Richard Lugar goes down. Will other RINOs follow?

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/09 18:09:29
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The Tea Party is alive and well. Last night they won a singular
victory. Their favorite, Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock, beat
long-time Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN). Mourdock thus shows what the Tea
Party is now doing: reforming the Republican Party from within.

Breadth of the Tea Party win

Mourdock won 61 percent of the Republican primary vote, to Lugar’s 39 percent. At once he gave credit
to the Tea Party for his win. Specifically, the Tea Party fielded
“thousands of…volunteers,” who “helped” with his campaign. That, he
said, made the difference between winning and losing.

Lugar, for his part, proved a sore loser. An hour after he conceded defeat, he said his in writing:

If Mr. Mourdock [wins in November], I want him to be a
good senator. But [to do that, he must] revise his stated goal of
bringing more partisanship to Washington. He and I share many positions.
But [he] embrace[s]…an unrelenting partisan mindset. [That] is
irreconcilable with my philosophy of governance and my experience of
what brings results for Hoosiers in the Senate. In effect,… he has
promised reflexive votes for a rejectionist orthodoxy and rigid
opposition to the actions and proposals of the other party. His answer
to the inevitable roadblocks he will [meet] in Congress is merely to
campaign for more Republicans [of like mind]. He has pledged his support
to groups whose prime mission is to cleanse the Republican party of
those who stray from orthodoxy as they see it.

Richard Lugar, the latest RINO ousted by the Tea Party

Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN). Photo: The United States Senate

Lugar can only mean the Tea Party. And Tea Party activists everywhere do not apologize for that. And Tim Stanley of The Daily Telegraph (London, UK) says
they shouldn’t. Stanley is “spot-on” about what the Tea Party stands
for today: reforming the Republican Party, to offer a “real choice” to
the people.

Folks are sick and tired of party candidates saying one
thing during the primary season, another thing during the general
election, and then ignoring both when they get into office. If you pay
good money and spend precious time working to [help elect] a candidate,
shouldn’t you expect to see them do what they promised…? Yet men like
Lugar seemed to regard their local parties as a mix of rubber stamp and
perennial nuisance. The feeling, it turns out, is mutual.

Or, as a Tea Party activist in Indiana told Politico.com:

The message to the establishment is: You’re our servants.
We’re the masters. Do what you’re supposed to do, adhere to the
Constitution or we’ll fire you.

Follow the link to the article to play a video of Mourdock's acceptance speech, and some more interesting quotes.

Read More: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/05/09...

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  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/09 18:11:31
    Yes. RINO's, your days are numbered.
    Orrin Hatch, you might as well throw in the towel right now.

    The Tea Party are alive and well. And we have had it with your clubbish, never-mind-the-rubes attitude. You have patronized us for the last time.

    What the United States Senate needs, is an enema. And it's going to get one.

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  • Jeremiah Cliff 2012/05/10 19:38:43
    Each of us has a mind of his or her own. We have never subscribed to the herd mentality that we see on the other side of the divide.
  • Cliff Jeremiah 2012/05/10 19:40:04
  • Jeremiah Cliff 2012/05/10 21:48:49
    Whatever. Have a nice evening.
  • goatman112003 2012/05/09 18:52:27
    Yes. RINO's, your days are numbered.
    The simple fact of more of the same doesn't cut with the people anymore. Either we put on the brakes or the place fails. This is the message sent.
  • Guru Casper BN-ZERO 2012/05/09 18:51:16
    Guru Casper BN-ZERO
    could be a major trend or fad,time will be the judge!
  • Always ... Guru Ca... 2012/05/09 18:59:43
    Always Right
    Liberals are being judged every election day! Liberal Losers!
  • Guru Ca... Always ... 2012/05/09 19:02:28
    Guru Casper BN-ZERO
    so are conservatives,lol
  • Heptarch 2012/05/09 18:47:49
    That's great, guys. Get rid of the few remaining Republican moderates. Push your party even farther to the right than it already is. That'll work out REAL well for you...
  • Always ... Heptarch 2012/05/09 18:58:34
    Always Right
    Moderates are in the way and liberals are just wrong. TEA Party Rules!
  • Jeremiah Always ... 2012/05/09 19:36:46
    In the way of what? Taking the country into bankruptcy? The TPers nearly accomplished that last year in the credit limit debate.
  • Always ... Jeremiah 2012/05/10 16:42:49
    Always Right
    Just who's fault is it that the country needed a credit limit? Four years of democrat control of congress (house & senate) 2007-2011!
  • Jeremiah Always ... 2012/05/10 17:13:30
    We have raised the credit limit many times in the past, including 13 times under Reagan and 11 under Bush 43. All it does is meet obligations already incurred. To not do so would mean defaulting on our obligations.

    When the TPers said they were willing to let us default on our obligations, the result was the downgrade in our credit rating, according to John Chambers, the chairman of S&P's credit rating committee. Lenders don't like to hear debtors say they don't care if they pay back their loans.
  • Heptarch Always ... 2012/05/09 19:58:05
    Moderates and Liberals together outnumber right wing extremists. What are you going to do when you can't win elections with your extremist candidates?
  • Red Branch Heptarch 2012/05/09 21:36:01
    Red Branch
    You back same sex marriage.
    Now this,
    You are 3 for 3.
    Remind me why you are not a Liberal?
  • Heptarch Red Branch 2012/05/09 21:52:13
    This isn't a Liberal position for me. I'm just astounded that right wingers think moving FARTHER to the right is a good thing. It alienates more and more people the farther right you go.

