Republicans Have A Higher Divorce Rate Than Democrats, Why ?

Che Guevara - Hero 2011/07/01 14:19:53

"According to the website, Thinking LIberally, in 2005, the 15 states with the highest rates of divorce voted for Bush, while 10 states with some of the lowest divorce rates in the country voted Democrat.

Another fascinating statistic is that Massachusetts, which allows gay marriage (to the demise of the Republican Party), has the lowest Divorce rate in the country."

statistic massachusetts gay marriage demise republican party lowestnbspdivorce rate country

Read More: http://divorce.lovetoknow.com/Divorce_Statistics_R...

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  • James Wilkins 2012/05/30 04:26:00
    James Wilkins
    Democrats shack up rather than marry so naturally they have a lower divorce rate.
  • kate s 2012/01/29 10:03:48
    kate s
    The reality is because those states have both higher rates of marriages and higher populations of minority groups. African Americans and Hispanic populations have by far the largest number of single parent families of all groups. African Americans have the second largest divorce rate. Native Americans come in first. Hispanics also have a fairly high divorce rate, although lower than African Americans,whites, and American Indians. Southern States tend to have higher afircan american, native american and hispanic populations.. These groups tend to vote democrat, not conservative. When you take marriage away from it, and look simply at single parent families, you see that the rate of single parents is pretty well even amongst both blue and red states, accept in the DIstrict of Columbia, perhaps the most liberal area in the country, where single parent families are nearly double that of the rest of the nation. Facts...a liberal's worst enemy.
  • Che Gue... kate s 2012/01/29 23:48:51
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Leave it to a conservative to bring race into a subject where none exists.
    douche award
  • Paul kate s 2013/08/05 05:13:16
    What about Mass.?? What about Oklahoma that has a conservative church every other block and has one of the worse divorce rates in the country?? What about first time marriages the percentage of divorce is no lower among "bible believing Christians" then couples who profess other faiths or none at all??
  • Jon Bergen 2011/07/05 20:40:24
    Jon Bergen
    Republicans prefer THIS 'Bill of Rights'...

    republicans rights

    (see GOP Amended Bill of Rights if trouble viewing the above image)

    ...to this one...

    republicans rights gop amended rights trouble viewing image

    ...and consistently have trouble respecting the rights of others in general. This pervasive lack of respect for others' rights is destructive to healthy, functional relationships, as well as to healthy, functional citizens and adults.

    rights destructive healthy functional relationships healthy functional citizens adults
  • Joseph ... Jon Bergen 2013/08/20 18:45:11
    Joseph Scott Upton
    Ridiculous. Just for example. Re read Amendment 10 and tell us again how the democrats are better on the 10th amendment than republicans. No one believes you.
  • Jon Bergen Joseph ... 2014/11/24 21:54:03
    Jon Bergen
    National and state parks are lands held in trust by the government on behalf of the people, to be protected from depredation and degradation by predatory interests. Yet the Republicans have historically betrayed the trust placed in elected representatives by the Constitution by betraying the people they represent and the legacy they are obligated to protect. This continues to this day, as the GOP has opened up public lands to drilling and fracking in their never-ending quest to transfer as much wealth as possible from the citizens to the oligarchs. Just one of countless examples of total GOP disregard and disrespect for the Constitution.
  • psychophelie 2011/07/02 04:54:39
    because they're all so rabidly angry and ignorant that they drive each other crazy
  • Gloria 2011/07/01 22:59:04 (edited)
    Oh come on! The article says why. Anyway I am not really certain about the statistics. Lot's of folks mess up their marriages, got married for the wrong reasons, or just didn't get along.
  • unclepat 2011/07/01 17:24:05
    Because for all their talk about morals and family values, they basically bore the hell out of their spouses which of course, leads to a lot of cheating. A lot of of them are also in the closet. These things are always found out at the wrong time you know and considering that most red states receive most of the aid by way of entitlement programs, I'd bet that they're lazy as hell too. They don't want to work and they want to sit at home play video games all day long and blame Obama for all their ills. lololol
  • Fannie 2011/07/01 17:00:06
    cause they are fugging nutjobs
  • ally 2011/07/01 16:12:38
    Maybe because the wives become Democrats?
  • unclepat ally 2011/07/01 17:24:37
    You mean they get smart? lol
  • ally unclepat 2011/07/01 17:27:46
    They finally realized that the conservs were the ones keeping women down!
  • wombat 2011/07/01 14:53:35 (edited)
    Because they are anti social(ists)??
  • Jimbo 2011/07/01 14:51:03
    Conservatives out of fear are less willing to compromise, hence a higher divorce rate.
  • rand 2011/07/01 14:46:32
    Republicans are wealthier than Dems and can more easily afford divorce.
  • Jimbo rand 2011/07/01 14:51:37
    You are wrong, the blue states have far higher per capita incomes than the red states.
  • outlaw Jimbo 2011/07/01 15:50:59
    Very good point Jimbo.
  • rand Jimbo 2011/07/01 16:40:21
    What is your source? Can you give the stats on those within the states who get divorces? To what do you attribute the higher divorce rates among Republicans?
  • C. C. R... rand 2011/07/01 20:50:52
    C. C. Rider

    this one disagrees with you!!! He went bankrupt with each divorce and even now is always on shakey ground....here is the next one who will disagree with you, and he won't be back disagrees bankrupt divorce shakey ground disagree arnold
  • Evergreen 2011/07/01 14:44:57
    Because they spend too much time working. Democrats all suck off their fellow citizens.
  • outlaw Evergreen 2011/07/01 15:51:26
    What a stupid remark.
  • unclepat outlaw 2011/07/01 17:27:30
    Gump said it best......STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES! lol
  • unclepat Evergreen 2011/07/01 17:27:06
    And the wives of republican men suck something else while the "working" man is gone! lolololol
  • C. C. R... Evergreen 2011/07/01 20:46:44
    C. C. Rider
    LMAO Yea, they spend way tooo much time in training the help that work for them... lmao yea spend tooo training work arnonld
  • Arel 2011/07/01 14:26:13
    Still doesn't show that those divorcing where Republican or Democrat.
  • Huki68 2011/07/01 14:23:35
    sad, I don't wish to any married couples to get divorce, that is so sad, regardless if they are Republicans, democrats or whatever.. sad
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2011/07/01 14:21:49
    Because their wives can't stand them either.
  • outlaw FAWKES'... 2011/07/01 15:52:33
    Hahahahahahahahahaha.....that my friend was HILARIOUS!
  • Orangedragan 2011/07/01 14:21:00
    I bet the numbers are even more damning today.

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