23:44:40
    Cold Warrior
    Watching Williams reaction was a typical liberal elitist. He was probably thinking "how can these bitter gun toting Bible thumpers even consider punishing a victim of society"
  • rand 2011/09/08 16:48:59
    If Texas wants to fund executions at $3,000,000 (corrections accepted) per shot in lawyer's fees for legal appeals, that's their business. Personally I'd save the money, make them earn anything they get other than food and a room, and give them access to hemlock upon request.
  • BobJessen 2011/09/08 16:44:58
    He Can't Handle 'iz Zipper! handle iz zipper
  • doofieg... BobJessen 2011/09/08 17:36:30 (edited)
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    That was Clinton, Edwards and Weiner,
  • BobJessen doofieg... 2011/09/08 21:26:52
    Good Shooting! shooting
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2011/09/08 16:01:44
  • none 2011/09/08 15:53:11
  • Philadelphia Freedom 2011/09/08 15:26:51
    Philadelphia Freedom
    This is why i think this guy needs to stay the Governor of Texas , don't mess with Texas because they will kill you it should be common practice in the other states as well .
  • cutter's falls 2011/09/08 15:22:06
  • SK-pro ... cutter'... 2011/09/08 22:21:42
    SK-pro impeachment
    well they did let someone from Univision (spanish tv) ask a question. That's probably about as "fair?" as your going to get from these people.
    (His question was the most "unfair" question of them all.)
  • cutter'... SK-pro ... 2011/09/08 22:38:38
  • SK-pro ... cutter'... 2011/09/08 23:11:14
    SK-pro impeachment
    But then the dems will cry about so called "biased" and easy questions. Then i again "to hell" with what the dems cry about!
  • cutter'... SK-pro ... 2011/09/09 10:32:44
  • Teancum79 2011/09/08 14:45:50
    Why can people who so clearly support the killing of an innocent babies be bothered by the excitation of a murderer?
  • Starman... Teancum79 2011/09/08 15:05:35
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    I don't know anyone who supports the killing of babies. Aborting an early stage fetus is VERY different. When the only way to "win"'an argument is to restate it incorrectly, you loose.
  • Teancum79 Starman... 2011/09/08 15:09:39
    when an innocent human life can be killed on a whim we all lose.
  • cutter'... Teancum79 2011/09/08 15:28:19
  • Teancum79 cutter'... 2011/09/08 15:37:41
    so kill the kids sooner and that makes it okay?
  • cutter'... Teancum79 2011/09/08 15:39:15 (edited)
  • Teancum79 cutter'... 2011/09/08 15:44:15
    oh sorry all good.
  • stevegt... Teancum79 2011/09/08 15:58:52
  • Teancum79 stevegt... 2011/09/08 16:28:44
    which is truly sad. But you know we could do a death row ultimate fighter reality TV show it would fund a lot of programs and give the blood lusting part of our society something to watch. (Okay it is a really bad idea, but I'd not be surprised to see it happen)
  • Starman... Teancum79 2011/09/08 16:10:47
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    A fetus is not a life, it is the potential for life, as is a zigote, as is an ova. This is just a case of your wanting to impose your religious beliefs on others. So much for being a libritarian Tea.
  • doofieg... Starman... 2011/09/08 16:23:42
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I don't push my religious beliefs on others. This happens to be outside of religion! A fetus is not a building, or a tree. It is a Human zygote inside a human body. It grows ,if allowed to, into a human being! As far as I'm concerned, abortion is Murder. It should only be allowed if the baby is already dead!
  • Teancum79 Starman... 2011/09/08 16:26:58
    That a fetus is a baby is not a religious belief it is one of the most established biological facts.
  • doofieg... Starman... 2011/09/08 15:20:19
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    Please explain why abortion is not murder? It is the snuffing out of a human life at Any 'stage'. That fetus is Not a dog, cat,or any other animal but a human animal!
  • Starman... doofieg... 2011/09/08 16:42:31
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    A fetus is not a life, it is the potential for life, as is a zigote, as is an ova. This is just a case of your wanting to impose your religious beliefs on others.

    Even you own bible does not treat a fetus as a human life:
    "And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surely be fined as the woman's husband may demand of him; and he shall pay as the judges decide. But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life." (Exodus 21:22-23)

    Since your bible treats the abortion of a fetus as an inconvenience not a death, why do you go against the teachings of your god?
  • SK-pro ... Starman... 2011/09/08 22:31:42
    SK-pro impeachment
    Where in that verse does it backup your claim? please explain. where is the definition of a fetus?
  • Starman... SK-pro ... 2011/09/08 23:57:28
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    The quote says that if a woman is caused to miscarry, the fetus aborts, then the husband gets paid compensation. If there is "further injury" meaning the woman is hurt or killed, then "you shall appoint as a penalty life for life". That implies that the miscarriage has not caused loss of life.
  • SK-pro ... Starman... 2011/09/09 00:23:06
    SK-pro impeachment
    Does it say fetus or child. Don't make it say what you want it to say.
    How does that imply towards miscarriage? Are you just seeing what you want to see?
  • Starman... SK-pro ... 2011/09/09 02:17:17
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    It refers to "a woman with child", that means, by definition that she is carrying a fetus. You have to remember that the bronze age humans that wrote the text did not know the modern term. The text refers to a man striking the woman and causing a miscarriage. This event, causing the miscarriage of the fetus is treated as event for which the husband should be compensated. It clearly differientiates it from an injury or death of the woman, which is to be penalized "life for life".

    The text is quite clear in that it makes a differentiation between causing a "woman who is with child" to miscarry and the death of person.
  • SK-pro ... Starman... 2011/09/09 04:35:58
    SK-pro impeachment
    Nice exegetical conjecture to pad your BS. Gooood job.
  • Starman... SK-pro ... 2011/09/09 05:09:31
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    I don't understand what else you could get from that text. I would really like to hear your take on what it says and understand how you justify it.

    I'm on this site to hear opposing argument, but I'd like to hear reasons not just "nope".
  • SK-pro ... Starman... 2011/09/09 05:20:01
    SK-pro impeachment
    Well let me ask you this, is "miscarriage" an abortion? Where does the verse talk about reaching up inside a woman and desroying the child- oh excuuuuse me- fetus? Where does it talk about pulling the head out and stabbing it with scissors?
  • Starman... SK-pro ... 2011/09/09 13:43:33
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    Yes causing a miscarriage is an abortion. The bronze age writers had no knowledge of medical procedures or terminology so couldn't be more specific. None of the other things you said for "shock value" are part of an early stage abortion.

    The key issue I'd really like to hear your rational on is the fact that the loss of pregnancy is NOT treated as a loss of life in your bible, what you would call the word of god. Why do you feel it is justified to contradict god and treat it as a loss of life?
  • SK-pro ... Starman... 2011/09/09 17:27:59
    SK-pro impeachment
    Step away from the Bible before you hurt yourself.
  • Starman... SK-pro ... 2011/09/09 17:55:00
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    What? Don't read the bible? Why not, if you guys are going to depend on it, then I need to understand it in order to understand your arguments.
  • SK-pro ... Starman... 2011/09/09 18:19:28 (edited)
    SK-pro impeachment
    You have to be born again to understand the Bible and the mind and will of God.
    the Bible is a dangerous weapon if put in the wrong hands.

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