    I'm a Moderate and if anyone thinks I'm EVER going to vote for an extremist on either end of the political spectrum, they're gravely mistaken.
  • amoobrasil Heptarch 2012/05/10 18:33:41 (edited)
    Someone here eschewed association with any label. His was the wisest posting of all. There is no free thought when one's ideas and opinions are subjected to a litmus test of ideological fealty.
  • Heptarch amoobrasil 2012/05/10 18:39:29
    Couldn't agree more.
  • AL Heptarch 2012/05/09 22:21:22
    Not with the lowest Government approval rate in U.S. history
  • Heptarch AL 2012/05/09 23:01:06
    Are you talking about Congress or the President?
  • AL Heptarch 2012/05/09 23:32:25
    Lets just use the all time low of the Congress for now! Yet after Nov. I'll rethink the numbers of the loser in the Whit House as well!
  • Heptarch AL 2012/05/10 02:05:10
    Well seeing as how Romney's numbers are even lower than Obama, I suspect you're going to be crying in your beer in November.
  • AL Heptarch 2012/05/10 03:19:22
    LOL! All the National poles show them both in a virtual tie now in fact!
  • Heptarch AL 2012/05/10 03:22:04 (edited)
    It's pretty close. We'll see where it is in November.

    Here's an early projection electoral map.

  • AL Heptarch 2012/05/10 06:02:02 (edited)
    LOL! A bad leadership Makes any map of red and blue states worthless!
  • Heptarch AL 2012/05/10 16:33:37
    Clearly much of America disagrees with your assessment.
  • AL AL 2012/05/11 02:10:48
    Heptarch! Have you ever thought about becoming a professional Clown before? Because I can't think of anyone I can laugh at any more the you!
  • Shadow13 Heptarch 2012/05/10 17:35:04
    The tears make it taste sweeter :D
  • Heptarch Shadow13 2012/05/10 17:58:12
    I would agree if it weren't for the sad, certain knowledge that the people crowing right now will blame ANYTHING for Obama's victory but the truth: that the American people wanted him to serve another term. They'll blame vote fraud, poll intimidation, a wide variety of ridiculous conspiracies. They are simply incapable of fairness and truth.
  • Shadow13 Heptarch 2012/05/10 18:14:50
    It's sort of a deluded inability to accept reality. In order to accept reality they must accept that they are rather distasteful human beings. Something not likely to happen.
  • Heptarch Shadow13 2012/05/10 18:20:57
  • Always Right 2012/05/09 18:44:54
    Yes. RINO's, your days are numbered.
    Always Right
    RINOs need not apply! It was a victory for the state of Indiana and America.
  • Jimbo 2012/05/09 18:44:52
    No. This is a fluke. Call me again after Richard Mourdock inevitably loses.
    Run as an independent Sen. Lugar. Win or lose the TEA Party will get a message that unseating an incumbent will end in defeat. Thank you Senator for your years of service, a conservative that deserved respect.
  • Always ... Jimbo 2012/05/09 18:47:54
    Always Right
    Lugar is not a conservative. If he runs as an independent, he'll split the democrat vote. TEA Party making liberals nervous since 2010!
  • Jimbo Always ... 2012/05/09 19:12:53
    He will split the conservative vote far more than the progressive vote. Mourdock will lose inevitably if he runs by him winning like Sen. Lieberman or the Dems winning.
  • Always ... Jimbo 2012/05/10 16:45:07
    Always Right
    The election is coming, the TEA Party wins and you'll see I'm Always Right!
  • Jeremiah Always ... 2012/05/09 19:38:00
    He might not look like a conservative from your far-right fringe, but he does in the real world.
  • Always ... Jeremiah 2012/05/10 16:47:00
    Always Right
    Only in your world! Real Americans know what's happening to America and they drink TEA, not kool-aid!
  • Jeremiah Always ... 2012/05/10 17:16:06 (edited)
    Who are these "real Americans?" People whose minds are as narrow as the average Teaburger's? By the way, real Americans drink coffee, not tea. The Brits prefer tea with their pinkies raised.
  • Shadow13 2012/05/09 18:44:13
    No. This is a fluke. Call me again after Richard Mourdock inevitably loses.
    Don't you understand what is happening? Moderates are leaving the Republican Party in droves, leaving behind the fringe right wing that becomes ever smaller with each passing day. Yea, you can win the primary when you drive out moderates, but the general election is a whole other beast. People are seeing the Republican Party and conservative politics for what they are. They see the inherent wrongness of allowing a few wealthy people able to buy politicians and elections and they are seeing the inherent evil in persecuting people and denying them their basic human rights.
  • Always ... Shadow13 2012/05/10 16:49:22
    Always Right
    I'm glad the so-called moderates= RINOs are being voted out or leaving the party, America does not need their misguided help! They might as well join the liberals, being the losers they are!

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