Republicans prepare contempt citation against Eric Holder over Fast and Furious - about time?

Quietman ~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/27 18:38:00
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(CBS News) -- House Republicans investigating the Fast and Furious scandal
have gotten the go-ahead by their party leaders to pursue a contempt citation
against Attorney General Eric Holder, senior congressional aides told CBS News.
The resolution will accuse Holder and his Justice Department of obstructing the
congressional probe into the allegations that the government let thousands of
weapons fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

The citation would attempt to force Holder to turn over tens of thousands of
pages documents related to the probe, which has entered its second year.

For months, congressional Republicans probing ATF's Fast and Furious
"Gunwalker" scandal - led by California Republican Darrell Issa, have been
investigating a contempt citation. They've worked quietly behind the scenes to
build support among fellow Republicans, since it could ultimately face a full
House vote. CBS News has confirmed that House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio
Republican, has given Rep. Issa, who heads the House Oversight and Government
Reform Committee, the go-ahead to proceed. A 48-page long draft contempt
resolution is being prepared.

Read More: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57423017-50...

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  • Alleycat 2012/04/27 19:56:49 (edited)
    This man has allowed the Justice Department to become a political arm of the Obama administration enforcing only the laws he see fit to enforce while abrogating the laws he deems unfit without the consent of congress who legally set those laws in motion. He has defiled his Constitutional duties that he himself is sworn to uphold and impeachment seems to be the only solution to this disgusting problem.

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  • Idiot r... jubil8 ... 2012/04/29 18:55:57
  • Quietma... Idiot r... 2012/04/29 18:57:32 (edited)
    Quietman   ~PWCM~JLA
    Stop using BS lib blogs for your source of info!
  • Idiot r... Quietma... 2012/04/29 19:20:06 (edited)
    Idiot repubs
    I'm sorry the facts hurt your brain, Issa subpoena'ed the program and found out that Gonzales started it along with bush.

    PS the coward (you) that started this blog and had his butt handed to him has blocked me. No reason for truth to get in the way of his lies.
  • Annie~P... Quietma... 2012/04/30 00:39:49
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    He's an idiot Quietman.
  • jubil8 ... Idiot r... 2012/04/30 01:35:41
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Lol! I love it when there's a real answer to a rhetorical question. :)

    Just because it's not unique to Holder (and Obama) doesn't make it less stupid or mean that the fobbers shouldn't be held accountable. If a similar plan had already failed, you could make a pretty good case for saying it shouldn't be recycled.
  • Walter Harris 2012/04/27 21:30:24
    Walter Harris
    it just goes show how stupid our gov is. They started it, got caught, and then took for ever to figure out who to blame.
  • Idiot r... Walter ... 2012/04/29 18:56:07
  • dasimon1 2012/04/27 21:12:28
    He's long over do. The drug cartels killed a lot of innocent people including a mayor to one of those towns.I guess all those guns just fell over the border.Where's the Documents Holder? Or did Obama tell you to hide them?
  • Keeping It Real 2012/04/27 20:52:25
    Keeping It Real
    The Republiconteabaggers are trying to get Holder out the way so they can continue with their voter suppression and many other crooked mess they are up to.
  • Dan™: R... Keeping... 2012/04/27 23:27:40
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    I see you're keeping it real ... real dumb, that is.
  • Keeping... Dan™: R... 2012/04/27 23:51:33
    Keeping It Real
    Don't be so hard on yourself! take a look in the mirror
  • Dan™: R... Keeping... 2012/04/27 23:56:14
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    Your comeback doesn't even make sense. Was that your version of the playground taunt "I know you are but what am I?"

    Whatever it was, it was weak sauce.
  • Keeping... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 01:29:04
    Keeping It Real
    You're a perfect case of why it's imperative that women have access to birth controls you RWNJ.
  • Dan™: R... Keeping... 2012/04/28 01:37:08
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    Guess what, genius? Women DO have access to birth control and contraceptives. Always have. It's never been an issue. No Republicans or conservatives are even arguing for restrictions on birth control or contraceptive products. The issue is GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED AND MANDATED contraceptives -- paid for by people who don't support contraceptives (such as Catholics). The whole thing is a purely phony controversy intended to stir up ignorant people like you. Congratulations for being a useful idiot.
  • Nestofa... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 13:38:36
    you really know nothing about the 916 bills that have been brought about for womens healht programs, birth control products are only a tiny part of it. you really are a dumb know nothing man
  • Dan™: R... Nestofa... 2012/04/28 14:35:12
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    No, I actually DO know all about those 916 bills. I know that the 916 bills you are citing is nothing more than silly propaganda designed to mislead lazy thinkers such as yourself who don't bother to fact-check the crap you read. You're the one who is dumb. Of those bills you are citing, almost all have no negative impact whatsoever on women's health programs. True, they have an effect on women's health to the extent that they have an effect on health care generally; but not a negative or detrimental effect. You need to stop getting your "news" from the Daily Kos and Huffington Post.
  • Roger47 Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 17:15:15 (edited)
    Here they are. How is it they are not negative?
    Here’s just a few of them they cite:

    1. Expanded the pre-abortion waiting period requirement in certain states.
    2. Mandated pre-abortion ultrasounds.
    3. Mandated that counseling be provided in-person by a physician.
    4. Mandated that abortion counseling include all the risk factors related to abortion
    complications, even if the data are scientifically flawed.
    5 Required health departments to develop new regulations governing abortion clinics.
    6. Revised abortion refusal clauses to allow any hospital employee to refuse to
    “participate in any way” in an abortion;
    7. Limited abortion coverage in private health plans, including plans that will be offered
    in the state’s health exchange.
    8. Revised sex education laws to require all school districts to provide abstinence-only
    sex education while permitting discussion of contraception only with prior approval
    from the state.
    9. 120 bills have been approved by at least one chamber of the legislature relating to
    women’s insurance coverage or abortion rights.
    10. 23 states introduced 57 measures that would restrict coverage of abortions in all
    insurance plans.

