Rick Perry Is Running for President: Will Passion for Prayer Help or Hurt Him?

Politics 2011/08/12 14:56:57
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Texas Governor Rick Perry is a man of faith. If you didn't know it before, you heard all about it last weekend when he appeared at "The Response," a prayer and fasting service at Reliant Stadium where 30,000 Christian believers came to hear him speak.

It was there that Perry, the state's longest-serving governor, told the crowd that, “loving and personal God desires not a show of religion but a deep connection with our innermost being. … His agenda is not a political agenda. His agenda is a salvation agenda.” God, he reminded them, is wise enough not to be affiliated with any political party.

He read from scripture, reminded the flock that we seem to have forsaken God and asked Him to impart His wisdom on President Obama and the commander-in-chief's family.

Well, after months of teases and calls from party faithfuls asking him to toss his 10-gallon hat into the ring, Perry is slated to officially announce his White House run on Saturday, entering the race with an already established fundraising network, a pro-business record of strong job creation in Texas and, of course, the power of prayer -- thanks to his shored up Evangelical bona fides.

But with some pundits saying his call to answer our historic economic problems with faith rather than reason is a dangerous proposition, and others questioning whether he is crossing the line of separating church and state, will Perry's religious credentials help or hurt him?
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  • Todde702 2011/08/12 18:27:22 (edited)
    King Arthur: The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. THAT is why I am your king.

    Dennis: [interrupting] Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

    King Arthur: Shut up!

    Dennis: You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.

    King Arthur: Shut up! I order you to shut up!

    Dennis: If I went 'round sayin' I was Emperor, just because some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away.

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  • sardonicist BN-0 2011/08/22 18:07:48
    sardonicist BN-0
    I can't even contemplate this without keeping my palm planted firmly against my face.
    The fact that we might even tinker with idea that someone who believes that ideas and solutions to problems could come from delusional conversation with one's own imagination might be a good ruler--is just too disconcerting for words.
  • 2011/08/16 16:08:49
    Get A Grip People! Every President has held prayer breakfasts,or talks about his faith. It is no big deal.
    Attacking Rick Perry on his faith is wrong or comes from people with an agenda.
  • sardoni... 2011/08/22 18:14:17
    sardonicist BN-0
    Every president has held those prayer breakfasts to placate to people like you.

    While it is true that this may actually be good for a candidates public image, it is a sad set of affairs that we live in a country where this would be so.

    To a assume a role of power, and yet believe that a conversation with your imagination might yield more meaningful solutions than facts and logic--is just outrageous. Not only does it spit in the eye of reason, but it puts us all in jeopardy.
  • DFA 2011/08/16 13:03:11
    Help get religious followers. Hurt if that's all he's going to do.
  • Jim Brunner 2011/08/15 18:06:46
    Jim Brunner
    With any luck at all........God save us from the "snake handlers."
  • Dragon 2011/08/15 17:35:08
    I think prayer is important. America is one nation under God. We need to keep it that way, and if we see our president who is a leader of the country prays then the citizens could be more open to it. Not saying everyone is going to. But It shouldnt be offensive. It is nothing meant to be taken offensively. It is kind. When you pray, you are asking for a blessing and to help others. I think it will help. Heck I pray it does help him. :) Rick Perry would be a great president. He hsas been the govenor here in Texas since I can remember. And he is doing a fantastic job, if that wasnt true then i would remember more govenors. lol
  • DKJ 2011/08/15 17:08:19
    I think a praying President would be a good thing.
  • Wayne 2011/08/15 14:27:01
    We all know that what he does in his personal life has know bearing on his ability to lead!LOL!
  • RobHom 2011/08/15 02:04:55
    It will be the Albatross on his shoulders that destroys his chances of winning.

    There is nothing wrong with prayer...but there is something wrong with having to wear your religious beliefs like a billboard to get votes..... It also alienates everyone who does not belong to the same religious group.... Just reality....
  • MjbelieverJanetJackson 2011/08/14 20:59:43
    Sorry Perry! Even though you're my state's Governor but ummmm I dont think it's going to happen!
  • kenny 2011/08/14 20:59:04
    This man claims he hears little voices telling him what to do.
    Thats all we need, a guy like that with his hands on the nuclear arsonel.
  • voice_matters 2011/08/14 20:50:57
    will have zero effect on him running for president
  • chgo 2011/08/14 20:27:27
    That snobby millionaire con artist doesn't care about us commoners.
  • voice_m... chgo 2011/08/14 20:52:31
    ok libby tell me what has the millionaires of reid, pelosi, clinton, obama, rockefeller, kerry, jackson, just to name a few have done for the commoner.
  • ElChori... chgo 2011/08/14 21:53:54
    ElChorizon© THAT'S RACIST!
    Why the hell do you have to bring Obama into this?
  • stephanie chgo 2011/08/21 19:46:15
    None of the political people care about us commoners. . .they are all millionaires. . .so what are you or any of us going to do about that. . . .None of us have the money or the financial backing to run. . .
  • Space I... stephanie 2011/08/21 21:50:31
    Space Invader
    and if we think they care; we are bigger fools than they...
  • Space Invader 2011/08/14 19:56:05
    Space Invader
    won't hurt him; it will just bug the Hell out of the Libs and the Atheists
  • stephanie Space I... 2011/08/21 19:47:29
    I agree whole heartedly!
  • Janet 2011/08/14 19:22:08 (edited)
    I am undecided.

    As much as I hate to admit it,the vast majority of people in America are Bible-Thumping Conservatives.

    So will they probably vote for him.

    It's a shame that I actually used to BE a Bible Thumping Conservative.

    It was until I said "This is so messed up".

    His faith WILL hurt him if he becomes President because this country should be governed by the Constitution,not by any one religious book.

    So plenty of people like me will be upset because we STRONGLY believe in separation between church and state.

    The Middle East doesn't have separation between church and state (mosque and state) and look what they have turned into.

    I don't want that to happen to America.

    I'd rather Obama.

    See,that's how much I DON'T want a Bible Thumper in office.

    I think there is actually somewhere in the Bible that says that religion needs to be left out of politics.I'm not sure where it is,though.

    I'm a Christian who is PRO-Choice and PRO-LGBT. thumper office bible religion politics isthough christian pro-choice pro-lgbt Pro Choice thumper office bible religion politics isthough christian pro-choice pro-lgbt Pro LGBT
  • Jamacc Janet 2011/08/14 23:05:24
    Since when did it become that to be a fiscal conservative you all of the sudden have to agree with all the right wing social ideals? Its horrible, What does pro choice or gay marriage have to do with conservative business principles and fixing the financial problems? Has any one noticed that all of these ultra conservatives remind you of criminals entering prison? They all find god at a time when its useful for them!
  • DKJ Janet 2011/08/15 17:18:25
    "Separation of Church and State" are not words found in any U.S. founding document. The idea of the first amendment was that the government would not tell people how to worship God. It was not a rule to not allow for religion to be in the public eye. I would rather have a "Bible thumper" than one that is whatever religion is conveint to him at the time (ie President Obama).

    "Whatsoever things are... pure... think on these things" Phil. 4:8
    "Thou shall not kill" Exodus 20 Kill means murder. Even a unborn child was covered under law.
    "... A MAN should leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his WIFE and they two shall be one flesh" Jesus spoke these words in Matthew 18.
  • stephanie DKJ 2011/08/21 19:50:18
  • Wayne Janet 2011/08/16 23:42:25
    You are being dishonest and underhanded, putting up an "anti gay marriage group". You are a gay rights activist and pro gay marriage. You just put this group up so you can compile an enemies list of righteous people of faith. What are you planning to do to us? Take this fake group down!
  • Muhammad Janet 2011/08/20 06:39:23
    Janet: You are being dishonest and underhanded, putting up an "anti gay marriage group". You are a gay rights activist and pro gay marriage. You just put this group up so you can compile an enemies list of righteous people of faith. What are you planning to do to us? Take this fake group down!
  • Janet Muhammad 2011/08/21 00:43:18
    I put that group up back when I was a homophobic idiot against gay marriage.THat was a LONG time ago.I don't know how to take it down.

    As for "righteous people of faith", don't even get me started on that because there is NOTHING "righteous" about homophobia/heterosexism.