  • Dan™: R... Roger47 2012/04/28 17:52:05 (edited)
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    First of all I'd like point out to you that most the items you cited are state-level, and that they were passed on bipartisan votes. So there is no "Republican War on Women" Obviously, there goes your argument.

    Secondly, I'd like to reiterate that you need to get your news from sources other than The Daily Kos.
  • Roger47 Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 18:11:22
    Where do you get your information that they were passed with bipartisan votes? I doubt that. And yes, on the state level there is also a Republican war on women. It is all a part of the same war. Everywhere they go, Republicans are bad for women and their rights.
  • Dan™: R... Roger47 2012/04/28 18:15:08
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    Where do you get your info that they were.NOT passed on bipartisan votes. Those bills were passed at the local level by elected Representatives. And they were indeed bipartisan.
  • Roger47 Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 18:43:16
  • Annie~P... Roger47 2012/04/30 00:44:40
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Liberals already lost the fake "war on women" so go deflect elsewhere.
  • Roger47 Annie~P... 2012/04/30 20:11:08
    Just in the last 2 months:
    4/13/12: Arizona governor signed bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

    4/10/12: Arizona House voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks

    4/5/12: Wisconsin governor signed 51 pieces of legislation

    3/29/12: New Hampshire House voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks

    3/28/12: Oklahoma judge struck down ultrasound law

    3/27/12: Arizona Senate voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks

    3/26/12: Georgia Senate eased restrictions in abortion bill

    3/20/12: Utah approved 72-hour waiting period for abortions

    3/19/12: Idaho Senate approved abortion ultrasound bill

    3/8/12: Virginia governor signed bill requiring ultrasound before abortion

  • Nestofa... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 19:13:05
    So the bills aren't introduced by REPUBLICANS? oh really???
    NO one said FEDERAL republicans just REPUBLICANS
  • Annie~P... Nestofa... 2012/04/30 00:45:58
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    So, start naming Einstein. No one is buying the war of women thing, you liberal regressives, lost that one big time two weeks ago.
  • Nestofa... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 19:14:34
  • Annie~P... Nestofa... 2012/04/30 00:46:47
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Liberals are such victims. Grow up and invest in all of those yourself if you are so concerned.
  • Nestofa... Annie~P... 2012/04/30 01:24:34 (edited)
    why do you think Im so against it..Oh, it could be that it IS my Life, invested in helping out women, children, domestic violence, rape victims and health choices that I am SURE of whats happening and why Im hugely passionate about it. You nasty ignoramus
  • Keeping... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 15:20:29
    Keeping It Real
    For now, but your right wing nut job party is trying to take them away.YOUR RHETORIC IS A BUNCH GARBAGE. get a clue in glitter
  • Dan™: R... Keeping... 2012/04/28 15:55:07
  • Ali ~ I... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 17:46:35
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Regarding that assertion, let me say this: Darryl and his Guy Gang. Yes, Dan, they're trying to limit women's access to health care. As far as I'm concerned, that's a right.

    While I'm at it, let me remind you of the requirements in several states that a woman have a trans-vaginal probe (Texas, for one) prior to obtaining a LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.
  • Dan™: R... Ali ~ I... 2012/04/28 17:56:53
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    There is no impediment to women's health care. You're talking about free contraception. Those are different issues.
  • Nestofa... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 19:18:18
    no .......insurance covered contraception, the same way big boys like you can get covered anti floppy pills and creeping baldness medication covered. YOU actually dont have a clue at all about women do you.I hope you wear a condom every time you have sex, from now on, because you are a hypocrite
  • Annie~P... Nestofa... 2012/04/30 00:49:15
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Then go take it up with insurance companies. I don't want to pay for your sexual play, pay for it yourself Nesto.
  • Nestofa... Annie~P... 2012/04/30 01:17:18
    Thats the whole point of the mandate insurance covered BC, only the catholics got hissy fits because they didnt want to loose their control of denying all women(not just their catholic women) their reproductive choices. Try being a tad more informed. You dont get to tell people how to live their sexual lives just because you pay insurance premiums ...ps... you arent paying for my sex play...for the past 20 years Ive been sterile. So go pay for some dirty old mans viagra, which is encouraged by .... the church AND republicans all over!
  • Dan™: R... Nestofa... 2012/04/30 21:00:46
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    LOL! You're ridiculous.
  • Nestofa... Dan™: R... 2012/04/30 21:52:15
  • Dan™: R... Nestofa... 2012/04/30 23:30:00
  • Ali ~ I... Dan™: R... 2012/04/28 19:18:49
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    No, I'm talking about insurance coverage and men's interference with women's access to adequate coverage.

    Get over the 'free' stuff; it's not. Even if you work for a company, you still pay something towards the premium. The days of complete employer coverage are gone. And you still pay for your prescriptions - it's called a co-pay.
  • Dan™: R... Ali ~ I... 2012/04/28 18:16:43
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    That's bipartisan too. Deal with it.

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