    In other words, leave me alone and stop cyber-stalking me.
  • stephanie Janet 2011/11/06 13:48:10
    Ill bet you voted for Obama. There is nothing wrong with being a Bible thumping conservative. This country had its roots based on His word. Virtually every early do unmentionable was faith driven. Schools had the Bible as their learning tool. People, for the most part, used the Bible to guide their lives. This country would be much better if we were still a God fearing nation. Instead, everything has been perverted, including the sanctity of marriage. You can call whatever your relationship is with your partner anything but marriage. Because marriage is defined by God as union of a man and a woman.
    We should get back to basics and go back to God. This all went bad when we turned our backs on Him by removing Him from everything in our lives.
  • Rage 2011/08/14 19:08:51
  • TheNigh... Rage 2011/08/14 23:14:14 (edited)
    But we're not focusing on their religion, they are. They flaunt their faith as the central selling point of their campaigns because they want to impose laws that enforce biblical doctrine, even if it contradicts the Constitution and common sense. That's what they mean every time they reiterate the phrase "...one nation, under God...".
  • DKJ TheNigh... 2011/08/15 17:19:48
    BTW, the phrase is "one nation under God" without a comma. It makes a difference in the meaning.
  • TheNigh... DKJ 2011/08/15 18:04:09 (edited)
    The phrase is part of a list of terms separated by commas. The full statement is: "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.".

    But even with the first comma removed:
    "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice of all."
    it doesn't change the overall meaning of the statement, which contradicts itself since the notion of a god is a pretext to religion which is inherently divisive.
  • DKJ TheNigh... 2011/08/17 19:31:34
    Look at the phrase again. The comma is not there, just so you know.
  • Rage TheNigh... 2011/08/16 23:49:27
    Very true but if more people would get off their asses and go vote on election day instead of sitting home and complaining about who got elected when they never even voted then we could possibly have more of a say so in elections
  • Cyan9 2011/08/14 18:41:42
    He'll get the religious right's vote in the primary and then the fiscal conservative's vote in the general. So it will help him just like it helped Bush.
  • RobHom Cyan9 2011/08/15 02:08:36
    Not sure about that..... the so called "religious right" got snookered by Bush and Rove....and unless they have gone daft or senile they will not trust another side show shill running the same game.... I never personally trust or vote for a politician that brings up religion in his or her campaign.....they are normally the biggest hypocrites around.
  • DKJ RobHom 2011/08/15 17:21:16
    I am part of the "religious right" and I liked Bush. He upheld the Right to Marriage Act and he banned third trimester abortion, and limited stem cell research.
  • RobHom DKJ 2011/08/15 20:57:26 (edited)
    Good for you... I have a narrow view on who is to be married....frankly its between a man and a woman, and I detest abortion of any reason other than to save the mother's life, but I think banning stem cell research was foolish....because there was no need to harvest new cells from embryos....there were enough in existence to do the research.

    But y'all...still got snookered....promised things that could not be delivered in any way shape or form.... Instead, what you got was an unnecessary war or two that has cost many lives of Americans....but has made the "military industrial complex" plenty of money....and with all the no bid contracts that Cheney's buddies got that feed his "blind trust"..... they are collecting plenty of $$ paid for with American blood.....quite impressive since we are talking about a pair of draft dodgers....

    And I'm not even "part of the religious right"....which in reality is merely a misnomer or fantasy....

    Don't make the mistake of trying to label me a liberal.... I think 99% of the so-called conservative talking heads are wusses and pansies.....

    I'm a bit of a radical ultra conservative......
  • TheNightFly 2011/08/14 18:13:40 (edited)
    Either he's a nutbag of the worst kind or he's a very talented liar. Either way, he's not fit for public office, and we already have too many people like him in Congress as it is.
  • TimothyD 2011/08/14 17:43:09
    Independents in the middle, like me, prefer people of reason. But Perry clearly states that his faith has little bearing on his own political agenda, merely the judgement of others. Which, in a way, is bad taste.
  • Jacob Turchi 2011/08/14 17:40:18
    Jacob Turchi
    religion has never been good fro government, it never worked for the bushes, and it wont work here, plus I really protested the prayer ceremony that he did.
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